8 Newt Gingrich Lookalikes

8 Newt Gingrich Lookalikes

As Newt Gingrich takes the lead in the Republican presidential race, his face has been plastered all over the nightly news. All this Gingrich face time begs the question of who looks like Newt Gingrich? We’ve pored over every gray-haired bespectacled celebrity and politician we could think of to come up with the following list. The problem is where do you stop?

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There have been so many chubby, gray haired men with glasses through the ages that narrowing the list down becomes a much larger task than finding those to include. We’ve done our best, but alas, there are many who didn’t make the list. It’s all in fun people, so don’t get offended! So without further delay, here are our Top 8 Newt Gingrich Lookalikes.

#8 – The Gray-Haired Lego Guy
As silly as it seems, a quick glance of the gray-haired lego man looks as if a Lego Newt Gingrich has been created.

 #7 – Slobodan Milosevic

The former Yugoslavian President doesn’t quite possess Newt’s thick head of hair, but at the right angle he could pass as Newt’s balding brother.

#6 – The Guy From the Movie “Up”

The main character from this 2009 Disney-Pixar movie was perhaps older than Newt is today, but matches all of Newt’s prominent features and just might be a closer visual match when Gingrich is in his late 80s.

#5 – Ted Kennedy

Though these men came from opposite ends of the political spectrum, Newt has his Kennedy moments when exhibiting serious political facial expressions. The gray mane is an added bonus.

#4 – Chris Farley as Newt Gingrich

Though not a lookalike per se, Chris Farley’s impression of Newt Gingrich on Saturday Night Live was second to none.

#3 – Benny Hill

Later in life, Benny Hill began to display many of the features we find in Newt today, namely the thick gray locks and round face.

#2 – Wade Phillips

Perhaps not the household name of the rest of those on this list, NFL coach Wade Phillips can be a dead-ringer for the former Speaker.

#1 – Phil Donahue

It’s all there, from the glasses to the gray hair, to the bombastic facial expressions. If their weight were a little closer, these guys could be twins.

Are there any Newt Gingrich lookalikes we missed in the list above?


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