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Beware of Malicious “Passing of Your Friend” Funeral Notice Email

Beware of Malicious “Passing of Your Friend” Funeral Notice Email

A fake funeral notice reporting “The passing of your friend” has been spamming email customers this month, infecting many computer with malware.

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The fake notice claims to be from Eubank Funeral Home, with a subject of “Passing of your friend.” The message reads:

fake eubank email

For this unprecedented event, we offer our deepest prayers of condolence and invite to you to be present at the celebration of your friends life service on Friday, January 31, 2014 that will take place at Eubank Funeral Home at 11:00 a.m.

Please find invitation and more detailed information about the farewell ceremony here.

Best wishes and prayers,

Funeral home receptionist,
Justin Powers

In the email we received, the link to the “invitation” was a zip file hosted at Clicking the link will download this zip file to your computer. Opening the zip file will install malicious software onto your computer. We are still determining the effects of this particular malware, although it has been suggested that it is connected to Asprox botnet.

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Note that other “receptionist” names used in these emails have included Anthony Ball, Ethan Valencia, Thomas Spears, and Brandon Kelly.

Eubank Funeral Home

The fake email uses the name and color scheme of a real funeral home located in Canton, Texas. This company has been flooded with inquiries about the fake email above, and have posted a notice on their website about it:

Urgent Warning: An Email Has Been Sent Out Appearing To Come From Eubank Funeral Home. Please Do Not Open The Link As It Is SPAM And May Contain MALWARE. We Apologize For The Inconvenience. PLEASE DO NOT CALL US TO REPORT THIS. Thank You.


If you receive the fake funeral invitation, you are best advised to delete it immediately, and do not click or download the file included with it.

If you already opened the attached zip file, you should run security software designed to remove malware.

Have you seen the fake funeral notice? Let us know if you have spotted any variations, or what happened if you inadvertently opened the zip file.


In March 2014, we are receiving reports that a variant of the email above claims to be from Douglass Funeral Home. We have also spotted variants claiming to be from Clearwater & Largo Funeral Home as well as Hubbell Funeral Home.

  • ASenkas

    I received an email today, from Douglass Funeral Home. It went to an email I use for various websites I visit, and not for personal use, so I’m always suspicious of “friendly” emails on that account.

  • Amanda

    I just received an email today similar to the one described above. It said that the unprecedented loss of my friend has happened and asked me to join them as they celebrate their life with a date and time to the funeral home. The email title was Death Notice from the Douglass Funeral Home and contained a link in the body of the email to go view more details. Instead of clicking the link, I google searched the funeral home name and spam email and it took me here. When I went to look for the email in my inbox so I could delete it, it was no longer there. I searched all folders in my mail and nothing.

  • Kim

    I received the email from Douglas funeral, thankfully I did not open it.

  • DPL

    I have received a number of “notices” and I’ve never opened one of them. I have been suspicious of each one of them as they do not tell me who is the friend that has departed. I have not gone to the link, and will not go to the link. These scammers are vicious, thoughtless and very sick people; death of a friend or loved one is no joking matter.

  • Shelly

    I received email from Douglass funeral home. Didn’t click on it because named of deceased wasn’t mentioned. My radar went up at this point. Was signed Anthony Kerr.

  • Lee Bartlow

    I was notified of the passing of a friend of mine by Douglass Funeral Home, but no name was given. I live in California.
    Can you identify the name of the passing one for me. I thank you.

  • christina

    I received this last night too. From a “douglass funeral home”. My grandmother just passed so i opened it thinking it was genuine condolence letter about my grandma. But i used my cell phone to open it, not a PC…my phone seems fine. Has anyone had issues with their phone getting infected with the virus? How would i fix it on my cell phone? Call my service provider?

  • Deana

    I just received this e-mail. Good thing I did a google search before clicking any links. Mine was from “Douglass Funeral Home”, with the same message shown above, but signed from Elijah Alaya. I’m glad this is fake and that you guys have provided very thorough information! Thank you!

