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Has Barton Publishing Found A Diabetes Cure? We Don’t Think So.

Has Barton Publishing Found A Diabetes Cure? We Don’t Think So.

Today we taking a look at emails, videos, and radio ads by Barton Publishing, which claims to have a way to “cure” or “reverse” diabetes.

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This article was first penned in mid-2012 after we received an email with the subject, “Learn How Diabetes Has Been Cured!” The email also contained a familiar footer, discussed in an earlier article. Since then, we have encountered the sender, Barton Publishing, on many occasions. Let’s first go back to that first email we received.

The Email

This message – and dozens we’ve received from Barton since then – are typically marked “spam” by Gmail, Outlook, and others. Consider:

  • The text was one large graphic, perhaps to avoid spam filters
  • The vague use of the phrase “weird trick” has been used in spammy ads and emails for years.
  • The footer connects this company to a huge spammer network, as discussed in our PandaPancake article.

The email linked to a video on the website (not at the main url, but a long affiliate link).

The Video

This is one of those voice-over-whiteboard videos, very similar to the Stansberry Research video discussed several years ago. Many viewers find these whiteboard videos to be annoying, but sit through them anyway in hopes of discovering this “weird trick” to “curing” diabetes. These types of videos often hide the rewind or pause buttons, forcing you to watch all of it without seeing how long the video is or how much time is left once you start watching. The narrator rambles without ever really saying anything except, “I’ll explain it all in my newsletter.”

Cinnamon is the so-called “weird” spice that supposedly “cures” diabetes.

Although the email and radio ads mention a “weird spice” that we probably all have in our kitchens, the video barely mentions it. Instead we are shown the scary side of diabetes with photos of cataracts, damaged hearts, and damaged feet – all of which are in fact real problems. After an excruciatingly long setup, we’re asked if we would like to reverse our diabetes in less than four weeks. Who wouldn’t?

Throughout the video we keep hearing about this mystery “system” using a “simple home remedy” that is so inexpensive “it might as well be free.” This comes from Joe Barton, founder of Barton Publishing. His self-proclaimed life mission is to “see people healed.” Not to mention selling a few books along the way.

After painfully sitting through an inordinate amount of empty hype, we’re finally told that this “weird spice” is cinnamon. He spends about 10 seconds on it, saying he’ll tell us more about it later. That’s it.

The entire video is a long, rambling sales pitch for a “kit” starting with a $2.97 “processing fee” which leads to another $17 charge three weeks later. (When we first discussed this video in 2012, it was a $4.97 processing fee, and $15 three weeks later.) This leads to the promotion of more books on natural remedies which he has for sale.

This popup prevented us from leaving the site in mid-2012.

If you attempt to exit the page before the video is finished, you’ll receive an annoying popup asking you to stay. After the popup, we are sent to another page which is designed as a last-ditch effort to get your money. That page tell us:

In the next few seconds, you can download the full Diabetes Solution Kit and try it for a full 21 days…

…you pay nothing today, except for a small $2.97 processing fee. That’s way less than one bottle of dangerous and side-effect-ridden drugs!

After your 21 day trial, we’ll apply the $2.97 processing fee towards the cost of the kit and you only pay $17 more.

The email and the video are all about selling this “kit,” and once you are a customer they will keep trying to sell you more products. Be sure to scan the comments below from unhappy customers who complain about additional charges after purchasing the kit.

Cinnamon and Diabetes

Cinnamon as a “cure” for diabetes it’s not a new concept, nor is it “weird,” but it has been touted by “natural cures” salesmen for years. Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures book from 2004 discussed it. His work, however, was criticized by everyone from skeptic Michael Shermer to the New York State Consumer Protection Board. Trudeau also hailed cinnamon as a natural cure – and we should point out that Trudeau is currently incarcerated due to his shady marketing claims. Most studies, even those finding positive results with cinnamon as a treatment, don’t use such verbiage as cure or reversal.

