Scam Alert Website Lists

I thought it might be a good idea to keep a simple updated list of the sites I believe are scams or misleading in some way, most of which I have either seen advertising on sites such as Facebook or, or are sites that I have found related to or linked to from these sites. Most are promising earnings of $5000 a month or more on Google working part time at home, or government grants. You really need to be skeptical of such promises. If you were making $5000 a month, would you really want to peddle your "secret" to everyone, thus ruining your good thing? The only money being made in all of this is the selling of this phony "secret" to unsuspecting consumers. The $5000 a month ads typically say you do it with Google links. Don't be fooled by the friendly pictures and testimonials, typically something like, "I'm a married father of 3 and lost my job..." You'll also see that these weight loss products were featured on Oprah, ABC News, etc... True or not, it doesn't mean the news stories were positive and they certainly in no way referenced these particular scam websites.

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Many of these sites are created by the same people, often using the same pictures of checks, phony comments, etc. Don’t just think, “Oh it’s only $1, so I’ll try it.” That dollar gets them your contact info, which they will hound to no end. Notice how all of the URL’s are so similar as well?

I have also heard that most of these sites are pulling a bait and switch, where you are actually signing up for something you cannot cancel easily, and will soon see a charge of nearly $100 on your credit card. Good luck with that.

So if you are considering giving any amount of money to the sites listed below, I believe you are being scammed and will truly regret it. Read this first-hand account of how much of a headache dealing with these scammers will be if you take the chance.

1/16/09 update: I will be adding additional notes about similarities seen on these sites as I have time. I am also adding how recently some of these sites were created. Many of them have fake comments dated BEFORE the site even existed.

Just look at how many of them use the EXACT same pictures of checks on their sites. They are all related, running the same scam, and heavily advertised. Do a Google search on “kellyboy596″ and see how often that one comment is repeated on these phony sites. Or “FrankXX5425″ for more.

See my new photo album of the fake Google-Grant guys for a good visual of the over-use of some photos.


List of the “$5000 a Month on Google” & “Government Grants” scams – Various subdirectories advertising on Facebook Feb 2009. I saw some based on the “Kevin Hoeffer” looks, while others were using the ryan-craig template. Either way, it’s all bogus still peddling the same products.
Fake check pics, fake comments predating the 12/7/2008 site creation date. Uses the name “Adam Davis.”$5000 check, $5300 check, Daniel W. Hynes check; site created 12/7/08. – They relied heavily on the rarely used template. Same Daniel W. Hynes check seen everywhere, new layout and photos, but same old products. Advertising on Facebook 2/3. This writer finds this site racist. –
Lots of reused elements, and same picture as “Jake Miller.” This one also sells Video Professor, along with the heavily peddled Google system. Fake check, story, and comments. Uses the name “Allen Strauss.”
$5000 check, $5300 check, site created 12/8/08. Uses the name “Amy Blevins.”
andrewsblog.grantmoneyforyou.comA typical green blog using the “Kevin Hoeffer” version 2 photo. Name used is “Andrew Hudson” in one place and “Andrew Jackson” in another! – Saw this new look on Facebook 2/25/09. Problem is… same check, sends you to one of the same landing pages as many of the others here. Uses the name “Andrew Lowell.”
“Anthony Hoeffer” same green layout, same check pictures, same text, same fake photos and comments. Says he’s married to Audrey.. wait I thought that was Kevin’s wife! – All the hallmarks of a suspicious grants page. It has three glowing reviews, all of products with a free CD that you only pay shipping. Advertised on Google 2/13/09.
