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Was the Same Woman at the Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Boston Tragedies?

Was the Same Woman at the Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Boston Tragedies?

An image circulating online claims to show the same woman at three different tragedies: The Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the Boston Bombing.

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The claim is false.

The identities of all three women are known, and they are not the same person. Let’s take a look at the image being circulated, the claim associated with it, and the identities of the women in the photos.

Aurora Shooting

The woman in the photograph is Amanda Medek. Some press photos taken of her sitting on a flight of steps included the caption, “Amanda Medek, who is looking for her sister Micayla, sits outside Gateway High School, Friday July 20, 2012, in Aurora, Colo.”

Here is the well-known photo of Amada Medek, along with a clearer portrait.

Amada Medek at Gateway High School after the Aurora shooting, and in an undated candid.

Sandy Hook Shooting

The woman shown in the Sandy Hook photo above is Carlee Soto, who had just learned that her sister Vicky Soto was dead. A caption for the iconic photo read: Carlee Soto learns that her sister Vicky Soto is among those killed in the school shooting.

Carlee Soto

Carlee Soto at Sandy Hook and during an interview.

Boston Bombing

The official caption for the image being circulated stated: Emma MacDonald and two friends were photographed at a vigil for the Boston victims.

We could not locate a candid of Emma MacDonald, but below is are two images of her snapped at the Boston vigil:

Emma MacDonald

Update: Paris 2015

Hours after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, a variation of the graphic above circulated on social media with the addition of another woman, who is now said to have attended all four tragedies. One caption read, “Damn, one unlucky girl.. Seems she was in Paris last night.. Sandy Hook during the school shooting and Boston during the marathon bombings… Coincidence or professional paid government actor?”

paris crying

As with the original version of the graphic, someone has merely taken the image of a crying young woman with brown-hair and labeled it as “proof” that the same woman was at all four tragedies. The woman in the Paris photo has not been identified. Press captions of the photo merely describe it in the following manner: “Rescuers evacuate people following an attack in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital Paris.”

Because the three women in the original were identified as different individuals, it would be impossible for the woman in the Paris photo to be all three of them.

Here is a more complete discussion regarding claims that “no video exists” of the attacks.

Bottom Line

The same woman was not photographed at four different tragedies. The images show different women who were each photographed crying at different events. The identities of the first three women are known, while the fourth woman has yet to be identified. A cursory resemblance and similarities in the expressions of the four women were used to make this easily disputed claim.


Updated November 14, 2015
Originally published June 2013

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  • Theresa Quinn

    The shook and Paris look similar but the Boston girl clearly has a divit on the tip of her nose the outhers do not


    Yes, chick. Now get back in the kitchen.

  • ronsmith123

    This does not mean crisis actors do not exist….

  • Texas Arcane

    The one in France might well be “Carlee Soto.’ The other two are different girls.

  • Skip Hungerford

    Girl in Aurora shooting are two different girls one parts her hair in th
    e middle on the right the one crying parts her hair to the right.

  • John Baker

    Jesus God! These conspiracy loons truly are insane.

  • John Baker

    But then, you appear to be both.

  • fromaway46

    The Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook shooting, and most likely the Paris shooting ( both Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan) , are all hoaxes. Carlee Soto is a lying fraud. That someone has made either a stupid mistake or that government agents have made an intentional mistake to discredit truth seekers by putting out misinformation does not change that one iota.

  • Egyptian princess

    You got fooled and were used.

  • Egyptian princess

    Funny how people just can’t go there. Understandable for a while until the shock wears off (realizing the extent of the tyranny)…….but it’s the people that persist in their delusion the government would never ever do this….(false flag) ….the people that deny deny deny despite mounds of evidence to the contrary…. Those people I just don’t understand.

  • Kevin Holder

    I don’t think they’re same either. But this is 110% video proof. http://alexanderhiggins.com/busted-videos-of-virginia-reporter-shooting-hoax/

  • NoStoneUnturned

    They presented the girl’s names. That’s what people who don’t type in all-caps call “facts”.

    • Egyptian princess

      Fake stage names

  • Paolo Andriulo

    She was in Paris as well!

  • JSebastian

    Nobody has claimed to see any bodies…and the media reported none of the parents saw their children’s bodies either.