If you want to learn more about cinnamon and diabetes, here are a few articles which cover the pros and cons. And you don’t have to pay $20 to read them.

Radio Ad

In recent months, Barton has been heard on talk radio advertising the website This url merely forwards to a page at, which shows a version the infamous whiteboard video above.

The video at is narrated by “Lon.”


Barton Publishing is a known spammer, as evidenced by mass emails sent out promising a diabetes cure over the past several years, and the fact that most major email clients automatically mark these messages as spam. The email, video, radio ads, and website focus more on selling “kits” than promoting a “cure” for diabetes – which does not exist. The email we received by Barton in 2012 clearly stated that there is a cure for diabetes. Other times we see that it can be reversed. Most of the testimonials for Barton that we’ve seen are promoted by Barton Publishing itself, such as the “Barton Testimonials” channel on YouTube.

Be sure to read the comments below for a variety of opinions on Barton’s claims.

Your Opinion of Barton Publishing

Have you purchased any of Barton Publishing’s products or watched the video? Or have you used cinnamon to treat your diabetes? If so, we’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

Updated February 4, 2014

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  • Tim

    I was skeptical but decided to give the diabetes solution kit a try. At the time my blood sugars where over 400! After a month of following the kits advice, my fasting blood sugars are routinely under 100. Now to be fair I also take 100mg of Invokana and 37 units of Lantus insulin. So I cannot say for sure how much the kit has helped. I will say however that before following the kit my fasting sugars where always over 100. I have for the most part eliminated white flour and sugar from my diet as well as whole wheat fro my diet. And from testing my blood those dietary changes have made a huge impact. Whenever I eat something with wheat in it my blood sugars spike very high. I am still not going to call the diabetes solution kit a cure or even a reversal of diabetes. But I do feel it has some really good guidelines for getting diabetes under control. For what it’s worth the video I had featured Governor Mike Huckabee saying he reversed his diabetes by following the diabetes solution kit. But he is a politician.

  • Katherine

    I watched most of the video and it was super annoying how they kept saying over and over “We’ll tell you in just a minute”, “We’ll get to that soon but first…”, “Make sure to watch all the way to the end”, etc. They also kept saying what horrible side effects these terrible drugs have, yet they didn’t actually mention any, except that they are “new” and “we don’t know what they may do to you!” basically. Also, they acted like Type 1 diabetes could be cured and that it was a lie from “Big Pharma” that Type 1’s need to inject insulin, and that insulin was “dangerous, new” drug, all of which is ridiculous.

    I don’t know what diet they recommend. I have heard that both cinnamon and chromium can help (also Biotin and R-ALA which were not mentioned) but nothing will help by itself without the right diet. Also, there is no “cure”. If you eat right and use supplements and get your diabetes under control, you are not “cured” because if you go back to your old habits you will be “un-cured” again.

    Big Pharma is definitely not the only part of the solution to be considered but for many (especially for Type 1’s), it is still needed.

    What has helped with my Type 1 Diabetes is a combination of the right diet, insulin, and Metformin. What taught me about the right diet (among other things) was a book by a diabetologist who has had type 1 himself since childhood and is now in his 70’s (actually I think he hit 80) and is very healthy with no complications. He experimented on himself and reversed many of his earlier complications (though not all) and went to medical school in his 40’s to become a doctor to help other diabetics. He keeps his A1C’s in the 4’s (well-within non-diabetic range) and has helped many of his patients do the same. The book is “The Diabetes Solution” (NOT the “Diabetes Solution Kit” that this thread is about!) and much of it can be read for free online at but you will need to buy it to read it all (I bought an older-edition used for about $3). No gimmicks, no magic cures, just lots of testing, monitoring, eating the right diet which he lays out in detail in the book, etc. I’m always lending my book out and I bought a book for one friend, after making her promise to read it 😉

    Basically, there is no magic cure, you have to keep on top of it, but it is a very manageable disease when you have the knowledge, and all the terrible long-term (and short-term) complications can be avoided. You can even be much healthier than non-diabetics who continue to eat junk 😉 Good luck to everyone.