  • Karen

    Received this today from Douglass Funeral Home – beware! Really uncanny because it actually did list the date that my friend died.

  • Vbm

    I just received from Douglass Funeral home with receptionist Armaan Hodges. Promptly into spam mail.
    We know these are malicious spammers anything we can do to stop them?

  • Gary Russell

    I just received a spam message from Douglass Funeral Home. Didn’t open it because I knew a funeral home message that lands in my spam folder couldn’t be legit.

  • Debam

    I received it also from “Douglass Funeral Home” at my work email address. It was caught and tagged.

  • Jim Wilkinson

    I just received an email from Douglass Funeral Home. Thanks for the info!

  • faireoss

    I just got this email from ‘Douglass Funeral Home’.

  • waffles

    Those who have recently lost a loved may tend to believe it’s real, especially if much of their recent correspondence had dealt with a funeral.

  • eileen G

    I work in the funeral business, so I clicked on the link without giving it too much thought. My computer warned me against it, but I did it anyway. Something is definitely wrong. The computer runs slow, and windows explorer and other programs stop running. Can these guys get access to my personal information? Will malware removal programs work?

    • waffles

      Hopefully, depending on the software and what damage may or may not have been caused by the malware. Let us know what happens.

  • maria

    Received this email tonight from: Eubank Funeral Home . Decided to check it out before opening it. Thank you for your article.

  • waffles

    They probably just send it to millions of people, hoping to hit some people who actually did lose someone recently.

  • Richard D

    I received the notice a few days after the passing of my mother. I was shocked as cremation & a memorial service at a later date had been pre-arranged by my mother to be executed by my brother. I was at first outraged that my brother had arranged a funeral without telling me but something did not ring true. Why would the notice not come from the Funeral Home Director and include the address, name of the loved one, and a phone number? It was fishy. Unfortunately, I did hit the link but fortunately the link had been closed down by someone.

  • Sandy Mitchell

    I checked my email on my iPhone and clicked on the HERE in the notice, thinking it was a legit invite. The name of the funeral director was “Thomas Spears.” Clicking on the link led me to a website called that had a blank screen. Here is the address of the website page: (Link removed)

  • Rhonda

    Just got mine this morning and knew right away something wasn’t right so I checked online to see if there was info about it and there you were! Thank you:)

  • waffles

    We have only heard of it affecting PC’s. If you are affected, please let us know.

  • Celeste

    I just received this 2/6/14 10:15am
    I have to be honest sat here reading and re-reading and thought, no name, thinking Don’t open it and didn’t. Will report it and share on FB.

  • Alena

    People are curious and they are easy target to spams like this. I usually check the e-mail address of sender. If it doesn’t make any proper name/sense, it is suspicious already. I did google right away the bank and it was confirmed as a spam. It is always wise to check or simply no open, if you are not familiar with sender.

  • Lulu Murphy

    Yes, I received this e-mail, the only difference is that the name of the receptionist was Anthony Ball.

    Luckily I did not click on the link. I noticed that the return e-mail address had “jp” at the end, and I don’t know anyone from Japan or who would be visiting Japan. Another giveaway is that the e-mail doesn’t list a specific name for the deceased, just ‘your friend’. I googled “Eubank Funeral Home” and quickly read that this e-mail is a scam, so I’ve deleted it.

  • Sunnie Bunnie

    I have got two already. Same as above

  • How do I get rid of it?

  • Charles Hoefle

    I just got this email and tried to open the “here” button but it did not open. I will be running my antivirus software now.

  • jack

    Besides assuming that the link was to malware, I noted that the return address had a Taiwan domain. The message was updated to Feb. 3, but I figured that it didn’t say who the dead friend was, and there was no way I could get to it today, I sent the message back. I figure that either the spammer got the message, or someone whose computer had been taken over did.

  • Mel

    I got the spam mail. I always hover over the sender name to see the address and the email address was suspect so I didn’t open any links/attachments. So I did a search and it was confirmed as malware.

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