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Does Heineken Endorse Dog Fighting?

Does Heineken Endorse Dog Fighting?

A photo of two dogs fighting in crowded bar decorated with Heineken banners has prompted some to accuse the Dutch brewing company of endorsing dog fighting, but is this true or just a hoax?

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It’s a Hoax.

Let’s first take a look at the photo in question, often circulated with the caption:

Please ‘SHARE’ THE HELL out of this image.
Big mistake Heineken, BIG mistake.

This photo is in fact real and you can clearly see the Heineken banners lining the establishment with a large crowd viewing the fighting dogs. Heineken, however, did not sponsor the event nor did they approve of the banners being displayed at the fight.

The photo was taken in 2010 in a bar called “Elite Crystal” in Mongolia. The bar owner released a statement (which is no longer available) that his staff “didn’t have time to remove the Heineken banners from the stage” because this dog fight was held during the daytime, and the banners had been left there from an event the prior evening.

Heineken released their own statement in which they stated no knowledge of the event, and took steps to avoid such an issue in the future. They further state, “As a company and a brand owner, we do not and would never knowingly support any event, outlet or individual involved in this type of activity.”

Despite announcements from both sides refuting the accusation, rumors persist. One user sharing the photo included the comment, “My friends, look closely …. HEINEKEN ENDORSES DOG FIGHTING!!! Since they endorse it, you should spread the word …. Heineken, the killer of dogs.”

It seems as if Heineken was dragged into this simply because a lazy bar owner didn’t remove their banners in time for their barbaric “event.”

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  • exploited

    Maybe thats the case however such a large beer company should check all venues as if thats the case in this one surely a bit of vetting what goes on at a venue that you supply beer at should be checked and in order, its a small price to pay but as this could show a big price in the long run.

  • waffles

    Good point. The risk of damaging their reputation certainly wouldn’t be worth the little amount of money such an event would bring them.

  • blanca

    Get real. These people aren’t wearing Heineken apperral. The arena is lined with their banners, which almost always (huge percentage always) means they are the sponsor of the event ..So the venue knew those banners had to come down. And all those big green flags went unnoticed? doubtful ….. if not for the protesting, Heineken would have continued to say nothing. This is 2012, the event accurred in 2010. Heineken as a brand that gives their promotional matteral to bars and venues all over the country. Should (and do ) have a department that is damage control, following up with “bars” to assure this doesn’t happen. Or most importantly to be on top of it when it does ! So yes Heineken is guilty, if not for sponsor ing the event. For not reacting to the error to prevent this response. To late now…..

  • Aunt Joan

    Irregardless of whether this was an innocent mistake or not, Heinekin should be a little more concerned with who is in charge of their banners. One picture says a thousand words, and though they are innocent, those in charge of advertising their products are apparently not very responsible.

    • Glen

      It’s not like heineken has a bunch of employees that travel the world putting up and taking down banners. All a bar has to do is request some banners and Heineken will mail them some. Do you think if some guy in a Nike shirt stabs another guy someone at Nike’s going to get in trouble for not being responsible with the brand?

    • Joey

      So what you are saying is if I buy a whack load of… lets say PETA shirts and go to a dog fight you think PETA would be responsible for my actions? I think that is a little hard to control.

      Heineken sponsored another event not a dog fight. It was fully the restaurants owners fault for not taking these flags down. I just hope that Heineken will force him to pay damages for his laziness and donate the money to a cause for animals.

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