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Sharkeisha Hoaxes Trend on Twitter

Sharkeisha Hoaxes Trend on Twitter

Was Sharkeisha – star of an infamous fight video which recently went viral online – the victim of a drive-by shooting? That’s what popular Twitter hashtags #prayforsharkeisha and #ripsharkeisha implied on Friday. The photo tweeted, however, is not her.

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A tweet on Friday from a Twitter profile claiming to be the woman included a photo allegedly of her in a hospital bed, which read:

2 shots, 12 stitches and still breathing. THANK YOU LORD. #PrayForSharkeisha

The photo and tweet saw heavy sharing with the hashtags #prayforsharkeisha and #ripsharkeisha in heavy use Friday night, with many users asking if she was in fact dead.

The photo, however, can be found from a story by the New York Post in March 2013 in which a 42 old woman claims she was shackled to a hospital bed for 17 days after a wrongful arrest. It is not Sharkeisha.

See that story, and the original photo, here.

Another highly cited “source” for the claims that Sharkeisha was shot is a graphic circulated by a humorous Facebook page, Huzlers.com (the website is pending). That article stated that Sharkeisha died. The story, however, mentions “Houston County Coroner Paul Harris.” Houston, Texas, however is located in Harris, County.

Did Sharkeisha die?

It is unclear if Sharkeisha was actually shot, but the photo tweeted is definitely not her, and no credible sources have confirmed the report. The graphic circulating as the source of this news is fake.

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