Porter Stansberry: End of America or End of Truth?

A few months ago I wrote about the ubiquitous television ad from Stansberry Research that began with the ominous “A very wealthy American…”  So I finally saw an updated version of the commercial from Stansberry Research, aka Porter Stansberry, aka Frank Porter Stansberry, aka End of America. I was wondering when I’d see this back on TV, and wasn’t surprised when I saw the slightly updated version of his gloom-and-doom ad recently.

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The 2012 incarnation of the commercial was almost identical to the one that ran in mid-2011, but now instead of saying “In 2011..” it says “In a few months.” The particular site advertised was EndofAmerica58.com, but he has already registered EndofAmerica1 through EndofAmerica99, along with NewAmerica1 through NewAmerica40 and has advertised many of those. Apparently EndofAmerica4.com and EndofAmerica61.com have also been advertised. Why not just advertise his company’s main website? Why not say you are from Stansberry research instead of “A very wealthy American..”

Some websites claim that this is Porter Stansberry, but it’s actually Steven Rattner, taken from a 2009 Bloomberg article.

And for that matter, why is it almost impossible to find a photo of Porter Stansberry?

I’ll save you some time if you don’t want to watch the drawn-out video on EndOfAmerica58.com. In a nutshell, we’re told to subscribe to their newsletters and buy precious metals. Or, as this website so perfectly states:

He easily blends a few truths with his political ideology, coming up with a solution only he can solve for you for the right price.

If you have an hour of your life to waste and actually watch the video, you’ll hear lots of correct-sounding statements and half-truths woven into scare tactics aimed at selling you their newsletters. I suggest finding it on YouTube, as at least there you can pause and skip ahead, unlike on NewAmerica58.com But is Porter Stansberry actually spouting the truth or is this all just hype?

Let’s not forget that in 2003, an SEC complaint described Porter Stansberry newsletters as “…nothing more than baseless speculation and outright lies, fabricated to induce investors to pay … for subscriptions or purported inside information.”

I encourage you to read the excellent Brian Deer article and related comments on his site for a full dissertation on Mr. Stansberry.

Legit websites don’t annoy you with popups like you’ll find on EndOfAmerica58.com.

But back to the commercial – unfortunately, scare tactics work. This idea that “The end is near but if you pay me I’ll save you,” swill has worked for centuries for religious cults and financial swindlers. And apparently for Porter Stansberry.

Don’t forget that only a few months ago Stansberry said that these things were going to happen “in 2011.” They didn’t. Now it’s “a few months” from now. Such sliding-scale prophetic time-lines are as old as man himself. Just keep predicting and simply move the chains when the date passes. Among the apocalpytic predictions Stansberry tosses out there, the end of the US dollar as a reserve currency is one of the highest touted. “Reserve currency” basically means that other countries use the US dollar as a basis for trading such items as oil and gold. The imminence of this event sounds like a certainty the way Stansberry presents it in his video, but he’s actually been saying this at least since 2003. In an article for the Free Republic dated June 6, 2003, Stansberry wrote of Chris Weber’s predictions of this occurring, and agreed with his conclusions:

This time the falling dollar might lead to the end of the dollar as the world’s only reserve currency. He’s not the only one who thinks so. Doug Casey sees this happening too. And I believe it’s not an unlikely outcome.

That’s right – 9 years with the same prediction that has yet to come true, yet he continues to sell newsletters based on this dire, imminent prediction. So if I predict rain in the desert every day, can I brag about my “accuracy” the one day it finally does rain? It should also be noted that in that 2003, Stansberry’s website was listed as pirateinvestor.com, which as of this writing is a parked website. He has a habit of using websites for a while and then moving to a new one, which might explain why his NewAmerica and EndofAmerica domains total about 150 that he owns.

This is one of the only known photos of Porter Stansberry, taken from an online video.

Porter Stansberry is the kind of guy that always seems to get away with his lies and deception, aside from an occasional fine, which he no doubt accepts as an investment risk – his “investment” being in scaring people into buying his products. Remember that despite his $1.5 million dollar fine, Stansberry still took to the airways in 2011 proclaiming himself a “very wealthy American.” So even after such a hefty fine, his deceptive advertising made him “very wealthy.”