    I find the entire incident implausible – no surveillance video footage, no autopsy reports or photos, not even any first person accounts of seeing bodies except for that weird M.E.

  • JRocked

    triplets taken at birth from parents, but all found their way to tragedies crying the SAME way,

  • cinde

    Exactly only the most ignorant would believe they are the same woman. We could put a picture of Valerie Beradinelli crying next to them and they would swear she is the same woman even though she’s many years older. They don’t really even look alike , there are numerous physical differences.

  • Shantell

    They are most DEFINITELY not the same person…their hair lines are all different, the first woman has no widows peak, the second one does, the third most definitely has different teeth and the forth has a different hair line all together. There are very different features about all 4 woman…and you can clearly see that they are not the same

  • Stevie Mac


  • illynois95

    Isn’t that Katie Holmes?

  • Thorsten Stier

    ….gathering of the illiterate , dumb bottom of the US-Society…hurray!

  • Toe Mailman

    They maynot be but collectively in order of the shootings they are signing something w/ body languege or sign languege, idk about the first 3 but i know for sure the last one is this if its body language:
    “The mouth guard is one of the few adult gestures that is as obvious as a child’s. The hand covers the mouth and the thumb is pressed against the cheek as the brain sub-consciously instructs it to try and suppress the deceitful words that are being said. Sometimes this gesture may only be several fingers over the mouth or even a closed fist, but its meaning remains the same.”

  • Smittykim

    Can we PLEASE point out that everyone I attacking your own people and that could be their plan to start our own war against our own people. DON’T let them win like clearly it might be working. We are supposed to come together in tragedy even if we all Don’t agree. We must stick together as a United front NOT have as much hate as the others who are hunting where the next attack will be

  • Skillet Bonk

    In these days of conspiracies, those who want to believe stuff, (from ideological parsings of political propaganda), they will swallow anything. Were they the same woman? Who cares?. .. .. Well, what does it mean if it is?. . . The woman is transported to the events prior, just to have her picture taken? WTF? What would be a possible reason?

  • Oneangrysoldier

    You call people sheeple when you follow a group of uneducated hippies who can’t produce any legitimate proof to anything they are saying. You’re funny!

  • Victoria

    You know us white chicks just look the same, and that’s why I caught my bf kissing another brown headed white chick
    Just Kidding
    But Seriously
    Us White Women with Brown hair are Clones, and taking over the world slowly. We’re Every where!!!

  • mohammad umair

    Isn’t it amazing that everyone is so detailed and investigative about a single photograph but would easily believe Al Qaeda, ISIS are Islamic without any investigation.

  • Luxina StarChild

    Well also, let’s not take into consideration that in 3 photos all 3 women have a black looking bracelet in their wrist. Could be described as a stretchy Harvie. Oh yeah that’s right, it’s just a coincidence!

  • Ignatz

    It’s pathetic that insane garbage like this even needs to be addressed.

    “Look! Three people with long brown hair!”

  • kisses5050

    “she” was also seen at the Oklahoma State University Homecoming accident

  • Benjamin Durka

    The government produces these “conspiracies” to distract from facts. Such as no paramedic in North America would declare 26 PEOPLE dead without rushing a SINGLE one to the hospital to be DOAed by an actual doctor which is exactly what they “claim” happened at Sandy Hoax! Think about that you worthless morons.

  • Tom Lowe

    Yes, you do look a bit like Josef Stalin, now that you mention it.

  • Tom Lowe

    Nobody died at Sandy Hook, period.

    • Egyptian princess


  • TRL204

    It is funny how you criticize people for being “sheeple” when you just do the same thing following a different person. All of the conspiracy theist have the same story over and over. So one person tells you what anti-government story to believe and you go with that. None of you are doing any real research either, just taking information off the internet and using that as the truth.

  • Colleen Gaskill

    What about the mass shooting at Seal Beach, California, where eight people died? Was that faked as well? Or the Thurston shooting in Springfield, Oregon? I’m trying to understand if you’re saying that all these shootings were fake, or just some.

