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Video: Train Runs into Truck in a Shocking Railroad Crash

Video: Train Runs into Truck in a Shocking Railroad Crash

A passenger train smashed into a trailer truck, detaching the trailer and injuring the driver, in the Czech Republic.

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Czech Train Hits Truck

Surveillance footage which was posted to Facebook shows the train smashing into the truck’s trailer in the city of Frydek-Mistek in the Czech Republic on December 4.

The video shows that the railroad crossing warning lights were flashing, yet the truck driver ignored them and continued across the tracks. Just as the truck crossed the tracks, the locomotive plowed into the side of the trailer, detaching it from the cab and pushing it along the tracks.

An estimated 80 people were aboard the train, yet the Prague Post reported no injuries. According to police spokesman Vlastimil Starzyk, the truck driver, however, received “minor injuries,” and is being interrogated about the incident.

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