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Bill Cosby’s Star Not Being Removed From Walk of Fame

Bill Cosby’s Star Not Being Removed From Walk of Fame

An internet rumor claims that a photo shows Bill Cosby’s star being removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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The photo in question shows a worker kneeling at Cosby’s star in Hollywood with a handheld tool. Some low-brow bloggers have asserted that this image shows the beleaguered comedian’s star being removed.

The photo, however, actually shows a worker from early December 2014 cleaning up Cosby’s star, which had been defaced by someone who scrawled the word “Rapist” three times. This was long before sexual assault charges were eventually brought up against Cosby.

Although the photo has been circulated with an inaccurate caption, some readers have wondered if Cosby’s star could be removed should he be found guilty.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the Walk of Fame, has said that it will not remove stars for any reason. Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler told Hollywood Reporter:

“The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has received inquiries asking whether we are planning to remove the stars of Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. The answer is no. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a registered historic landmark. Once a star has been added to the Walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Because of this, we have never removed a star from the Walk.”

A previous statement regarding the removal of stars was also issued years ago by Johnny Grant, who said:

“Stars are awarded for professional achievement to the world of entertainment and contributions to the community. A celebrity’s politics, philosophy, irrational behavior, outrageous remarks or anything like that have never been cause to remove a Walk of Fame star.”

Cosby’s star is located at 6930 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Bottom Line

Bill Cosby’s star is not being removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The image in question merely shows a worker removing graffiti from Cosby’s star. An official has said that no celebrity stars will ever be removed.

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