Salvation Army “Gays Not Allowed” Sign: Real or Hoax?

An image circulating online shows a Salvation Army sign which reads, “Gays Not Allowed.” Today we look at the image to determine whether or not it is real or fake.

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The image is fake.

It was digitally altered to include this offensive text.

The photo is often included with the true story about an Australian Salvation Army Major who expressed anti-gay beliefs back in 2012, along with follow-up stories debating the Salvation Army’s stance on the LGBTQ community. It has been suggested that the image was altered to provide a visual representation for these news reports.

Below is the fake image along with the original, which we found in this Pegasus News story from 2009:



Bottom Line

The Salvation Army “Gays Not Allowed” photo has been digitally edited to include the offensive text.




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5 Comments on Salvation Army “Gays Not Allowed” Sign: Real or Hoax?

  1. Stephanie Helsdon // December 11, 2013 at 10:25 am // Reply

    It’s not really surprising that someone would do that, there’s a lot of controversy about Salvation Army being anti-gay. I’ve actually been trying to figure out what their stance on it is.

  2. There is no hoax it is clearly being used to illustrate the point of the article.

  3. People thought it was real because the religion run company doesn’t support the LGBT

  4. Really? People actually thought this was real?? smh.

  5. First celebrities, now charities. What will get a hoax next?

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