If we travel back 10 years, we can find an interview with Porter Stansberry, not on his financial predictions, but on his skills as a writer. In this interview, Stansberry points to the concept of a “Big Idea” as a writer:

What I write sells because the main idea behind my package is so exciting that people would buy even if I were a terrible writer. The hard part is doing the research required to find a new “Big Idea.” You know it when you find it, though. It’s huge, it’s valuable, and it makes you want to tell other people about it.

Where it appears that Stansberry went amiss here is that your “Big Idea” should actually be true.

7/25/2012 Update
I heard a commercial for Stansberry Research again today, this time on the radio. This one discussed how much money President Obama was making with a “secret” investment. The website advertised was secretincome3.com, which merely forwards to the Stansberry Research website. A lookup of secretincome3.com shows that this domain was only registered last month.

So now Stansberry has used endofamericaX.com (the “X” being a number), newamericaX.com, and now secretincomeX.com. Let’s see how many “secretincome” websites we can find and when they were created:

  • secretincome1.com – 6/15/2012
  • secretincome2.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome3.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome4.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome5.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome6.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome7.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome8.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome9.com – 6/11/2012
  • secretincome10.com – 6/11/2012

This pattern continues all the way to secretincome30.com

Once again, these Stansberry videos are problematic for the following reasons:

  • It’s a long, rambling sales pitch where virtually nothing “free” is ever really offered.
  • It’s really more about selling newsletter subscriptions.
  • Stansberry has been engaging in fear mongering for years, moving the chains every time a prediction doesn’t come true. Let’s not forget about his “dire predictions” for the collapse of America by the END OF 2011.
  • Most of his “valuable” advice ends up being rather obvious investment strategies such as investing in precious metals.
  • Attempting to leave his website will give you an annoying popup asking you not to leave. No reputable website does this. It’s akin to a salesman blocking the door when you want to leave.


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17 Comments on Porter Stansberry: End of America or End of Truth?

  1. Emily Scopes // March 3, 2014 at 4:06 pm // Reply

    HE 2847 that is supposed to ‘usher in’ the collapse, was implemented as a recovery hiring incentive in 2009 and is over and done. ALL OTHER HR 2847 (there are many since the bill number circulate) never were passed. This is an outright LIE, and it is a total fraud that there is ANY legislation that impacts the currency or debt with this number or these concerns.

  2. I am a business and finance major. I have seen my share of financial scares with investments and insecurities of loved ones who look to me to help with financial problems since the country has fallen on hard time with the deficit, unemployment, and health. Although Stansberry has made many names for himself and has caused an uproar with the government, he is not wrong about one thing, the government lies about issues with the state of the country. And most of the time they lie to “protect us.” (Protect us from the true). Any person with common sense would read between the lines.
    He stated that the other significant countries (in our own text and history books) have been down this road and suffered a similar fait that he speaks of even though much of what he was saying was very long-winded and annoying. I can see this happening to us regardless of what he is saying and I have always understood that nothing is forever. So to conclude my thoughts on this subject. Using my common sense and ability to survive, I will always take the steps necessary for my family and for my self to survive through whatever may come our way. I will not use his system to a “better life”, but I will research for myself, begin to understand the steps I need to take, and use what I have learned from his video to draw my own conclusions for my steps toward the future. Everyone knows that there is always some truth to the madness.

  3. Pawsa from Azza // September 8, 2013 at 9:44 am // Reply

    Porter Stansberry is a liar. One of the first of his lies was the endless tease about a banking “loophole” which allow you to get silver from any bank. He never tells you that it’s asking for hand rolled coins or half dollars. (Maybe 40 years ago this worked, but nowadays all silver half dollars are long gone from general circulation, and if you find one from 10000 you’re lucky). His End of America nonsense is also very tired. Yes, the current administration is one of the worst in our history…but this doesn’t mean that everyone is flocking to sell their dollars and buy gold or whatever. I’d never waste my money on his drivel, and it’s a shame that my spam filter can’t get rid of all his junkmail trying to buy this trash.