  • Carlo

    I was listening to talk radio and this company is now referring you to It was claiming to have your diabetes reversed in at least 4 weeks. I checked with and found 3 reports. One was showing them located in New Jersey, another with a PO Box in Brandon, SD. Now they have a 888 number and a phone number in Boston, MA. If this “kit”is so great, then why is it not published in JAMA? Maybe Barton want to Jam IT UP our Butts. As the old saying goes “If it’s too good to be true, then bend over and be prepared to get screwed.” Finally, when you try to
    erase the page, it still comes up try it free for 21 days for only $2.97 then after 21 days, your card will be charged $17.00.

  • Twitchy

    Same company is now doing radio ads for

  • Boomer

    My diabetes diagnosis was made last year in October. I’ve been taking 6000mg of Cinnamon per day along with Vitamin D3 and a B-Complex caplet. The Cinnamon I take also contains added Chromium. My BG is at near normal levels mostly because I have also cut carb intake and eliminated grains and cereals from my diet. It’s only common sense, folks. Cut out whatever puts sugars into your body!!

  • Jim

    Will not take my order. Please advise.

  • Edwige Gauthier-Wyer

    I have purchase the “Diabetes solution Kit” and am very grateful for the advice it contains. When first diagnosed with diabetes in 1998, weighing 8 stones I was immediately put on Metformin! ridiculous, this medicine has now irremediably damaged my kidneys. I am now insulin dependant and I have stabilized and lowered my readings keeping my insulin and changing my eating habits by reducing very much my carbohydrate intake. I think that following J Barton’s advice you cannot cure diabetes, as the cause of diabetes are many, but you can improve your glycemic readings.

  • Healthcare Practitioner

    After a long life working in Healthcare in Europe, I love Doctors who still remember their oath. Not being brainless Pushers for the Drug-industry. There are not many of this kind of Doctors anymore.
    I did start beside my work a company outside public Healthcare – searching for other solutions – this is not popular between the established healthcare industry at all. What happen is: We humans getting suspicious after being cheated several times or some people did make fun of us. Often we are suspicious in the wrong direction. Is there anybody we can we believe at all?
    Perhaps someone with an title? Someone with money? Someone with white or green clothes on hospital? Someone with a fancy Website or something showing us solutions on Youtube?
    Either way, we all are searching for solutions and often are suspicious when the good solutions showing up – and less suspicious, when somebody has a title or a suitcase with the right logo, or stuff comes from a Pharmacy, or someone tells us, it is truly Alternative… from far away…! Himalaya or Australia or Africa…

    In any case, every single of them is just a human being, with their own internal Believe system and understanding of the human body and mind. And any kind of education is just set on top of this privat Believe-system. Everything this person is telling you, depends totally on his or here own privat believes and presuppositions. Professor’s, Doctor’s or alternative healer’s or Barton Publisher. Everybody has his or her own believes in the bottom and their education on top of them. Ask 7 Doctors – you will get 7 different answers. Ask 7 alternative doctors or healers – also here you’ll get 7 different answers.
    It is not easy to be a human being in this jungle. There will never be just one answer for everybody. There is one answer for my problem and often several solutions too. Do we begin with the mind or with the body? The mind has huge influence how the body is working and the other way around. No wrong or right here either.
    Taking responsibility for your own health, will make a huge different. Fare too many trusting blind some Gurus – whether they are inside or outside the Healthcare system. Be your own Guru!

    And find people you can trust! Trust is the key of all human interaction! When a doctor is giving me a red pill and declares it is a pretty strong sleeping pill, I will sleep all night long – no matter what’s made of. Doubt will keep me awake. Only 30% of all Medicine is actually working better then a Placebo product.
    Nothing wrong about that. We have to believe the person and the medicine ore the treatment, otherwise the best advise or best medicine will not work. This is how it works. So if you believe in medicine A or B or X – it will help – until a suspicious person tells you the opposite. Doubt is stopping any kind of treatment!

