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Welcome to Wisconsin Gun Warning Sign

Welcome to Wisconsin Gun Warning Sign

A “Welcome to Wisconsin” sign includes a warning for criminals and terrorists about the gun carrying population in the state. Is this sign real?

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It’s not real.

It appears to have been created as a joke or to make a statement about the gun control issue. The sign in the graphic reads:

Welcome to Wisconsin

Attention criminals, terrorists

Over 170,000 Wisconsin residents have a legal permit to carry a handgun.

They are armed and prepared to defend themselves and others against acts of criminal violence.

You have been warned.

Illinois and Chicago, however, have been disarmed for your convenience.

All of the text below “Welcome to Wisconsin” was apparently digitally added to the image (below).

Below you can see the altered image and then the original from which it was taken.

Welcome to Wisconsin gun warning sign

We have found the original image to be labeled US Route 10, but if you have additional information on the location of this sign, please let us know in the comments below.

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  • openeyedamerican

    These hoax signs go to show how out of touch with reality many American’s can be. To believe first of all that our perpetual “War on Terrorism” even has anything to do with “stopping terrorism” to begin with, a marketing hoax in and of itself buried deep into programmed brains, or to insist the antiquated 2nd amendment “right” also has anything to do with “defense”. USA ranks 99th in global peace today DUE to spending more than half the world combined on war/weapons under pretense of “protecting freedom & democracy” two ideals being diminished greatly in USA DUE to our actions abroad. Every shooting (CT, AZ and beyond) is directly linked to our military mindset, we are being compared to Nazi 37 today. Time for a wake up call. Just as these signs are hoaxes, so is our foreign policy. Want to fight for country? Fight for clean air, clean water, and away from guns, war and the “freedom isn’t free” freaks that remain submissive and uneducated about it all.

  • Tom

    “Illinois & Chicago”? LOL- thus demonstrating the superior cranial capacities of the gun lobby.

  • Dana

    It will be forwarded anyway. Its too good not to. Not being real doesn’t take anything away from the message.

  • Phil C

    i agree lets outlaw all weapons so that NO ONE has any guns.
    …ummm ..except for those psychos who don’t give a **** about gun laws and the scum that would sell guns illegally. IF SOMEONE IS PLANNING MURDER, DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY CARE ABOUT A LAW?
    The day you show me ALL the guns in one big pile, INCLUDING THOSE OF ALL POLICE AND MILITARY, is the day i vote to destroy them all and allow no more into the country. Unfortunately that day will NEVER happen.
    Stop dreaming moron – this is REAL LIFE.

  • kelebor

    I would be scared if it was true. No, I’m not a criminal or a terrorist. I’m just a guy who doens’t feel safe in places full of wannabe Rambos. A place where psychotic guys can easily have acess to firearms to shot innocent people.

    • Dana

      Wow. Owning a gun doesn’t make a person a “wanna be Rambo.” What a prejudiced statement.

      • bob

        that’s a pretty idiotic statement. Personally, I feel safer if I’m in an area where law abiding, permit holding, gun toters are. I know there aren’t likely to be law breaking, un-permitted bad guys there.

    • this guy

      Like cops huh they must be wanna be Rambos because they have a locker full of guns and other stuff the only difference is that you have to wait 20 minutes to get help when you call them which might be to late I can see why criminals wouldn’t like gun rights but good decent well raised people should not have a problem with the second amendment it was put there so we could protect ourselves from the crazy people

  • Dragonfire

    Wish it were true…but never in NJ, maybe PA though.
    I’ll take my guns and go there!

  • waffles

    That certainly could be it!

  • Joe shmore

    I wish it was real, but I don’t know of any state entity that is that clever – let alone have the balls to make a sign like that and put it up. But, alas, nobody calls it loke they see it anymore. Politicians want to kiss ass, not kick ass.

    • Dana

      I heard from an acquaintance driving through the state that Kentucky has a real one, but haven’t confirmed that.

      • waffles

        Thanks for the info. We’ll see if we can locate it!

  • Carol Case

    It makes total sense. I agree….this should be posted EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  • Pete

    Everyone knows the lower half is from the Kentucky sign.

  • firstchoice

    Actually, I would have prefered it to be real. Whoever did do it didn’t mean it as a joke. It was a statement about the state of the State. Now, just make real signs and post those. Post them as billboards too. Take out large ads in newspapers,(what a joke, more like propaganda rags), and use the sign picture, (the real ones), as well. Supporters of the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the Constitution had better start resisting the likes of Nanny Bloomberg and his big bucks money machine.

  • Chris

    Florida has a sign just like this but theirs is on a billboard.

    • waffles

      Good to know. We’ll try to find a picture and post it above. Thanks for the info!

  • Uncle Billy

    If they did Texas that 170,000 would have to be raised to something like over 5,000,000.

    • George

      Just under a half millon for Texas. Florida has the most, at just over 1 million.

  • John

    Wow that’s funny! Its sad that it is true as Illinois is a safe haven for criminals

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