    • Tom Lowe

      There are actually three categories: 1) real incidents (Ex: Columbine); 2) horrid mass shootings committed by agents and then blamed on an incompetent patsy (Ex: Tasmania, Norway); and 3) complete hoax fabrications where nobody died (Ex: Sandy Hook, Charleston and the Boston Bombing). Given this, perhaps you could see why the topic is fraught with perceptual difficulties for many people. Method #3 has been in increasing use which I suspect is because method #2 was too brutal and too easy to get caught. Note also how method #2 was used only in remote locations far from urban surveillance cams and masses of people with cell phones, and overseas as well where security arrangements differ from those in place in USA. Hollywood and its criminal masters here and there across the globe think they can buffalo Americans simply by calling them ‘stupid’, but it’s not been working out very well for them so far. We still have the Second Amendment, we still have free speech, and we also have an awful lot of evidence of treason and conspiracy against the shadowy ‘globalist’ mob behind the crisis acting and false flag hoaxes. We even know who they all are. For purposes of getting them all locked up where they belong, it is a difficult matter of gaining power over the system which is being held in thrall by the same criminals. And that is why there is virtually no Rule Of Law in USA at the present time, or to put it better, why the Rule Of Law in USA has become very elastic in the hands of interrnational criminals infecting governments and companies the world over.

      • Chris

        Hi can you please point me to any evidence for Tasmania (I assume you are talking about ‘Port Arthur’). Blows my mind that this may have been happening way back then, but it certainly achieved what the govt wanted….!

        • Tom Lowe

          At Port Arthur, a very slow, mentally incompetent young man somehow made 31 head shots or something like that within a few minutes. It just couldn’t happen. Only highly trained assassin commandos could have done it. After that, they banned guns in Australia!! Do some googling ….

  • Offgrid Cabin

    I agree. These were not the same women. They look only just a bit alike. Similar to two brunettes with blue eyes in the same class. It is easy to tell they are not the same woman. Look at the shape of the face, the eyebrows, hairlines etc.

  • Rob Milliken

    Heads up – they are now adding a photo of a woman in the Oregon shootings to these. I guess someone has to make up stories so they can profit off of murder click bait. Sad.

    • Tom Lowe

      People will add photos of anybody just to muddy the waters of analysis. Click bait has nothing to do with it.

  • A Voice in the Wilderness

    Whether these girls are the same or not does not change the fact that Building 7 collapsed into it’s own footprint as a result of office fires and a diesel explosion. Yea right.

  • Richard Harney

    The same girl was just spotted in the LA shootings today. ANOTHER HOAX!!!

  • susan

    You saw the body? That’s amazing since no one else did! Even parents didn’t identify their child(ren), they just took the word of the police. One set of parents intervied, said they didn’t see their child. Really? Your child is dead and you just put it in a coffin, close it, and bury it with out seeing your child and saying goodbye? BS. There were no bodies to be seen, that’s why. Where are the crime scene photos? Columbine has them why not Sandy Hook? Too many inconsistencies in the story. May have happened but not the way they said. Do some research into the whole story and don’t beleive what the mainstream media tells you. learn for yourself.

    • Egyptian princess


  • vinny criss

    The people that believe and spread this rubbish fall into the same profile as the outcasts that perpetrate these mass killings. Losers, no life, easily led, and better off institutionalized.

    • Tom Lowe

      His paycheck as a paid troll got in the way of his logic.

  • waffles

    It’s not Tom Cruise.

  • He’s right on two of them

    He’s right about the bottom two being the same. Loot at the dimple at the end of her nose. Also, look at the slight snaggle tooth of her upper-right tooth. The two bottom women are the same. The top, chubby actress is a different actress.

    The NWO is real. These are all staged, media events to envoke fear in the populace … Ahhh, the slow, steady march into the NWO corporate/police state.

    • Tom Lowe

      That’s better.

  • OhTheIrony

    JR, looks like Suzy isn’t the only one who needs to repeat KINDERGARTEN! Yes, Suzy is an idiot, but YOU’RE not too far behind for questioning someone’s intelligence while proving a lack of your own. 😉

  • Conspiracythis

    It’s not the same girls. Digital measuring and comparison have been done and the noses and ears are all different.

    • Josh

      My reply is 2 years late, but I must make my point anyway. I agree that these are clearly different women; however in these pictures, you can only see 1 of the women’s ears. So, how could there have been an ear comparison?

    • DD

      you make me sad.

      • Why? Because I don’t like words that degrade women?
        A chick is a baby chicken. The young ladies above are not chicks. Have a nice day sir.