    So Health is far more complex then finding the correct medicine or miracle. It always depends on our own state of mind, not the outside, not professor, not a Guru or a clever salesman. It’s never about getting rid of the symptoms. They are important signals from the body. We have to listen to our body and listen what the body and organs are telling us… The Symptoms are the Solution! Believe it or not… they are for free.

  • Jack G.

    One thing I notice is this program tries to sell different products from other people. I believe it to be a link for others to sell their product and I’m sure the percentidge is a good profit for this program.

  • Ralph Irwin

    Thanks for the heads up. You saved me from what would probably would have been an annoying 15 minutes of wasted life.

  • Richard Neva

    The clue to the phoniness of this piece of junk mail is the hint that the information you are about to get is NOT FREE. When I heard that I deleting the lengthy information email. Yes, I am a diabetic and I do not mind being one. I finally learned to eat properly and lost about 50 pounds in the process. I blame myself for even starting on an email marked “spam”. They all disappoint but I often click one and just check, curiosity killed the cat I remembered today!

  • Ralph Eccles Endocrinology

    Well written analysis. My patients come to me all the time with supposed easy cures. It is too bad that he also markets to Type 1 diabetics who have been dependent on insulin since childhood.

    For the recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, most can cure their diabetes with vigorous exercise and a really good diet. But it is hard work.

    Cinnamon is used in the Mediterranean to add flavor to food and to cover the taste of spoiled meat. The healthy Mediterranean diet is high in vegetables, relatively low in carbohydrate, very low in fat, except olive oil, limited in meat (moderate fish)and the carbs are complex. This is the reason for the low incidence of diabetes, not the cinnamon. Now that Mediterraneans are eating more like Americans, they are getting lots of diabetes and one of my classmates has a very busy practice treating diabetic wounds on Arabs, who still eat lots of cinnamon, but also have stopped walking and are eating lots of meat, processed flour and foods fried in palm oil.

  • Joanne Oesterling

    I ordered the kit when I was first diagnosed with diabetes in October of 2012. I wasn’t very good about following the program at first, but it helped me lose 20 lbs and my fasting blood glucose is now under 100 for the first time since I was first diagnosed in October 2012.

  • Johnny Galt

    The thing I most object to in the Barton’s pitch is their use of the word “cure”.

    All that Barton’s “cure” does is CONTROL Diabetes, and most of us know how to do that anyway. If you stop doing any of the things he recommends, your “cure” will vanish, and you will be right back where you started. Some “cure”.

    Eat less carbs. Real easy to say, a LOT harder to do, no matter how they gloss over it in the presentation.

    Get more exercise. Um, yeah, we know we should be doing that too, and most if us do that, with varying results.

  • 2CVman

    As far as I know, there is no cure for diabetes, and if there is, I would like to see the research. The web is full of wild and unsubstantiated claims, and sometimes, these are associated with scams, so, just ignore them.

  • Connie

    Of course most conventional medicine doctors will tell people to stay clear of complimentary or holistic treatments. They are not taught these things in med school, and it takes money out of their pockets. Conventional medicine doctors prescribe drugs, which make the pharmaceutical companies rich. Drugs which do nothing to treat the causes of illness, and simply treat the symptoms. It’s like doing an oil change on your car, when your car actually needs a tune up.

    When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes back in 2004, the first thing the conventional medical doctor wanted to do was put me on a diabetes drug that had bad side effects, and I refused. In fact, I never went to him again. I went to the Atkins Center and was treated by Dr. Atkins, (before the Atkins Diet was published) and through diet and supplements, like Chromium Picolinate, brought my blood sugar way down.

