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Justice For Dory: Real or Hoax?

Justice For Dory: Real or Hoax?

A pit bull named Dory was allegedly shot in the mouth by a drunken neighbor in Biloxi, Mississippi in September 2013. The story outraged readers and immediately amassed tens of thousands of shares online, yet no local news agencies reported it. Did this shooting really happen, or is this just an elaborate internet hoax?

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Details of the incident are lacking, as is available evidence. Below we present all of the information we were able to obtain.

The story of Dory’s shooting began with a post on September 11, 2013, which read (and has since been removed):

Share this for Dory!

Dory was shot in the moth with a 380 containing hollow point bullets.

Dory’s only crime… Being a pit bull.

Our neighbor walked into my yard… Called my dog to over to them and put his gun in her mouth and fired 3 time.

Our teenage teenager was at home at witnessed this terrible act. When he ran out to confront said neighbor and to see what had happened the neighbors only response was “what did you see”. The man was very drunk and made it obvious that he was angry and into wanting to fight.

When the police arrived they questioned the neighbor who stated that his reason for his horrible act was because Dory is a pit bull and made is wife scared.

Now, Dory is a 9 yr old dog who is registered as a K9 good citizen as well as being a certified as a therapy dog and visits with senior citizens and wounded veterans while in the hospital. This means that she has been tested and has proven herself to be controllable and adjust easy to all situations.

When taken to the vet dory was found to have her jaw broken in two places, several teeth missing, 7 broken in half including to canines in addition to having powder burns down her throat and in her mouth.

The vet is set to testify that the only way this dog could have received these burns in her mouth and throat is to have the gun inserted into her mouth and the trigger pulled.

The vet remove two pieces of Dory’s jaw, 7 teeth, wired additional pieces of her jaw bone and portions of her gums and roof of her mouth that were torn and damaged to much to heal. There are attached pictures of the bullets that have been removed there is twice that much there still.

The reason I am asking for your help here is the officer who came out said he was not even going to file a report. He said this is a civil matter, not criminal. I have contacted my friend at the ASPCA of Mississippi and have an investigator looking into animal cruelty charges. I have also contacted the local news who stated IF I CAN GET ENOUGH People involved in Dory’s story they would cover the story. This is why I am asking u to share.

Please if you have a dog who is part of your family share this. She is my friend and like your pet a member of our family. Please help bring this man to justice or at least plaster is horrible act all over for the world to see, he needs to be ashamed of his act.

Attached are pictures of our sweet girl also the bullets that were removed from her face.


5 Photos were included with the original post. Three of them showed Dory apparently before the shooting. One showed a closeup of the dog’s mouth, which shows some blood and chipped teeth. The other photo claims to show the bullets removed from Dory’s mouth.

Page Removed

The original post included a link to a Facebook page which has since been removed. Some claim that this is evidence that the story is being suppressed, while others have claimed that Dory’s owner mistakenly set up a personal profile instead of a Facebook page. That page, “justicefordory” appears to have been replaced by “Dorys Justice,” which is still active. Petition

A petition was established on, entitled, “Harrison County, Biloxi Mississippi police`: Take action against Dory’s attacker.” It reached 3000 signatures and simply reads, “Take action against Dory’s attacker.” Police have not issued any response to this petition.

Donation Site

A website collecting donations for Dory’s medical bills was established. As of this writing, it had raised over $500 toward a goal of $2300. The project describes the incident in the following manner: “Dory, a 9 year old pit was shot 3 times in the mouth by a neighbor simply because his wife does not like pitbulls. Police wont help and vet bills are adding up!” Some commenters online have referred to this donation drive as a “scam” but have not presented evidence.


Many outraged readers have asked South Mississippi’s WLOX to report Dory’s story – but the news station has not responded to these requests. We have reached out to WLOX for clarification why they have not picked up the story or responded to these Facebook comments, and we’ll post their response if and when they answer.

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office

In the extensive discussion of this incident, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office has been mentioned as having knowledge of – or denying knowledge of – the shooting. We attempted to get clarification from the Sheriff’s Office on this incident, and whether or not they have knowledge of the shooting or not, but were unable to gather any new information.

Owner’s Sudden Absence

Around four days after the original post, Dory’s owner stopped posting online. According to the Dory’s Justice Faceboook page, this is because the owner’s family is in the process of moving. Skeptics have suggested that this sudden disappearance just as the story went viral could be signs that something is amiss. We messaged the dog’s owner, but did not receive a response.