    • Sivir’s foot

      Get over yourself.

  • Boredgimp

    I do not agree or disagree with the findings shown i think the one thing people do more often these days is chalk things up to mere coincidence & take what their told is gold in their hands rather then looking down & seeing its purely fools.
    Whatever happened to reporting no matter the outrageousness?
    Would Watergate have ever come to fruition if a person like “Deep throat” didn’t come forward? Also what are the chances of it being the same girl? calculate, map quest, look deeper, check out a yearbook or two, contact your local newspaper & bring it to them & maybe (Just Maybe if they aren’t to busy they will look into the reasoning behind the incidents as well rather then the cover story so commonly dulled out these days then ever to the masses) then the truth will actually become evident as evidence is actually collected rather then speculating or using a computer program that isn’t even admissible in a courtroom on faces that are primarily covered..
    It seems like horrible tragedies are becoming more frequent & the reporters, detectives & outcry for justice become whispers rather then roars. No more are the days when the truth comes out no matter the circumstance as that is i think the saddest part the lack of not only empathy but also personal responsibility. We blame the president? the police? but not the parents? rather then the opposite which should be the case. Until the mirror is facing all of us, everyone these horrible tragedies will become more common place and maybe thats the saddest fact of all…… The problem is us it’s not gun legislation or more police but the two words nobody does anymore (TAKE RESPONSIBILITY)… I am so tired of hearing blame being passed around like hot potato but maybe thats the sad age we are living in.

  • Junior

    I’m not against thinking that these three events are strange. But anyone who thinks the ladies are the same person is seriously blind. They don’t have the same body types, face structures, teeth, or hair lines even. I’m not trying to debunk any theories out there other than the one that states these totally different looking women are the same person. Come on people, put your glasses on.

  • Barry

    Just goes to show, the tinfoil hat crowd DOES NOT CARE ABOUT FACTS. These 3 girls could be interviewed together, at the same time, sitting right next to each other, and the tin foil hatters will still insist it’s the same one girl. Very pathetic.

    • Insomniac

      Barry, you get these girls lined up beside each other for an interview and I will eat my tin foil hat!! Lol. I think it’s the same girl in all three photos.

      • Simon Palmer

        You’re wrong.

      • toxic avenger

        I love the fact that you can see that their probably different photos of the same person . at least the first two , look at the hairline . desperate bankers will do anything finance anything , will take as toxic a grip as it can for as long as it can , by any means necessary in its power to keep and distract everyone from what the real problem is . central [british empire] banks . basically its labelled crisis acting . who’s got the money to fund anything ? literally.

      • Jameson Barnes

        So you’re an idiot who chooses belief over evidence, what else ya got?

      • von_todwin

        JFC. I’m sitting in my university library, and in the 50ish people milling about in the lobby/atrium areas, I currently see two different girls that could look similar enough that a somewhat blurry action photo could easily make them look like the photographed women.

      • cinde

        Really Barry, how many people are in on this conspiracy? Amanda testified , Carlee did and extensive interview…if you just look you can tell all three have different hairlines, different nose shapes, different lips. The length between eyebrows and lips and nose is all different. Carlee has a widow’s peak which the other two do not. Different mouth shapes and different chins. You cannot fake these things. Maybe you need your eyes examined, if not then your head

        • Tom Lowe

          They are the same woman. You criminal fraudsters out there have an awful lot to lose here, so it is easy to see why you are posting so many denials, one after another. And if we really were idiots with tinfoil hats, you would simply ignore us and be doing something constructive.

      • Tina Renea Bealmear-Brown

        Right there with you insomniac, I think that this is the same woman as well. People need to wake up and stop listening to the damn politicians and how safe we are. Lets get real the devil in disguise is the leader of our once Country that was loved by it’s citizens. We use to work to help each other now we have to work to take out the trash that is coming in by the groves that wants to tear our beloved Country apart.

    • Raymond


    • DeadMansHand

      The gub is a hoax. Each person is a share of stock in the corporation. We have no voice.

    • Benjamin Durka

      It is idiots like you who do not care about facts. You actually believe a paramedic declared 26 people dead AT THE SCENE of Sandy Hoax without rushing a SINGLE one to the ER to be DOA? LOLOLO, moron.

