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Video of Space Shuttle Columbia Destroyed in Space: Real or Fake?

Video of Space Shuttle Columbia Destroyed in Space: Real or Fake?

A video allegedly shows Space Shuttle Columbia destroyed and floating in space. Is this video real or fake?

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It’s not real.

Let’s first take a look at what is being claimed.

In a video entitled “NASA WTF did you do to piss off E.T. – STS107 I want ANSWERS on this one 11-21-2013” we read the following description:

I know it’s a little longer than usual but it had to be for this topic I’m absolutely speechless on this one, STS107 if you want to see the main footage that this video is really about it is towards the end of the video but if you do you won’t know whats going on this is an amazing story. Footage can go either way, personally I’m on the fence but leaning towards the side of legit at this time. If it is CGI it’s the best CGI I have seen in my life for a hoax and no detail has been over looked right down to the focus of foreground and background + the home cam grainy look give it an authentic feel, If someone faked it, they should be working for Hollywood

Although the creator of the video above states that he is “on the fence” about the video, the nearly 3000 comments reveal a lively discussion in which many readers go into great detail either defending the video as authentic or pointing out flaws they feel prove it to be a fake.

Such detailed analysis, however, is moot, as the original video entitled “Space Shuttle Destroyed by TFH – CGI – 2D” was created by YouTube user “The Faking Hoaxer” and posted back in 2009 with the following description:

A video I made to show how the Shuttle may look if it was destroyed in space. Filmed from the ISS or maybe another Shuttle. All made with real photo’s of the Shuttle then I used Photoshop to make it look damaged and in pieces. Then I put it in space using After Effects.

You can watch that video here.

Although the user who re-posted the video stated he was unsure, there are insinuations that the footage may be real. The title includes “I want ANSWERS” and the description states he is “leaning towards the side of legit.” There is also an implication that the effects may be too good for an amateur to post, “If it is CGI it’s the best CGI I have seen in my life for a hoax…”

Despite the implications that we could be seeing a real film of the destroyed Space Shuttle, the re-posted video clearly shows The Faking Hoaxer’s logo “TFH” in the upper left corner of the screen.

STS-107 was the doomed mission of Space Shuttle Columbia which disintegrated during reentry in 2003.

Bottom Line

The video showing the destroyed remains of a space shuttle floating in space is not real. Its creator posted it on YouTube back in 2009.

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