Comparison to Corona the Dog

In August 2012, we reported on a similar incident regarding a dog named Corona which had also been shot in the mouth. That story had multiple photos, x-rays, video, and statements from the vet which tended to the dog. There were no doubts surrounding Corona’s shooting. Until Dory’s story is updated with the same amount of evidence as seen in the Corona case, it will be impossible to fend off claims that it is a hoax.


The available evidence for Dory’s shooting includes a written narrative, a single photo of the dog’s mouth, and a photo of the bullets. This is insufficient to stave off doubts for the following reasons:

  • The owner has gone silent, and is unavailable for comment.
  • Police took no action in an apparent shooting, and released no statement.
  • Evidence from the veterinarian visit has not been offered

Additional Evidence

A couple of readers sent us additional evidence which they felt would support the claim that Dory’s attack was real. The two images include a citation and a business card with a case number written on it.

Citation Business cardcasenumber

Unfortunately, neither of these documents include a date or any specific information regarding the alleged events. The inclusion of a case number may prove useful in our continued research of the incident. Only a few words can be read in the report underneath the business card in the photo above, such as “mandibular defect,” and the citation in the top photo states it is a “leash law violation.”

Without irrefutable evidence that specifically corroborates the details of the owner’s narrative, doubts will continue to surround the shooting of Dory. Did it happen? Only time – and some additional evidence – can answer that question.

If you have additional information, please let us know in the comments below. We will update this page with information as it arrives.

  • Scott Gordon

    Case number from 2013?

  • Paula

    A new gofundme has been set up by a person named Christina McCullough on Facebook. Soliciting kore money and getting more donations from unsuspecting people. Her Facebook page is under the name Christina N Michael McCullough. She is Reposting to get kier kidney. I have notified the people who “like” her post that is is a probable hoax. On the gofundme, tried to comment three times but someone keeps deleting it.

  • Renae Johnson

    Looks like the story is back and there is another fund support sight on facebook Christina N Michael McCullough

  • Stacey

    This can all be finished off quickly. If we can get the name and address of the vet that cared for the dog then donations can be sent there to cover the bill. Cut out the middle man. If more is sent than is needed it can be put in the good samaritan fund every vet has to help other owners down on their luck that still need care for their animals.

  • ihavenoname

    There are no grounds for which Candi could seek legal action. Her online persona was called into question? LOL. If she is unwilling to provide credibility then she will be treated as if she has none. I’d like to see her try to come after someone since that would require her to actually reveal who she is. People can’t be sued by online handles. 😛

  • Robert

    “…calling myself or my fictions name as a fraud or I will seek legal action”

    You fraud. Please seek legal action!!! I love how people can start out with seemingly valid statements, and then add this line of BS. And my favorite is when “my lawyer” is “my mother” – or any other relative for that matter – as if that is supposed to bolster the argument or make people more wary. IF infact, your mother is a lawyer, I am guessing she specializes in “personal injury” or “real estate” transactions.

    I’ll let the others bicker about the validity of the claim.

  • Reba

    so- is it real or a hoax? The pictures above of the citation aren’t great. Leash Law Violation? That doesn’t make any sense either.

  • Curtis

    because, sueing the neighbour would be too easy. No, I’m sorry, I tried to give this story a chance, but there are too many plot-holes to make this account real.

  • J Jensen

    You know the owner so have them email the site with details and then this would be much less dramatic. If/when it is proven true then it will help Dory. Simple fix.

  • carletta scott

    Now FB page is unavailable or has been removed?

  • Nien Fin

    Okay if this is a true story then A. Post the photos of the dog here.
    B. Post the unedited narrative (the only part you must legally strike is the officers name) C. Vet’s Examination Sheet and contact #.

    Do that and I still call bs. But it would make you more believable

  • cassidy

    First of all i made the first page dory mccullough tht had been removed and i can tell u neither it nor dorys story is fake..but u mongrels will do anything to get attention for urselves

  • Onlooker

    The shooter was drunk and the exit path was the bottom of the dog’s mouth. Most certainly, had it been a competent and sober shooter, the dog would not be alive. She lost a good portion of her jaw, per the owner’s commentary, and the look of her face has changed considerably.

  • Karolyn

    Candi just posted on FB. This is a REAL situation. She even said that her attorney could be contacted. I understand the need to be wary; however, many legitimate causes have been sabotaged by overly protective/cautious “whstleblowers.” Even Villalobos in New Orleans has been targeted even though they are one of the most legitimate rescues in the nation and have their own national tv show.

