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Debunked: “UFO” Attacking Taliban Video

Debunked: “UFO” Attacking Taliban Video

A video which circulated heavily in May 2014 allegedly shows a UFO attacking a Taliban camp. Is this video real or fake?

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The video has been altered to add a UFO.

Let’s first take a look at what is being circulated.

In a video posted in early May 2014, we read a description which states, “A mysterious UFO destroyed Taliban camp, the scene was filmed by US Marines.”

Take a look at the “UFO” video below:

The video shows a hovering craft which begins opening fire on a ground target, leading to a massive explosion. It was reported by news outlets such as Mirror UK, which noted that social media comments have speculated about the craft’s origin. The video, however, is fake.

Fake UFO

The “UFO” video includes an original source video and a superimposed hovering craft. As you can see in the original video below, there is no flying craft in the scene at all.

The original video, entitled “US fighter jet destroys car bomb factory in Iraq” was posted back in 2007. It was reposted in March 2014 with the name “JDAM with secondaries.” This video was flipped horizontally in the “UFO” version.

Bottom Line

The video allegedly showing a UFO attacking a Taliban base is fake. It is an altered video in which a UFO was added later.

  • Stefan Hagen

    The fact that it shows a UFO means it’s fake. Because they don’t exist.

  • Mike215

    If anybody has any contacts with people in the Pentagon or the government, ask them about this video and was it put on line to give a message to the Russians. I was told it was not a fake and the UFO was a very advanced drone, a technology light years ahead of the Russians.

  • Mike215

    What I think has happened is that somebody used this UFO video, erased the UFO and altered the words of the US Marines and added the sound of the fighter planes. Then they posed it on Youtube claiming it was posted years ago. However, Youtube wlll post any garbage and you can post dates you want. All of this can be done on a home computer.
    Who would want to post such a video? For years the existence of UFOs has been denied by the scientific community such as astronomers have denied that they even exist in spite of thousands of videos. Pilots have been told not to report that they have seen them or else lose their jobs.
    However, in the case of this UFO video things are different. US marines made it and it was posted. In the past they could not do such a thing, but I believe it was done because the Russians have been threatening us in recent months with war. video, whether a drone or manned, shows an very advanced technology that should make the Russians think before they jump at us..

  • Mike215

    The video is not fake or a hoax. It made by US Marines and, apparently, put on line with the approval of the government. Why? Mr. Putin, was we know, has been threatening World War III and destroying the US with nuclear weapons.; This video shows that our technology is years ahead of anything they have
    If the purpose of this video is to put the fear of god into that communist, then it cannot be a hoax or else Russians experts could spot it and it becomes useless. Besides their spy satellites could have seen and recorded the explosions from space. Whether this UFO bomber is alien or based on alien technology is besides the point. It is how the Russian view it and if they say it is not a hoax then the world is better off.

  • Trent Fillmore

    The conspiracy is apparently much larger than we think. The aliens must have gone back in time and edited out their spaceship.

    • FusterCluck

      Well played, sir. Well played indeed…

  • A good clue is that the video without the UFO was posted months earlier. And the YouTube channel which posted the UFO has dozens of similar videos.

  • Unknown Soldier

    Dear Debunkers & Skeptics,

    No doubt this is fake.

    Just as the search for 370 in the Indian Ocean is fake.

    The pings detected were not at 37.5 +/- 1 hertz which
    is the signal from a black box.

    The pings detected were at 33.3 hertz which is the
    tracking device signal used by marine biologists.

    The searches were chasing dolphins.

    Total hoax.

    Unknown Soldier

  • SandyH20

    Not debunked! This is a drone. Seen flying over places in the US just reported in the past few weeks.

    • But it’s not seen in the original video.

      • SandyH20

        Well then I stand corrected. But was the FIRST video real? Was it removed?

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