A slightly updated look, but really still a generic fake blog with the same fake photos (such as the often-used Katie Couric pic), 2-part product scam, uses the name “Becky” mother of 2.
benbanksit.comA “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, with a different picture and using the name “Ben Miller”
bethsmoney.comTreasury check, $5300 check, fake comments, fake date on site predating actual site creation date of 12/13/08. Uses the name “Beth Fisher.” Popup on closing window makes it difficult to leave the page. By 3/5/09 site has been redesigned and advertised on Myspace. Now with a cross and says “Christian Mom Making Money At Home.”  Despite the revamp, it’s still a phony blog.
bethsmoney.orgMirrors - $5000 check, check from Daniel W. Hynes, same layout, reused comments (such as user Kellyboy596, for ex.), uses the name “Bill Ledford.” Advertising on Myspace on 2/3/09.
bradmakesitrain.comAlmost exact copy of but using the name “Brad.” – Typical blog layout, same Google/Grant products. Clicking sends you to a cryptic page for Grant Access Club which will charge you $58.61 after a SEVEN day trial (read the terms people!).
$5000 check, guy-with-dog picture, $5300 check, Daniel W. Hynes check; site created 12/7/08. Ads seen on Myspace 2/4/09.
bradsmoneyblog.comExact copy of; site created 12/17/08. 2/19/09 picture now changed to one of the Eiffel Tower Hoeffer pics.$5000 check, Daniel W. Hynes check, reused comments (such as Kellyboy596); site created on 12/25/08. Uses the name “Brian Hoeffer.”
briansmoneyblog.comAlmost exact copy of but using the name “Brian Maslow.” – Slightly altered template, but same fake Google check, same Daniel W. Hynes check, same “just pay shipping” bait, uses the name “Brian.” Advertised on Google 2/4/09.
$5000 check, $5300 check, Daniel W. Hynes check, fake comments predate site creation date of 12/18/08. Uses the name Carla Elthridge. – Typical “Eiffel Tower” Hoeffer clone blog with the name “Carl Erickson.” –
Almost exact copy of and yet another site using that same Daniel W. Hynes check photo. Advertised on Facebook 2/3.
$5000 check, phony comments; site created 12/13/08
cheddahustleblog.comCopy of, using the name Russel “Chedda.”
cheddasblingblog.comCopy of, using the name Russel “Chedda.” – Closed by 2/19/09.
coreycash.comClone of but using the name “Corey Hoeffer.”
coreyhasmoney.comTypical fake blog template of the “Kevin Hoeffer” family. Reused text, photos, comments. Nothing original. Uses the name “Corey Sullivan.” Advertising on Facebook 2/4/09. By 2/19 name was changed to “Corey Matthews.” – Clone of all the “Kevin Hoeffer” blogs found here, using the name “Corey Donahue.” Advertised on FoxNews on 2/20/09. Includes a disclaimer that mentions the short trial period, but not the fact that the photo, testimonial, and comments are phony. Disclaimer indicates a connection to
A mirror of In fact, it says thanks for visiting my site “” – so who is Craig??
craiggetscash.comYet another “Kevin Hoeffer” template, with the same photo and the name “Craig Davidson.” And yes, it’s all phony.
dangetsgreen.comCopy of but uses the name “Dan Pellington.”
danielgetsgreen.comOffline by Feb 17, 2009.
danielsmoneyblog.comSame layout, same text, same offers. Uses the name “Daniel R.”
darrylgotpaid.comTypical overused green blog template, reused and rehashed text and comments, uses the name “Darryl Collins.” Advertised on Myspace 2/4/09. – Exact “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site but using the name “Dave Williams.” They forgot to alter the phony check picture – which still says “Kevin Hoeffer” on it! haha.. I had to take a screenshot before they notice that one. Saw advertised on Facebook 2/12/09
$5700 check, reused comments (Kellyboy596, ex.), same layout; site created on 12/13/08. Uses the name “Dave Steinberg.”
davidscreditstory.comSame fake check photos, typical Obama references, same layout, same offers.
davidsmoneyblog.comAnother “Hoeffer” clone site, using the name “David Scroeder.”
debt-free-dave.comTypical fake blog layout, fake checks, fake bio, 2-part product scam, and phony comments. Uses the name “Dave Collins.” Funny note that it says “2 comments” but 10 comments follow. That is usually an automated process, so it shows more fakery. Same comments used in debt-free-debbie and the original debt-free-dante, which now forwards elsewhere. – Almost exact copy of debt-free-dave, but with a female and the name “Debbie Collins.” – Not working as of 2/17/09. – Same blog layout, same products. Fake family stock photo found elsewhere. Uses the name “Kelly” from a city near you. Advertised on Facebook 2/17/09.