  • Anonymous

    I am in agreement with this page about proof being a reasonable request before donating money. This being said it is also a good tactic by the family (if real) to keep this quiet as long as possible for reasons that would make selling their house difficult. Who would want to move into a house that’s all over the news and a crazy neighbor with a gun not arrested? This being said I could understand the silence and if proof exists it will eventually surface, if not then I will simply choose not to donate.

    • Onlooker

      I have been watching this since the beginning. The indiegogo page is now requesting that donations cease. Donators may request reversal of payments. They want to remove money from the equation. The owners of Dory NEVER asked for donations to cover vet bills.

  • V cook

    Yeah, I agree the price was way to low. I just had a diabetic cat pass away and we were near 2,000 just in insulin meds and seizure meds for a few months of trying to save his life.

  • Jeff Hanson

    If you want to know where the scam is then follow the money.

    No legitimate fundraiser would be using the indiegogo site. Look at who set up the indiegogo donation page. It has now been CONFIRMED that the “Candi Mesh” account is a fake. Even the Dory’s Justice website has admitted it.

    No one knows who or where the money for “Dory’s Justice” is being sent to.
    Anyone can pretend to love animals and post animal pictures. It’s a great way to pull at the heartstrings to get donations in a SCAM.
    For all anyone knows, “Candi Mesh” could be in Nigeria or some other foreign country.

    If the “Candi Mesh” account is a fake, it’s more than likely the other accounts vouching “Candi Mesh” are fakes, too.

    As I said before, this scam is most likely being run by only one or two people using a bunch of fake accounts.

  • Jenni

    I am done arguing with you all. Believe what you want. I do not care……..I know what I saw and I know this is real. If you guys don’t want to believe it, that’s fine by me.

    I have seen the police report, I have seen the pictures. Those things have been shared with the author of this page. The owner NEVER asked for money – all she did was share her story and people passed it along. The owner has paid all the vet bill, and all her moving expenses. She has asked that any other donations be directed to the Lee County Humane Society in Auburn, AL – where she got Dory from many years ago.

    Oh, and Nien Fin – I know very well what gun shots are capable of – I was a paramedic for 20 years and have seen plenty. One thing I can tell you is not all gun shots cause the same damage.

    Enjoy the rest of your day – I know I will be.

  • G Money

    What strikes me as odd in this entire discussion are two very glaring problems: One, the dog was supposed shot three times in the mouth. Once, perhaps, but it sat there and let the shooter fire three times? Ever try to simply smack a dog three times? Its running away after the first shot. The other thing is the deputy stating that this was a civil and not a criminal matter, yet current ordinances for the city of Biloxi make it unlawful to discharge a firearm within city limits except in cases of extreme self defense. The story states that the neighbor came onto their property to shoot the dog, so we can throw trespassing into the mix as well. I just don’t buy this.

  • UNeverKnow

    Yea, this sounds like one of the many internet hoaxes floating around, however… you just never know.

    It’s just a fact, the police in this country are seriously out of hand. We live in an authoritarian state and there’s no denying it. Cops protect criminals and prosecute the innocent. I can totally see one of them handling the case this way.

    If the crazed neighbor with the gun were a fellow cop or one of his relatives or his buddies, I can see it going down exactly like this. I can also see the cops & even the media trying to push the entire thing under the rug (“no comment”). If that were the case, moving to forget the whole thing would be the next logical step.

    If this case were entirely true, the worse the cop would get is a paid vacation. The neighbor would do serious time if groups like PETA didn’t hang him first.

    On the other hand though, it has all the classic signs of a hoax.

    Plea for money.

    Ballistics that don’t add up.

    Serious crimes committed in broad daylight with a witness present and physical evidence.

    Evidence that seems to all be conveniently missing from everywhere except the internet…

    On a final note, Pits are beautiful animals and it makes my blood boil to see them harmed. But there is just too much stigma attached to them. Choose another breed next time or be prepared for trouble. Labs were bread for hunting ducks. Mounties were bread for the snow. Bloodhounds were bread for tracking…

    Pitbulls were bread for fighting and killing other dogs. It’s not their fault, it’s what they were bread to do. Just like how a greyhound was bread to race.

    Unless you are a piece of human trash who plans to fight dogs, then you should do the smart thing and choose another breed. If you don’t, you’re asking for trouble. I know, I know. This FACT makes many people angry but the truth hurts worse than anything else.