  4. I was taken in by the information presented by Mr. Stansberry. Not familiar with geo-economics, or any pertinent related subject matters, I took the bait. Now, at this point, I find myself checking on his validity going at this totally backwards. (I should have come here first). Would any one of you experts offer to refute his main argument that our Government is being foolish handling the fiscal responsibility of our country? If we continue on the path we’re on, could what he says happen? Isn’t there some ringing truth to how we got this deficit that no president has seemed to curb? I would just like some solid answers just to these questions without fraud. Anyone?

  5. Okay, I stumbled upon an online presentation by Stansberry Associates. After a seemingly endless preamble, which I hoped that at the end would offer meaningful information, I was disappointed to find very little substance to the overall presentation. While there were a few pertinent facts (that is already largely common knowledge), nothing helpful to the average person looking toward to future. Stansberry Smansberry.

  6. Their is no debt! its all been a fraud perpettrated on every one for many years. The interest is interest on our own money printed by private bankers for our corporate governments that we work for. “THEY” have our “TRILLIONS”…. we just have to lock them up where they belong, take it back and end the fraud… may be this guy will join them.

  7. Gary Proudfit // May 8, 2013 at 3:54 am // Reply

    I remember a picture showing a rich man coming to a poor man with a wheelbarrel full of gold. The poor man had a loaf of bread that he made with his hands. The poor man grew the wheat, baked the bread and was able to survive because he knew how to use his hands. Did you ever see a hearse with a trailor hitch for the trailor carrying the deceased belongings? Oh yea this picture was and still is found in the story of Adolph Hitlers autobiography. The moral of the story? Whays your take.

  8. What a self serving lunatic ! If you want to go ahead and believe what he as to say, that is your option. This guy is a huckster selling something with no real value. P.T. Barnham was right.

  9. “‘This time the falling dollar might lead to the end of the dollar as the world’s only reserve currency. He’s not the only one who thinks so. Doug Casey sees this happening too. And I believe it’s not an unlikely outcome.’

    That’s right – 9 years with the same prediction that has yet to come true, yet he continues to sell newsletters based on this dire, imminent prediction. So if I predict rain in the desert every day, can I brag about my “accuracy” the one day it finally does rain?”

    This isn’t really fair; we’ve arguably moved much closer to his prediction by several different metrics. Let me posit a different take on the analogy: if you go outside and say it won’t rain each day, and an unusual drought happens to be taking place during that time, should anyone act as if it would never rain again?

  10. Blake Chartrau // November 10, 2012 at 10:29 am // Reply

    I find both the views of Mr. Stansbury and the myriad of dissenting views entertaining. The cool thing is, if you are of moderate to high intelligence all of this information is truly just the embryo of ones open specific research. These “experts” are just good researchers. Anyone can be a good researcher!

    I do listen to every Porter Stansbury infomercial as well as read (or watch) every dissenting view. I applaud all “theories” that relate to investment wisdom and the geo-economic political landscape in which we all function.

    I love the Internet! :o)


  11. Thanks for your input! And yes, our issue with Stansberry is mainly his scare tactics that seem to say, “The end of the world is coming but we’ll save you if you pay for our newsletter.” Why resort to such seedy advertising, especially they are able to offer sound investment advice?

  12. Even the network which broadcasts CoastToCoastAM carries these ads, so they are all in it. Credibility ratchets downward..

  13. Lyle Johnson // October 7, 2012 at 2:02 pm // Reply

    Shame,Shame,Shame to the radio stations that advertise this phony balony on thier stations.

  14. Jack Smythe // August 21, 2012 at 9:19 am // Reply

    I am sceptical about these “magic” income generating websites and those endless 1-800 number advertisements I hear on mainly conservative talk radio shows. I believe most of these adverts don’t disclose the truth about the goods or services they advertise (i.e. you’re selling herbs, or you are automatically signed up for a monthly fee in return for paying that small shipping fee).

    Funny how the music stations don’t carry these questionable ads.

  15. I expect the multiple websites with the 1-whatever appended to the name is to capture metrics regarding advertising. If they only run the endofamerica12.com ad on a specific tv or radio show, they can then track how many hits that advertisement generated.

  16. Hi there. While I can’t speak for Stansberry, it appears that one of his mantras is to invest in precious metals.

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