Ashley White

Ashley is a lifelong Las Vegas resident and specializes in social media and pop culture.

  • Odd News
    Research Shows Men Grow Beards For Other Men, Not Women

    Recent research concludes that men grow beards not to impress women, but to help boost their standing among other men.

  • Odd News
    How Many 3’s Do You See? (And How Many 4’s!)

    A graphic shows a smartphone screen and asks us to determine how many 3’s can be seen. A similar graphic shows a smartphone screen and asks us to count how many times we see the number 4.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    That’s Not an Ancient Cell Phone

    The photo of a gloved hand holding what appears to be an ancient (or alien) cell phone has been heavy shared on social media since late 2015. It’s also not real.

  • Odd News
    Russia Unveils “Heterosexual Flag”

    Russia’s ruling party has unveiled a “heterosexual flag” which they say is a response to “gay fever” in the U.S. following the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

  • Current Events
    Social Media Finds New Colonel Sanders “Creepy”

    KFC recently launched a new advertising campaign in which Colonel Sanders was brought back to life by SNL actor Darrell Hammond. Social media has branded the portrayal as “creepy.”

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    #TheDress Debate Rages on Social Media

    Debate about the color of a dress raged on social media, perhaps proving that it was an otherwise slow news day.