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Sharing an Image and Typing “Fall” – Mind Teaser or the Joke is on You?

Sharing an Image and Typing “Fall” – Mind Teaser or the Joke is on You?

Did you see a “mind teaser” photo on Facebook which requested that you type the word “Fall” in the comments, but you still can’t figure out what the trick is? Read on and we’ll straighten it out.

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The “trick” is on you! It’s merely a trick designed to get people to like their Facebook page.

A version of this trick usually has a photo and a caption such as:

1. Like this page (URL)
2. Click the picture
3. Type Fall in the Comment Box
4. share & SEE what happens

Nothing happens when you type “fall.”

Obviously, they want you to like their page first. Clicking any picture on Facebook will either open the photo if you’re viewing it from your newsfeed, or if you’re already viewing it full-screen, then it will move to that user’s next photo. Nothing else will happen by clicking it!

By the time people realize that they’ve been fooled, most don’t take the time to go back and un-like the page that just fooled them.

Bottom Line
Don’t “fall” for it! Anyone you see typing the word “Fall” in the comments apparently didn’t stop to think that they were being fooled – and they didn’t read this article! The next time you see it, link to this article to set them straight!

Here are a few other of these tricky images:


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