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Viral Photo: Seagull Battles Bald Eagle

Facebook / David Canales via US Department of the Interior
Viral Photo: Seagull Battles Bald Eagle

The U.S. Department of the Interior posted a photo which shows a seagull which appears to be attempting to rescue another gull from the talons of a bald eagle.

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The photo was described as an “epic battle” and was photographed in Alaska’s Prince William Sound by David Canales, who was kayaking in the area. It shows an eagle with a seagull in its talons, while another seagull appears to be trying to free the bird.

Canales posted another photo which showed the eagle flying away from two seagulls. The Department of Interior said that the attempts to rescue the seagull were futile, and the eagle was last seen flying off with its prey.

The photo is somewhat reminiscent of a viral photo from earlier this year in which a weasel was seen “riding” on the back of a woodpecker.

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