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Fake News: Taco Bell Isn’t Closing

Fake News: Taco Bell Isn’t Closing

A fake article circulating online claims that Taco Bell is closing due to false advertising and other allegations.

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Weekly World News

The false report comes from Weekly World News, a tabloid rag responsible for such outlandish stories as Bat Boy. It has been generated over-the-top stories for decades. Let’s take a look at a portion of the article currently in circulation.

After allegations of false advertising, further investigation causes Taco Bell to close its doors for good.

Taco Bell, the pseudo Mexican restaurant popular among college students, poor people, those without taste buds, and individuals with bad taste in general, has recently been put on the stand for allegations regarding false advertisement.

Although the story was first published back in 2011 under the title Taco Bell Meat, it resurfaced in earnest in mid-2015. Much of the story does not read as a legitimate news article, but those who merely perused the highlights apparently believed it enough to circulate the bogus tale. There have also been no such announcements by Taco Bell.

The fake Weekly World News story was likely in response to a January 2011 story in which Taco Bell was accused of using only 36% beef in their meat mixtures, a case which was later dismissed. Taco Bell has said that 88% of its beef includes “Premium Beef” with another 12 percent consisting of their “signature recipe.”

Google Trends

As you can see from the Google Trends chart below, searches for “Taco Bell Closing” have had several peaks over the years, including the current uptick in mid-2015.

Bottom Line

The story which claims Taco Bell is closing due to false advertising charges is not true. It was published in 2011 by the tabloid Weekly World News, likely as a response to a lawsuit regarding Taco Bell’s meat which was later dismissed, and has resurfaced in 2015.

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