Typical fake blog using the name “Ryan Keagle.”
earncashfromgrants.comThis is a slightly different approach, somewhat more corporate rather than the “fake blogs” seen prevalent here.  – It’s an odd url, but saw advertising on Facebook 2/26/09. It is an exact copy of –
Same Google and Daniel Hynes checks, same Google/Grant combo. –
Same Google offer, same fake Google check, advertising on Facebook on 2/6/09. Uses the name “Eric Pellington.” –
Slightly updated template, but same Eiffel Tower picture, same offer, reused text, same check photos. –
Yet another based on the original Kevin Hoeffer template but apparently “borrowed” a different family’s photo. Same text, offers, comments – all phony. Uses the name “Jon Gardner.”
Fake check pictures, fake comments; site created 12/25/2008. Uses the name “Freddy Hanes.” – Typical fake blog, using the name “Kevin Peters” from a town near you.
$5000 check, fake comments; site created 12/15/2008 – This site is discussed in detail in this post. Site offline on 2/17/09. – A new emerging blog look for late Feb 09, this one seen on Google ads… same bogus offers and fake stories, using the name “Jake Miller.” –
Almost exact copy of Saw advertised on Google 2/9/09.
Exact copy of the original “Kevin Hoeffer” site. – At first glance, it has an updated look, not quite as blog-like, yet upon further inspection we find the same reused photos, and links to the same scams found everywhere here. Saw advertised on Google 3/6/09, using the name “Tom Anderson.”
Linked to by dubious, has the usual “As seen on” major networks (which is mostly likely wasn’t seen on), testimonials that look like models. You will be automatically signed up for a $60 service if you don’t cancel the trial.
grantsforyounow.comA different site, appearance-wise, but has been linked in with the “Kevin Hoeffer” scams, and apparently also charges nearly $100 to unsuspecting customers. This site has the figurehead of “Lisa Fitzgerald” – Site created 12/25/08, has only one page which was posted on 12/28 and wants us to believe it was “seen on” 6 major news channels by early Feb 09. Three positive reviews, all free with shipping cost. Yeah right. Ads on Google 2/8/09.
A deceptive “review” site, with misleading references to various news organizations. As with most “review” sites, we only see a couple positive reviews of similar products that only require shipping. Clicking the offers (2/8/09) takes us to a site that was parked less than 2 months earlier and immediately attempts to get your contact info. – Site offline 2/17/09. – Another copy of, advertised on Facebook 2/26/09, with that odd .tf domain. –
Familiar blog layout, text found on dozens of other sites, same check photo found everywhere, same comments found on dozens of others here (SallyM and Tywall, et al). Same Google/Grant products which lead to the same products many of the others here peddle. Uses the name “Jake Cutler.” and site created January 2009.
A new scam, but added to this list for now, and almost the same as one of the wrinkle scam blogs. – Usual green layout, one of the “Kevin Hoeffer” photos, same Google scam, same text and comments, using the name “Jason Berinski.” Thanks to the commenter who found this one.
Same layout with a new picture. Same text, comments, fake checks, “just pay shipping” scam. Advertising on Google’s AdWords on 2/4/09. Uses the name “Jason Dodd.” Love the fake Google-looking ads at the top of the page! 
jasongetscash.comTypical blog, same fake Google check, same promotions. Uses the name “Jason Moore.” – Another over-used template based on the original “Kevin Hoeffer” version, this time using the name “Jason Donahue.” Advertising on Facebook 2/3 –
Standard green blog template, same offers, reused text, reused photos, reused comments. Uses the name “Jay Collins.” –
Exact copy of, including the name (which is odd to have the name “Jeff” on a url with the name “Jay.” By Feb 17, they fixed the name to be “Jay Williams” from a city near you.
