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Is Walmart to Offer Private EMS Services?

Is Walmart to Offer Private EMS Services?

A news article circulating online claims that Walmart will begin offering private EMS services. Is this true or false?

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The story is false.

It originated from a satirical website.

Callthecops.net posted an article on September 20, 2013 entitled, Walmart to offer private EMS services in rural areas. Some readers have shared the story online, believing it to be a true news item. The official-sounding report begins, “WalMart today made a major announcement about how the low cost leader will continue to help American families save money. They will soon be test piloting a program of offering private EMS service.”

Call The Cops’ “About Us” clearly states that the website’s contents are satirical:

This site is a satire of the current state of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical work.  Stories posted here are not real and you should not assume them to have any basis in any real fact. Heck we tend to leave in spelling and grammer errors just to prove we is not the professional media. 

“Walmart Ambulance” Image

The image of a Walmart ambulance is included with the article. It has been digitally altered, as can be seen compared with the original (below):

ambulance-fake ambulance-orig

Bottom Line

Walmart is not offering private EMS services. The article making this claim is meant to be humorous.


  • Walmart to Offer Private EMS Services in Rural Areas (RJ Beam, Callthecops.net: September 20, 2013)
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