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Debunked: “UFO” Attacking Taliban Video

Debunked: “UFO” Attacking Taliban Video

A video which circulated heavily in May 2014 allegedly shows a UFO attacking a Taliban camp. Is this video real or fake?

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The video has been altered to add a UFO.

Let’s first take a look at what is being circulated.

In a video posted in early May 2014, we read a description which states, “A mysterious UFO destroyed Taliban camp, the scene was filmed by US Marines.”

Take a look at the “UFO” video below:

The video shows a hovering craft which begins opening fire on a ground target, leading to a massive explosion. It was reported by news outlets such as Mirror UK, which noted that social media comments have speculated about the craft’s origin. The video, however, is fake.

Fake UFO

The “UFO” video includes an original source video and a superimposed hovering craft. As you can see in the original video below, there is no flying craft in the scene at all.

The original video, entitled “US fighter jet destroys car bomb factory in Iraq” was posted back in 2007. It was reposted in March 2014 with the name “JDAM with secondaries.” This video was flipped horizontally in the “UFO” version.

Bottom Line

The video allegedly showing a UFO attacking a Taliban base is fake. It is an altered video in which a UFO was added later.

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