A subdirectory of this site is currently being advertised (1/24/09), using the “Kevin Hoeffer” layout/fake photos, etc., but using the name “Jeff Donahue.” Pops up a window making it hard to navigate away. Fake Google ads on the side. The main page used to forward to, which itself could be a scam if it’s associated with these sites.
jeffgetsgreen.comSimilar to the “Kevin Hoeffer” pages, minus the photo. Same fake checks, text, comments, etc. Uses the name “Jeff Taylor.” – “Kevin Hoeffer” clone grant site but uses the name “Jeff Donahue.” Saw advertising on Google 2/8/09 and again on 2/27/09. –
Almost exact copy of the original Kevin Hoeffer template, with that same photo. Uses the name “Jeff Donhue.” Popups make it hard to navigate away. Advertising on Facebook on 2/3.
jennysathomejob.comStandard reused layout, fake checks, text. Uses a photo of a woman and the name “Jenny Elthridge” who like so many others here is married with 3 kids. Was offline on 2/17/09.
jeremymadecash.comA “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, using the same pictures, text, comments, and scam. This one uses the name “Jeremy Parker”
jessicasmoney.comSame fake checks, same 2-part product scam, reused text and comments. Uses the name “Jessica.”
jessicasmoneyblog.domlander.comExact same text and comments, same fake Google checks, uses the name “Jessica Dawson.” 2/17/09, site not working properly.
jillsbusinessblog.comTypical Grant/Google fake blog, using the name “Jill Pearce.”
jimgetspaid.comSame over-used template with different pictures. Same text, same comments, same fake checks, same scam. Advertised on Google’s AdWords on 2/4/09. Name says it’s “Jim (Jeff Donahue).” But a different Jeff Donahue than other sites using that name.
jimgotmoney.comTypical “Kevin Hoeffer” clone – appears incomplete on 2/4/09. Reused text, comments, photos. Uses the name “Jim Donahue.”
jimmygetscash.comCheck from Daniel W. Hynes, $5300 check, comments borrowed from other sites listed here; site created on 1/15/09.
johngotrich.comTypical green blog template, same Google/Grant promotions, using the name “”John Albert.” – Reused template, same offers, exact same comments found elsewhere. Uses the name “John Tucker” and another one married to Audrey. –
Typical fake blog, fake check photo, reused text and comments, uses the name “John Harris.” On 2/17/09 site was being parked. –
Another “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, using the name “John Hoeffer.” Interesting disclaimer says site is based on a true story but with the names changed. That doesn’t explain the deceptive checks, phony/reused comments (kellyboy596 strikes again), or auto signup scam. On 2/17/09 site was giving a 403 and 404 error.
Almost an EXACT copy of – same pictures, text, and comments (only the name and a few words changed); site created 1/3/09. – Uses the same green blog template, same photo as “Kevin Hoeffer” #1, same check photos, same comments, nothing new. Uses the name “Jordan Thompson” from a city near you. Saw advertised on Facebook 3/4/09.
Same fake $5000 check, same layout (including exact comments and text) as many others on here, site created on 12/8/08. Uses the name “Justin Collins.” Ads seen on Myspace 2/3/09.
justinsmoneystory.comA classic! This one has two completely different pictures of who “Justin” is. Otherwise, typical Google/Grant fake blog.
kellygetsgreen.comReused green blog format with the name “Kelly Greene.” The picture used is the wife of “Kevin Hoeffer” in some versions of his pages.
kevinblogsite.orgA typical “Kevin Hoeffer” site – but with yet a different picture. I’ve now seen three different pictures of who “Kevin” supposedly is.  Same layout, same text, same comments, same scam. Advertised on Myspace 2/5/09.$5000 check, “Kevin Hoeffer”, same layout; site created on 1/3/09$5000 check, “Kevin Hoeffer”, same layout; site created 11/28/08. On 2/17/09 it was directing to a login page.
kevingetsgreen.comOn 2/17/09 it was directing to a login page.
kevingoesgreen.comTypical “Kevin Hoeffer” template, but with one of the other pictures often used for these “Kevin” sites. A subdomain being advertised on 2/6/09 on Myspace is and has picture of a different person than the main url, but the text and offers are mostly the same. - Treasury check, “Kevin Hoeffer”; site created 11/27/08
kevingothisgreen.comAnother “Kevin Hoeffer” site with fake check, same story, Google promotion.
kevinhoeffer.comSame fake $5000 check,  fake comments; site created 12/13/08. He changed his photo by late Jan 2009.
kevinsbigmoneysecret.comClone of the original “Kevin Hoeffer” site. Looks incomplete as of 2/4/09. On 2/17 clicking on his grant offer takes the visitor to! – Yet another “Kevin Hoeffer” clone, this one using the “Eiffel Tower” version of Kevin.