    This is not a support of Barton’s kit, it is merely a comment on what occurs when most people mention anything natural, holistic, or complimentary to conventional medical doctors. I’ve learned that first hand.

  • Rodney Patnode

    I ordered 1 book for $19.95 got 2 of the same books and was charged $275.56. I am returning both books immediately & want a full refund. I have also told my Credit Card Company that this is a disputed charge. Please confirm that you are going to reverse the $275.56 charge.

  • Alan

    Still waiting for the website link to access my “Diabetes Solution Kit”. $19.95 for Barton, but 0% solution!!

  • Julie D

    Thanks for this article, I didn’t here you say anything about the supplements he spoke of. Why is it not a possibility that it might be a cure if you followed the whole program. and as far as relentlessly receiving emails from Barton ,would you not want to get this info.out there so as many people as possible could be helped?

  • Michelle

    If you had bothered to check out the program instead of just focussing on the “cinnamon” part of it, you would have found an entire 3 phase diet plan that includes vitamin suppliments, but is more focussed on monitoring and changing your bad eating habits into healthy ones. I bought this program for my husband and for all of your information, his sugar levels have dropped DRAMATICALLY by following the DIET PROGRAM. His levels went from the 200s to consistantly between 99-128. His A1C went from a 9.9 to a 5.2. The proof it works is in the numbers. I was skeptical myself, but I was willing to try anything to help my husband’s diabetes. Run your mouths, be doubters all you want, but until you’ve actually tried it, don’t say it doesn’t work. It’s not about the “cinnamon,” which any doctor will tell you DOES help, it’s about eating healthier and the foods that help you control your glucose levels easily. It’s very easy to understand, and it DOES work.

    • waffles

      Perhaps Barton should spend less time advertising in this manner, promising a “weird trick” that requires watching an epic video presentation. Further, Barton reached out to us via relentless email spam. It seems only fair to evaluate the primary promise of the message they sent.

  • A.M. Syed

    Thanks for taking the time to write the article. This is the information age’s equivalent of an 1800’s snake oil salesman. Drug companies hide cures and only promote treatments which a sad reality of our world but scaring people and using words like ‘loved ones’ and ‘epidemic’ to sucker people is also wrong. People of the world just post the cures for free, share your experiences and be honest. There is no room for opportunists in a loving and giving world. God bless you all.

  • Asldkure

    Well, a million thanks for having done the work for us… I suspected the spam and upon checking it on the net came upon your site… Thanks for having confirmed what I suspected and now you are in my F for checking…

    • waffles

      Glad we were able to help!

  • J. Thomas

    Amazing (or not) how many disguised “Barton” messages above. JT

  • Adam

    Say what you will, but I was just desperate enough after suffering high blood sugar problems to try anything so I bought the Diabetes reversal kit. I started out week one with sugar readings well over 150 fasting levels. By week 3 going by this program my spot check sugars mid day are now in the mid 80’s which is better than perfect, not to mention loosing 13 lbs. by changing eating habits alone, all in only 3 weeks. I am a believer in this program, and hope that others would be willing to give it a try too. Diabetes can be controlled with a little discipline and effort.

    • Connie

      Thank you for your review of the actual kit and whether what Barton includes in it works. Most of the reviewers are putting it down merely because of the video, while not having tried the product. That’s why I came to this site, to see reviews of the PRODUCT being sold, not reviews of the video. Now maybe you work for Barton or something, but the reviews of the video tell me nothing about the product anyway.

  • Alice Moriarty

    Thank you for your info. I, too, watched this all the way thru. It was not easy nor the first of this type of ad. (I hate videos!) It is the first I watched in toto. When I was first diagnosed I bought Dr.Neal Barnard’s book on reversing diabetes. Dr. B said to try his plan for 3 wks and see. I can do most anything for 3 weeks. I did, faithfully. His plan uses a Vegan diet with certain restrictions such as white potatoes and wheat. Three things happened in that 3 weeks. First: My BG dropped as promised. Second I lost a couple of pounds. Third: ALL ARTHRITIS PAIN in my back stopped completely. Dr. Barnard also recommends Cinnamon and other spices and herbs. I ‘m always looking for more helps. That’s why I listened this Barton’s video.There was nothing new in the video so I had no reason to believe his book would reveal anything new but was curious to see what others might have learned. Thank you.

