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Woman Finds Nearly Identical “Twin Stranger”

Woman Finds Nearly Identical “Twin Stranger”

A woman has found an uncanny doppelgänger in her online search to find a “twin stranger.”

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Twin Strangers

Three people embarked on a 28-day journey to find their real life lookalikes, as documented on the website twinstrangers.com. The competition asked readers to send in suggestions of anyone they thought would be the most accurate lookalikes of the three participants.

One of those participants, named Niamh Geaney, found a startling lookalike named Karen in only two weeks. Although the competition sought to find a lookalike “anywhere in the world,” Karen happened to only live an hour’s drive away.

Attributing the find to “social media,” Niamh noted on Instagram that, “were both were pretty freaked about seeing our double in the flesh.”


After meeting, the two women decided to do their hair and makeup similarly to enhance their resemblance. The short video below documents the meeting of Niamh and Karen.

Bottom Line

A woman in search of her real life doppelganger found an uncanny lookalike, as evidenced in a video posted by twinstrangers.com.

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