    As kids, we had TWO pits on TWO separate occasions that got out and tore the neighbors dogs to shreds. After that they could no longer be trusted and had to be put down. Then we got labs and NEVER had that problem again.

    Please, choose another breed of dog so drama like this doesn’t happen to you.

  • Kate

    I have an AmStaff/Chesapeake/Australian Shepherd Mix. He has black spots on his pink tongue and even some black and pink gums. However, I still hope that this story turns out not to be a hoax because so many people are trying to make money off of the sympathy of others. To the owners of any dog that has been a victim of violence, my heart goes out to you and your pet. I hope that all are able to recover and that their dog is able to live their remaining days in comfort.

  • Nien Fin

    OMG I just read the rest of that crap post. Black Spots inside the mouth of any breed dog is a genetic trait which shows the true bloodline percentage of the canine. Try testtube breeding of purebreeds and you will have I canine with an all black inner mouth and only one black spot on the tongue.

    • Jenni

      I don’t quite know what your problem is with this story, or why you are so hell-bent on being so rude every time you post, but the “black spots” that are being referred to in this post are not genetic spots. The spots were declared – by a veterinarian – to be burns from the gun shot due to it being close range. Pictures were sent to the author of this article and hopefully they will be posted. Personally, I know the difference between genetic black spots in the mouth vs. marks caused by injury, and the marks in the picture are definitely not genetic spots caused by breeding. To me, they almost look like a bunch of blood blisters in her mouth….as they appear to be small and raised up.

  • Nien Fin

    I stick by my first statement. I CALL BS !!!!

    Our neighbor walked into my yard… Called my dog to over to them and put his gun in her mouth and fired 3 time.
    KEY PHASE BEING “INTO MY YARD”. Which means the neighbor had to have entered through an opening. A property line between 2 adjacent parcels is considered a residential common unless controlled by a fence or like structure. Which brings us back to my original statement.

    IF YOU THINK THAT DOG IS A RAZOR EDGE BLUE THEN THEY SAW YOU COMIN WHEN YOU BOUGHT IT. If you got it for free is more unbelievable so don’t say that. Furhtermore all Razor Edge Bulls have something that is distinctive about them (all you breeders out there will spot the lack of this) AND THAT DOG DOESN’T HAVE IT !!


  • Jenni

    That is not the “vet bill”, so to speak. The donation site was set up by a well known animal rights activist from that area. At the time she set it up, she had no idea what the total bill was going to be, because Dory wasn’t done with treatment (nor is she done now – she’s still being treated). The setting up of the donation site was done as a nice gesture to help the family pay for the vet bills. The family never ONCE asked for money and was very humbled that someone cared enough to try to get some donations for helping them. Complete strangers have come together for this family – all for the one common reason….to get Justice for Dory.

    • Teri Warren

      No scam, I know her personally, I am not really sure why people are questioning her being a live person, unless of course they have a personal grudge against her….

    • dont worry nj

      You are saying you never claimed if it was a hoax or if its real and yet and i quote you… “This should be clear evidence to anyone that the donation site is a scam being run by people using fake names and fake accounts.”

      You contradicted yourself you low life. Stop denying the truth in attempt to make your website more popular. Your website sucks and unheard of.

  • Donna

    None of the facebook sites are up now. I cannot find where this is for real.

  • waffles

    It is good that the owner has re-surfaced. Hopefully she can produce some irrefutable evidence so that debate on the veracity of this story can finally be put to rest.

    • Jenni

      Hopefully the skeptics can get the answers they are looking for.

      Also, I sent the rest of those pictures to you – more “evidence” for the skeptics.

      Don’t get me wrong, I truly can understand people having hesitation when donating to money. I will admit, I started to wonder what was going on when we couldn’t get a hold of Dory’s owner. However, as you can see from the letter from Dory’s owner – she has nothing to “gain” from this. She has paid for everything out of her own pocket and never asked for a dime from anyone. All she wants is JUSTICE for her wonderful dog and if we all take the time to sit back and think about this – what if this happened to your dog? What would you do?

      Cut Dory’s owner some slack – please have some compassion for what she and her family is going through. They have been to hell and back…..

  • Jenni

    I sent you an email regarding the images you requested in your posts.

  • Nien Fin

    I call BS. Let’s take a look at the statement written by the owner. First off, Mississippi State Law dictates that the alleged shooter be placed under arrest for Trespassing with the intent to inflict serious damage to personal property not of their holding, and/or intent and premeditated thought of one’s own will and for thought of their actual action to cause grave harm and/or death to the person and/or persons of residence of the property of which the person of trespass has no legal holding to the land in which they have trespassed.

