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Arby’s Responds to Satirical “Whites-Only” Story

Arby’s Responds to Satirical “Whites-Only” Story

Arby’s has responded to a fake article which claims that a Florida Arby’s franchise owner was granted permission to open a whites-only location.

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The story is fake.

The article was posted on the satire website Spring Hill Courier. In the fake article we read that a franchise owner named Kilgore Dohnner found a legal loophole and was approved to open a whites-only location in Florida.

As with many satirical articles published in recent months, many readers angrily shared the story unaware that it was not a real news story.


This photo was used in the satirical story.

The Spring Hill Courier states in its “About Us” page that the websites is a “satirical publication” which uses “invented names.”

Arby’s Response

A reader posted the fake article on Arby’s Facebook page. The company responded:

“…we want to reassure you and all of our guests that the story posted on this satirical website is completely untrue.

We find nothing humorous about the story, and are offended by the defamatory comments. At Arby’s, we celebrate diversity and embrace people of all different backgrounds, including those of different races, cultures and religions.”

Bottom Line

The story that a whites-only location of Arby’s is opening in Florida is satire. Arby’s has denounced the story.

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