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Most Doll-Like Photos of Wang Jia Yun

Most Doll-Like Photos of Wang Jia Yun

Our “Living Doll” series continues today with the Chinese model known as Wang Jia Yun, who is also known as Renee Wong, Renee-yun, or Wang Jiayun. This doll-like teenager became an internet sensation in China and South Korea back in 2010-2011, and was nicknamed the “inflatable doll” due to her resemblance to the adult toys by that name. Her spotlight faded somewhat after unaltered photos were released that showed that she barely resembled the persona she had created. Let’s take a look at Wang Jia Yun and some of her most doll-like photos.

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As with all of these “real life doll” models, what you see in her photos are the results of heavy photo editing, makeup, and flattering camera angles. Rarely do these young ladies resemble their doll-like personas in their daily lives. While this became a controversy for Wang Jia Yun, it has not been the focal point of other “living dolls” who have risen to prominence since then (see list at the bottom of this article). The unaltered photos have not deterred the fans and adorers of this young model who was one of the first in what appears to be a growing trend in doll-like modeling.

As we have written before, there are certainly many issues in these “living doll” stories, such as if the person is even real, or what issues lie behind the reason for going to such extremes with one’s appearance. Those issues, however, are beyond the scope of this article and this series. As with most of our other “Living Barbie” presentations, we merely wish to present to you some of the most doll-like photos of Wang Jia Yun, and let you decide for yourself if she is worthy of the attention.

The best place to see photos of Wang Jia Yun is on her Facebook page, where you can find dozens of photos. Here we have sifted through countless photos of Wang Jia Yun to find what we feel are some of the best.

Below are a few unaltered, non-doll-like photos of Wang Jia Yun, which sparked some controversy from those who felt her altered photos veered too far from reality.


Below is a short, 8-second video that supposedly shows Wang Jiayun, which attempted to verify that she is doll-like beyond the scope of Photoshop.

What do you think of this new trend of “Living dolls”?

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