    • waffles

      Thanks for the update. We’ll be sure to check out Dr. Barnard’s book.

  • Dan Hacker

    My elderly father bought this thing and has been sending me the emails. In his mind, if I learn anything at all, it was worth it. What he doesn’t understand is that most of it is pure hype and common sense, and that this scammer is using my fathers money to pay off his mansion.

    If you really want to tackle your diabetes, I would suggest looking up the work of Dr. Richard K Bernstein (not to be confused with that OTHER Bernstein pushing a diet plan). Dr. Bernstein has lived with Type I diabetes since he was 11, and now he is in his 80’s because he figured out what he needed to do to survive (most people his age didn’t). “The Diabetes Solution” is a must read if you REALLY want to get healthy and stay healthy. And by that I mean, you MUST alter your eating behavior dramatically, if you want to get off the meds and protect your body from damage. It will not be easy, but it will probably be worth it. This book has changed my life, and I’m nowhere near doing everything 100%.

  • Karen Lindgren

    I know they are trying to sell books on how to cure diabetes, But does the information they include valuable info on how to eat healthy if you have diabetes with helpful tips on proper foods to eat, shopping list. Wouldn’t that be helpful with someone who has diabetes . I do have type 2 diabetes for past 5 yrs and slightly over weight.


  • waffles

    Thank you for your nice comment, and great observations on the “scam” elements of the video!

    We’re doing our best to call scams and hoaxes as we see ’em, and hopefully save a few people from grief along the way!

  • maile chang

    Thank you! This advertisement appeared in today’s email newsletter “living with diabetes from everyday health.” I clicked on it and became suspicious after the over-long sales pitch without anything being said. I’m glad to have found you through google.

  • Franko Ambrosio

    I am very greatful for the information provided by Barton Publishing regarding HBP. It is very informative, eye opening. It’s challenging ones mind to finally get up and do something, like eat healthy/exercise live a healthy life and look for any alternative solution, but medications. I rather trust him than the drug companies and their hidden agendas.

  • HamRHead

    Thank you! I have long been annoyed with the animated white board presentations. Just give me some text and pictures. The “hook” is annoying as well—one weird spice, three sneaky hormones, one bizarre trick, etcetera. I bought one of Joe Barton’s reports on lowering your blood pressure. The content was good, but it wasn’t anything I did not already know. Additionally it did not contain some things I know to be helpful. I do not think that Mr. Barton has any particular expertise in medicine or physiology. It appears that he just scours the web for natural cures—something you can do for yourself. Some of the natural remedies may well be beneficial, but few if any are weird, strange, odd, bizarre, or magic. His approach is a bit of an insult.

    • waffles

      That is perhaps a better summary of some of our annoyances than we have ever written. As you said, the idea of Googling info, summarizing it, and marketing it as some miracle solution is insulting. And yet there are people who will defend that process, as evidenced in our articles about Ty Bollinger’s cancer book and the Power4Patriots solar electricity plans. (And let’s not forget Kevin Trudeau.) Clearly those don’t offer anything you couldn’t find for free online, yet we’ve still had to debate the value of such products with a small subset of brainwashed consumers. Thanks for your comment!

  • Elaine

    I could not listed to the whole thing, but I have to say the sales pitch, CURE diabetes, live like you used to, were tantalizing. Then I realized, of course, eat right and exercise and there will be a good result. If I could make myself do that, I would be a lot better off. Might not get off meds totally but could reduce them a lot.

