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  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Fingernails and Hair Do Not Grow After Death

    Today we take a look at the morbidly muttered myth that fingernails and hair continue to grow after death. Is it true? We’ll break down the science for you.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Classic Fake Photo: Tupac and Osama

    Today we examine a photo which has circulated on social media for years that seems to show Tupac Shakur and Osama Bin Laden shaking hands.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    The Legend of the Mothman

    In 1966, residents of Point Pleasant, WV claimed to see a large bird with a man’s body and a 10 foot wingspan. Local papers called the creature “Mothman.”

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Classic Urban Legend: Cockroach Eggs on Envelope

    A look back at the classic urban legend which states cockroach eggs incubated in a woman’s mouth after she licked an envelope.

  • Odd News
    Classic Odd News: Orville Stamm “Boy Hercules”

    Orville Stamm was billed as the “Strongest Boy in the World” on vaudeville and performed feats of strength, often while performing a song.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    The Dark Side of the Rainbow: Syncing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz

    Does Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album sync up to The Wizard of Oz? Is this intentional? Here is our look at this urban legend.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Classic Myth: Bulls Hate Red

    A longstanding misconception holds that bulls are angered by the color red, which is why matadors use capes of this color in bullfights.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Classic Rumor: Paul is Dead

    Today we delve into a rumor that has circulated since the late 60s, that Paul McCartney of the Beatles secretly died and was replaced by a lookalike.