• Odd News
    Future Tech: The Robotic Chef

    A robotics company has created a robotic chef which can cook thousands of recipes and even do the dishes when it’s done.

  • Odd News
    Math Grudge Match: Stars vs Sand vs Human Atoms vs Living Insects

    A comparison of the number of grains of sand vs stars in the universe vs atoms in a human body vs living insects on earth.

  • Odd News
    8 WTF Crime Stories

    While there are crimes of passion and crimes of the heart, today we look at 8 stories related to crime that were just strange.

  • History
    Did Bernie Sanders March in Selma with MLK?

    A photo allegedly shows a young Bernie Sanders participating in a march with Martin Luther King, Jr. in March 1965.

  • Odd News
    Goliath Frog: The World’s Largest Frog

    An image went viral in 2013 showing a man holding a massive frog in his hand, with a caption that this is the world’s largest frog. Today we’ll take a closer look at the image.

  • Odd News
    5 Weird and Fake Viral Stories about North Korea

    Here we have a collection of strange and fake stories that went viral about North Korea.

  • Odd News
    Viral Video Flashback: 2013 Russian Meteor

    A meteor exploded over Russia on February 15, 2013, shattering windows, damaging buildings, and injuring around 1500 people. The meteor was caught on tape by several cameras. Today we take a look back at that once-in-a-century event.

  • Consumers
    The “Get a Second One Free” Marketing Ploy

    As Seen on TV advertisements almost always end with the familiar spiel at the end: Buy one, get one free – just pay additional processing and handling. It’s standard practice for marketing As Seen on TV products, and for good reason: it virtually guarantees they won’t lose money.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Viral Classic Photo: The Shields Brothers

    A vintage photo of The Shields Brothers hit the top of the “Most Viral Images” list on Imgur in January 2016. Today we take a look at the photo and the claims behind it.

  • Scams & Deception
    Chinese Scam Tricks Users Into Registering Domains

    A common scam involves registered owners of internet domains receiving an email claiming that a business in China is attempting to register several domains containing their company name in Asia. It’s merely a ploy designed at getting unsuspecting domain owners to “protect” their business name from Asian registrants – by unnecessarily purchasing multiple domains.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Classic Fake Video: Plane Emergency Landing on Truck

    A video shows an airliner making an emergency landing, using a pickup truck in place of failed landing gear. Is this video real or fake?

  • Odd News
    What Year is it in North Korea? 107.

    Is it true that in North Korea, the year 2018 is recognized as 107?