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Hoax: Ted Cruz Did Not Give A Scrubbed Racist Interview

Hoax: Ted Cruz Did Not Give A Scrubbed Racist Interview

A report claims that Texas Senator Ted Cruz engaged in a racist interview which is being withheld from publication. Is this true or false?

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The story is fake.

It originates from the “satirical” fake news website National Report. In the fake report, we read:

On Thursday, April 17th, Texas Senator and 2016 presidential hopeful Ted Cruz reportedly sat down for an interview with Jack Phillips of the Epoch Times.  But that interview will never be seen by the public at large, after editors, allegedly at the behest of Cruz’s handlers, decided the article should never be published.  And at the heart of that decision rests concerns that some of Cruz’s remarks may have been construed as “racially insensitive.”

Epoch Times

Jack Phillips has debunked many fake stories published by National Report (such as this one), just as we have here at Wafflesatnoon.com. It appears that National Report may be having some fun with Mr. Phillips for debunking many of their fanciful stories.

We reached out to Jack Phillips, who kindly gave us a response:

The National Report is a self-described “satire” news website similar to The Onion, although they don’t have a clear disclaimer. There’s a number of  websites out there that claim to post “satire” but in reality, it’s mostly just false rumors to generate web traffic, although–admittedly–the National Report does sometimes post humorous material. I’ve debunked a few National Report stories in the past. I believe some of the National Report writers (or writer) left comments on some of my stories a few months ago, so that means they’ve been aware of what I have been doing for a while.

I’ve never interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz and haven’t recently done any story on him.

Kind regards,

Jack Phillips


The meme below, which reflects the views expressed in the fake interview, was seen circulating online.


Ted Nugent Incident

Back in February, Cruz was criticized for defending statements made by rocker Ted Nugent. This controversy is in no way related to the fake “scrubbed” interview published by National Report.

Bottom Line

Senator Cruz did not sit down for a “racist interview” which is now being withheld by the Epoch Times. The story originated from a fake news website.

Ted Cruz Interview Scrubbed by Website After Racist Comments (National Report)

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