8 Accidental Optical Illusions: Look Closely!

8 Accidental Optical Illusions: Look Closely!

Here is a collection of some of our favorite “look closely” photos which features inadvertent optical illusions.

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Look Closely

Below is a collection of some of our favorite inadvertent optical illusions that have been spotted online or sent to us by readers. We’d like to thank those readers who have sent some of these in to us. In some cases, you may see the illusion first, or you may see the image for what it really is.

Did any of the images below fool you? What is your favorite illusion below?

The girl with three legs


At first glance, this may appear to show a girl with three legs. What we are really seeing, however, is a girl merely holding a vase in her right hand.

Girl Carrying Guy

look closely

This photo may look like a girl wearing jeans who is carrying a guy wearing… stockings? In reality, the man is carrying the girl with his right arm.

Floating Podium


What may seem to be a floating podium, is an optical illusion assisted by the shadow of a flag, which gives the illusion of a shadow below this woman.

Small Man Riding Woman


The illusion of a small man riding on this woman’s back is achieved by perspective, as he is farther away from the camera. His dark pants align with the dark stripe on the woman’s blouse to make it look like he is sitting on her back.

Which Legs?


Matching up this couple’s legs can be confusing, when the jeans appear to belong to the girl – which they don’t.

Who is being carried?


At first glance, it appears that a girl in a black dress is being carried by the two people on the left. If you look closely, you can see that the girl in the middle is being carried, but her black skirt perfectly matches the black top worn by the girl on the right.

Floating Man


This simple optical illusion was achieved by the man who merely stood next to a wet spot on the ground, giving the appearance of a shadow below him. It has become the subject of several sarcastic memes over the years.

Long Arm

long arm illusion

The man with his arms folded in the background lines up perfectly with the girl’s hand to give the appearance that he is outstretching a very long arm.

Originally published May 2013

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