    My theory is people with Type 2 have a lot more trouble with diet than other people because of all the extra insulin. We make insulin we don’t use, then we add more insulin to keep our glucose levels down. The extra insulin makes us hungry for all the things we should be avoiding. It’s like a Catch 22. True, we do not HAVE to eat that stuff.

    I have tried cinnamon, a friend gets great results with it. Me? Nada. Oh, well. Barton has good advice, and the diet and exercise will work without the cinnamon, so do what you know you need to do. Nothing will “cure” diabetes. You will still be diabetic and the glucose will shoot up if you fall off the diet and exercise wagon.

  • Mary

    I got this in my email today. I am a life long sufferer of Diabetes with a long family history, on both sides of my fence, with this disease.

    Even though I tried very hard to watch it… I couldn’t get thru the whole thing, my daughter did though. I already knew about the cinnamon and chromium. I use the cinnamon because I am allergic to most pharma drugs. I can keep my sugar down around 100-120. This includes watching my diet. I cannot exercise like I used to due to a car accident. However, a little exercise goes a long way. A brisk 10 minute walk is all I can do now.

    Like rustyknight17 said above… All ya have to do is the research. I had too because of all my allergies. Trust your gut on this. If it seems too good, than it is. Good luck!

  • rustyknight17

    Quack cures ? I can`t speak for Barton`s other offerings but the diabetes cure is right on target .BTW I don`t approve of the high handed sales tactics either .
    Let`s be honest here , any doctor will tell u to avoid foods with lots of sugar and carbs and doctors will also tell u to eat healthy foods , just like Barton`s Publishing did in the video . , so these two r genuine helps .
    As for cinnamon , it`s been used for thousands of years in Africa and Asia as a tradional medicine for many ailments . Do your research , everything I say here is verifiable if u r willing to do the research .
    As for Chromium, which the nameless author doesn`t address in the article , it`s a vital trace mineral needed in ur body . IT`s vital for the health of ur pancreas , and for producing insulin , serves as a catalyst if memory serves . Plus it also helps with absorption of glucose . Yet it`s the second most common mineral deficiency in the USA , along with other countries adopting our lifestyle ( behind magnesium ) .
    TBH , I watched this to see if there was anything I could learn here . Being knowledgeable about nutritional med , i also watched to see if their solution matched up with what I knew and it does , so feel free to take their advice but I`d recommend not ordering from Barton`s . Cheers !

    • Jerry F

      Agree with you 100%. My only interest in it was their pitch to have a list of food that as “good” for you and to eat only that….I think that is a very good idea and would like to see the list and try it.

  • Caroline George

    Thanks for the information. I agree the whole sales pitch was dodgy and pushy so I googled the company for comments and found many like yours. What is cruel is that these scams are based on taking advantage of the sick and the ignorant people who can least afford it.

  • Bill Lansche

    Thanks for the info on this scam. One thing that I found ridiculous in the ad was the claim that diabetes was an embarrassment. I’ve been diagnose with diabetes several years ago and I never been embarrassed when telling people I have diabetes when they offer me food that I am not supposed to eat.

  • Mayfly

    P.S. I do often eat cinnamon, it doesn’t seem to do anything for me, but I understand that it has made improvements to some people’s lives. As with all things diabetes related, use whatever works, discard what doesn’t.

  • Mayfly

    Thank you for posting this, I too receive irritating mails from this person, and although they get junked, they get mixed up with other mails that are occasionally useful and ARE actually related to Diabetes. The pop up worried me a great deal, because I thought I had then got a virus. To hear that this is a deliberate ploy just makes me very angry. Surely this person should be removed from selling his quack cures? Surely he can be shut down by people who actually know what they are talking about, as opposed to him who is doing a very good job of making sure we all feel diabetes is once again a death sentence? I always take titles like “Diabetes cure” as suspect because I say a cure is when I no longer have the condition, which I think is probably an impossibility (certainly when you’ve had it as long as I have). But this man is doing harm as far as I am concerned.

    Thank you again.

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