      • Tina Renea Bealmear-Brown

        Especially when a Paramedic is also the coroner they cannot declare a person dead without authority from the coroner or the Doctor in which they are actually working under.

        • juan pena

          Actually, they can declare a person dead at the scene. I work for a trucking corporation and more than once our drivers have been involved in fatal traffic accidents where the other involved party has been declared dead at the scene.

      • juan pena

        They can declare a person dead at the scene. I work for a trucking corporation and more than once our drivers have been involved in fatal traffic accidents where the other involved party has been declared dead at the scene.

      • juan pena

        Try to imagine what a high powered rifle shot into someone’s head at point blank looks like. Look up pictures of rifle head shots. Then come back and tell us it’s not possible to know someone is dead with that type of injury, without having to take them to the hospital to figure it out.

      • thegoid

        Thr only way to solve this is for you to test it out yourself… I’ll be waiting here for your results…

    • Jennifer Kaillen Lamley

      Enlighten us

    • Ray

      Just because they are not the same girl doesn’t mean these events were not staged.

    • Gregor Greg

      Well, that is funny that you say that because the conspiracy theorists, at the onset, never actually said it was the same person, meaning one person with the same name. They were claiming, from the onset, that the women are clones, each placed at similar events. Just goes to show, the truth is stranger than fiction, and it’s easy to manipulate both sides, clouding the underlying truth that remains hidden even when someone claims to solve the mystery. When such claims come out, it’s easy to disclaim them, only until you look at the entire picture, not that someone said these women were actually the same person. Clones would, theoretically, be three different people and could, theoretically, have three different names. Get it?

  • Seriously?

    Does anybody even really look at these girls. I mean, come on. The first girl is a little on the chubby side. I say that with no offense, but to lose that amount of weight and then go to CT and be perfectly skinny with no signs of weight loss and a different shaped face. Then you have the Boston girl who is just different completely. A very homely looking woman whose features are nothing in comparison to the previous two and none of their body shapes match up in any fashion. I’m sorry, but if you were in a tragedy and found out one of your loved ones had died, don’t you think you would be freaking out on the phone as well? I know I HAVE when it has happened to me.
    And good call Prettylucky, anyone ignorant enough to think CO is a four hour drive from the east coast would be ignorant enough to believe in these what do they call them… “crisis actors”
    Get a life, not just people in here but anyone to nit pick if a female looks like another. Get a grip on the fact that a tragedy happened and focus on that and the lives that were affected instead of “Is this the same woman?”

    • sandy

      Idiots have been saying this for generations, yet here we are not freaked out for your paranoid “reality”.

      • Oneangrysoldier

        Just because we don’t believe that aliens are real and the governments are trying to destroy the people that pay them and the planet they live on it makes us crazy? And just because we can use our eyes and brains and clearly see they are different women doesn’t mean we believe everything the government says. You remember in the 50s and 60s we weren’t going to be here in the 80s. Aliens were coming to take us home. How about you and Elvis Presley get out the house and do an interview. Lol

      • CledusSnow

        The term you are looking for is “oceanfront property”. There are actually quite a few beaches in Arizona. On Lake Havasu, Cattail Cove, Lyman Lake, Tempe Beach…. Oh well.. at least you were *almost* correct.

  • PrettyLucky

    I can promise you that Aurora, CO, is much more than a 4 hour drive from both Boston and Newtown, CT. Maybe a 4 hour PLANE RIDE, but you definitely couldn’t make it to Colorado in 4 hours from there!

  • Heretic

    Bull. They’re called “crisis actors” and they’re provided with a new set of credentials for each job. Digital measuring will confirm that they are all the same woman. There are many more that have been outed without a shadow of a doubt.

    • Jonathan

      “Digital measuring”?

      The girls look NOTHING alike, having seen these new photos. Why must you insist on clutching for straws? I find it barbaric and insensitive that you would spread such lies, ignoring the grief these women went through/are going through.

      • Dustin

        To say they looking nothing alike is also barbaric and insensitive, since the sandy hook and boston marathon girl look very similar.

    • Tom Lowe

      “There are many more that have been outed without a shadow of a doubt.” Like the kid who was at both Sandy Hook and the Pakistan school shooting. They nailed him good.

      Oh, and they found the same two kids being evacuated twice from Sandy Hook.

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