    That’s just for starters. Next Mississippi Law dictates Under the Influence of Legally Prescribed drugs, Illegal drugs, and/or Alcohol which impairs a person’s ability to discern right from against the Laws of the State of Mississippi with regards to Discharging a fire arm within any city or incorporated territory, shall be a misdemeanor, willfully acknowledges, that said misdemeanor shall be brought before charges as a level 1,2,3 felony with a minimum if convicted blah blah 10,000.00 fine blah blah.

    Okay now that the law is out of the way which squashes the “the police said it was a civil matter” crap. Lets talk Forensics 3 rounds from a .38 cal pistol that were hollow points at point blank range would blow an exit hole in the back of a pigs neck that you could park your trailer in. There is not and never will be a through and through wound from a hollow point bullet. That statement right there is tighter than my little sister. I have owned breed and saved ASBT’s ESBT’s Mastiffs and Bordeaux’s most of my life which has lead to having to put a few down due to OLD AGE and from personal experience, since I have looked each one in the eye as I pulled the trigger. A 9mm standard round does a pretty good job of removing the cranial material on the exit side. There is so much more wrong with this story that I have come to the conclusion that If you are dumb enough to believe this crap, then you shouldn’t own a pit of any kind. “DOG’S ARE ONLY AS STUPID AS THEIR OWNERS.” Just saying…..written by someone who states try that sh-t in my yard and you will pull back a stump and my dog(s) would have had a healthy portion of Iron and Dumb Ass for the day.

    • Jenni

      It was a .380, not a .38. Once again, please reread the information.

      • Jim H

        A .380 is not materially different from a 9mm, and both will kill a dog just as easily as a .38

        • G Money

          Jim H is 100% correct.

    • MDS

      Just saying, but technically he wasn’t trespassing as he was in his yard when he shot her, allegedly. Has anyone else actually called the provided sheriffs number?

      • Bruce Francis Simpson

        According to the article, “Our neighbor walked into my yard… Called my dog to over to them and put his gun in her mouth and fired 3 time.” Neighbor was in their yard and trespassing.

  • Get Bent

    You are NOT looking at BOTH sides for anything or you would have contacted someone from Dory’s page for a comment.
    I can follow the links just fine, I don’t know what YOUR problem is but I would be happy to send you the images.

    • Nien Fin

      No one has seen the posted citation or a pic of the back of Dory’s head blown wide open before the vet TURNED professional witness in forensic gun shot criminology, who is chewing at the bit to testify nothing but the fact that his testimony will be held to “yes I administered aid to said dog”. No further questions. Cross Examination? None from the defendant neither…You may step down Mr. Nada Xpert.

      • Jenni

        Who said the back of her head was blown off? Reread the information….. that was never said.

    • L. Barth

      I get “content unavailable” when I click o the links.

    • Jayn81

      To be fair, Waffles has been cautiously neutral. We, through our replies, have been accusatory. I’m willing to give Jenni the benefit of the doubt (for now) because of a genuine tone to her post. As for GetBent, I find your posts suspiciously defensive and contradictory to your current claims. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar. In this day and age of scam artists, you must understand that there will be people who are Leary of a request for money without real evidence to prove it. The three photos I saw showed no proof of what happened, nor of the resulting expenses; they simply showed a dog with an injured mouth. That and the strange fact that WLOX covered a bully shooting in July makes it all seem untrue. Rather than responding with blind defensiveness, try responding with the requested proof rather than telling someone to “Get Bent.” Also, the fact that others have donated proves nothing except gullibility on their part. You are not helping your case.

      • Jenni

        Thank you. I have let the author of this article know a little more, and hopefully that will help with the naysayers.

    • MDS

      Have you tried calling the sheriff’s? I called asked to speak to someone about the Dory Pit bull Case and was redirected to someone that did not answer the phone. Perchance CALL them to CONFIRM that the incident HAPPENED? Seems to be the intelligent thing to do for anyone who has doubts. I did receive a call back from the police, but unfortunately was on the phone with my school advisers when they did so I was not able to answer.

      • waffles

        We have called and emailed, and have not yet received confirmation.

  • waffles

    We’re looking at both sides for answers. This is disgusting to you?

    (Your links don’t work.)

