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Pixel: The World’s Shortest Cat

Pixel: The World’s Shortest Cat

There is a new contender for world’s shortest cat. Meet Pixel, a 5 inch tall munchkin cat owned by Tiffani Kjeldergaard of Potrero, California.

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Pixel: The World’s Shortest Cat

Last year, we debunked a hoaxed photo claiming to depict the world’s smallest cat. In the same article, we wrote about 6.1 inch tall Mr. Peebles, one of the smallest cats in the world that has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. Now there is a new contender for world’s shortest cat. Meet Pixel, an adult munchkin cat standing at 5 inches tall from paw to shoulder. In contrast to Pixel’s height, the average house cat stands 9 to 10 inches tall.

pixel-catAlthough Pixel’s alleged record-breaking shortness has yet to be confirmed by Guinness, Tiffani Kjeldergaard (Pixel’s owner) of Potrero, California is certain that the cat will break the previous record.

There seems to be some confusion about which feline currently owns the Guinness shortness record. The Daily Mail Online reports that the record is held by a 5.35 inch tall Canadian munchkin cat by the name of Cye, while the Express claims the record is held by Pixel’s mother, 6 inch tall Fizz Girl.

Munchkin Cat Breeding Controversy

Having been acknowledged by The International Cat Association in 1995, munchkin cats are genetically bred to have short legs and are a comparatively new breed of feline. The shortness of their appendages is caused by an organic genetic mutation. Some have expressed concern that maintaining the munchkin cat breed is inhumane due to their modified stature and the possibility of health issues.

Ms. Kjeldergaard, also a breeder of munchkin felines, responded to the criticisms:

“People who don’t understand the gene consider it a genetic defect or mutation or something of an abomination. It’s very unfair for them to say that. It’s natural for these cats to be this tall, just like it’s natural for some people to have brown eyes – it wouldn’t be wrong for them to have blue eyes.It’s their build and it’s natural for them to be built this way.”

On a positive note, Kjedergaard states that many people adore the breed. “They win hearts over like crazy,” she said, “Even people that aren’t cat people go crazy for them. They say about how cute they are and how they want to take them straight home with them.”

Video of Pixel, the World’s Shortest Cat

Watch a 2-minute overview of the story with video of Pixel below:

Bottom Line

Pixel, a munchkin cat that measures 5 inches tall from shoulder to floor, may be the world’s smallest adult cat. Although the promising achievement has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records, it has not yet been confirmed as of this writing. Breeding munchkin felines is somewhat controversial due to prospective health complications and their stunted limbs. However, breeders have responded with claims that the process is completely natural and the breed is becoming more popular with owners.

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