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Obama Sedated After Emotional Breakdown: Real or Hoax?

Obama Sedated After Emotional Breakdown: Real or Hoax?

A report circulating online states that President Obama was sedated after an emotional breakdown. Today we’ll take a closer look at this claim.

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The story is fake.

The source of this claim is an article posted by National Report – a satirical website. Some other recent posts by National Report include “Afterlife Gay Conversion Therapy for Gay Historical Figures” and “NASA: Water On Mars Proves Planet Could Support Riverboat Casino and Hotel.”

Many readers have shared the story despite the fact that it is completely false and contains no corroborating or legitimate news sources. The somber tone of the article doesn’t hint at the satirical nature of the website. The article concludes:

Our sources confirm late this afternoon a doctor was summoned to the oval office and remained with the president for about a half-hour. When the doctor emerged he was heard to say the president needed rest and would be sedated once he was moved to his bed. The White House has remained silent and has yet to make a statement publicly.

National Report

Until recently, National Report posted a disclaimer, clearly stating that the website produced satirical content. The disclaimer sometimes appears on the site, and is sometimes removed.

National Report “Sources”

The National Report article cites two sources: One from May 2013, and another from October 2010. Both of these sources use the phrase “nervous breakdown” in their headlines, though in both cases it is used figuratively and do not corroborate the National Report article.

Bottom Line

The report of President Obama requiring sedation has only been reported by one source, which is a known “satirical” website.

The story is fake.


  • Meltdown in Washington: President Obama Reported Sedated Following Emotional Breakdown (Nigel J. Covington III, National Report: September 21, 2013)
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