  • Get Bent

    I am one of the people who have tried very hard to network this cause. I am also one of the people who have posted, and acted as admin on the pages, as well as assisting to merge all the pages today. The plain fact is that there are a few different people trying to help Dory and keep her pages up and accounts open, the only banning that I know of was a few people who decided it was easier to be vulgar than to have an intelligent conversation. VULGARITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! ACCUSATIONS WITHOUT PROOF WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
    As for weather or not Dory’s story is a hoax only Dory’s family can answer that. Christina has posted photos of the citation, as well as the case number and card from the officer on the case. If you have questions, why don’t you call the police department and ask. OR perhaps you could have actually asked one of the people running the pages. I suppose asking your own questions is just too much for you; it is much easier for you to post inflammatory remarks on a blog and pump people up for a lynching. Most of the people working on Dory’s page, and Dory’s group WORK, and cannot constantly man the pages. By the end of today we finally has some semblance of direction only to be crapped on again, as Dory’s Justice has again been removed from facebook.
    You people can believe what you want, there is plenty of information posted for you to make a rational decision; other than that you can all just get bent!

    • waffles

      Apparently there are those who wish to donate who do not feel there is “plenty of information” yet. Why not provide sufficient information, rather than telling potential donors to get “bent” instead?

    • Duke

      I have a hard time believing anything that is posted by someone who is trying to defend this case by using the name “GET BENT” and “PUKE UP AN APOLOGY.” Especially when they are claiming others are being vulgar. If this is real – and I’m not claiming that it is or is not – I would be much more willing to convey respect and credit to your argument if you used a respectful screen name (or better yet, your real name) and didn’t resort to bathroom type conversations in your post. If you are who you say you are, I can understand your frustration, but I can see how this looks like a hoax to the rest of the world.

  • Jenni

    This story is not a hoax. I can forward a picture of the business card with the complaint number that was issued by Sgt. Charles Overstreet of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Underneath the business card is what appears to be a veterinary report. Sgt. Overstreet was the 2nd deputy to respond (after the first deputy claimed this problem was “Civil Matter” and not a criminal matter). Sgt. Overstreet came out and took information, more pictures, etc.

    Due to all the insanity with her dog being shot and not getting any support from the police – as well as a lunatic living next door that had just shot her dog – Dory’s family packed up their lives and moved. Who wouldn’t? The safety of their family was at risk and law enforcement (those that are supposed to protect the people these types of things happen to) was not doing their job!!!

    Stop with the BS that this is a hoax. Dory is real. Her owner is real. What they are going through is horrible and they really need support – not all this crap that this is a hoax. Instead of publishing articles like you just did – how about you get a hold of Harrison County Sheriff and ask them WHY they didn’t do their job?

    • waffles

      There has been no claim that it is real or a hoax. We have reached out to the Sheriff’s Dept, and await their response.

      Donations are being sought, and there are many people who wish to donate but would like more verification first. Does this seem unreasonable?

      • Jenni

        It is not an unreasonable request at all. However, the way some are going about it is the problem.

  • E McVay

    I am one of the people questioning this FB page and was in fact banned, I do have some info if you wouldn’t mind contacting me, I would love to speak with you. Thank you.

    ~E McVay

    • waffles

      We have emailed you. Thanks.

  • Jeff Hanson

    I think this is a scam being run by only one or two people using multiple facebook accounts pretending to relay messages to the owner and vouching the other fake accounts.

    They refuse to provide any info on the date, time, or location of the incident. They refuse to provide any veterinary reports.
    They refuse to provide any info at all that substantiates the story.
    There is not even any evidence that the facebook accounts are real people and not fake accounts.

    The dog in the photo they claim was taken last night looks pretty healthy for being shot 3 times point blank in the head recently. Not a scratch on her.

    A legitimate fundraiser would not be using a site like indiegogo to hide their identity.
    People have been offering to pay the balance of the money owed directly to the vet and they have no interest in providing that info.

    How much is it going to take before people see something here really stinks?

    • Teri Warren

      I can guarantee you that Candi Mesh is an actual person that I have met several times. She is trying very desperately to help this dog. I have known her for several years and I mean personally, not online.

      • Emma

        The why are they banning everyone that ask for an additionnal proof?

        If you’re to ask for money, then it’s legit that people make sure it’s real.

  • waffles

    Hi Kate, that is the Facebook page we cited above, and Dory’s owners do not appear to be contributing to it. It should be noted that we have not claimed that the story is real or fake, but instead we’ve presented the facts as we have them at this point. The lack of compelling evidence should be addressed.

    The page admins have decided to ban anyone who doesn’t believe the story rather than present additional evidence to silence the naysayers.

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