Another “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site. Advertised on Facebook 2/10/09. The guy in the ad on Facebook was different than the picture on the site!
kevinsbigmoneysecret.comAnother “Kevin Hoeffer” site. Fake pictures. Phony checks. Scam products.
kevinsgotgreen.comAnother “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, with the original “Kevin” picture still in there. Advertised on Facebook 2/3. – Exact copy of –
Generic green blog, same offer, same Google check, reused comments. Using the name “Kevin Collins” and advertised on Facebook 2/19/09.
One of many “Kevin Hoeffer” sites, this one the “Eiffel” version of Kevin.
kevinsrich.comAnother “Kevin Hoeffer” site. Fake pictures. Phony checks. Scam products.
lisashomebiz.comOffline on 2/17/09.
lorigetspaid.comThis is “Lori Hoeffer” – married to Jason. Apparently part of the larger “Hoeffer” clan. Luckily Kevin allowed her to use his template, text, comments, check photo, etc. Odd that she shows her with her husband – in the same photo that many Kevin Hoeffer sites claim is Kevin… yet she says it’s Jason. Hmm.. – Based on the template, same Daniel W. Hynes check, Google cash offer – nothing new. Advertised on Facebook 2/6/09. Feb 17, 09 now forwarding to EZ Grant Source. 2/22/09 back to a blog format, using the name “Tom Steinbach.” –
Another exact copy of, advertised on Facebook 2/26/09. –
Updated looking template, but still uses that same photo as the original “Kevin Hoeffer” – using the name “Mark Hoeffer.” Same fake story, fake photos, “free shipping” bait. Website didn’t exist until 1/19/09 yet the blog date shows 11/26/08. Fake! Noticed in Google AdWords on 2/4/09.
Almost exact same site as the “Kevin Hoeffer” pages but using the name “Matt Perkins” with a different picture – same scam, same comments, same text.
mikegetsmoney.comA “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, using the name “Mike Hoeffer” – yet both are married to Audrey. Awkward…
mikemakesmoney.comDifferent layout. Uses the name “Mike Corrigan.” Same Google/Grants “only pay shipping” scam. Same fake check pictures. – Standard reused blog template, photo, phony check, text, and Google cash scam. Advertised on Facebook 2/26/09. –
Apparently a UK version. The main page has nothing on it but the subdirectory “/u” has a similar blog and text feel with the same “Google Kit” the others are all peddling. Uses the name “Mike Kingston.” Thanks to commenter Lee for pointing this one out. –
Familiar blog feel, reused check photo and text, same “Just pay shipping” ploy. Uses the name “Mike Donahue.” –
Standard green blog, much of the same text found on many of the other sites here. Uses the name “Dan Manachilli” with a fake family photo which is just a stock photo used all over. –
Uses the stale green “Kevin Hoeffer” template, pushing grants, same Daniel W. Hynes check, reused text and comments, uses the name “Jim Stevens”
Appears to be related to the Lisa Fitzgerald crew, using the small “shipping” fee to get your credit card and tack on large hidden fees.
nickgetspaid.comOver-used green “Hoeffer” template, but using the name “Nick Barrett.” – Ads pointing to a subdirectory with the typical fake blog feel, using name “Sandy Marshall,” same Daniel W. Hynes check, etc. Long disclaimer at bottom, but doesn’t cover fake checks or persona.
Another “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, no disclaimer as of 1/31/09. – See – Same overused fake green blog template. Same Google/Grant “only pay shipping” scam, reused text and comments. Uses the name “Robert Christian.” Advertised on Google’s AdWords on 2/4/09.
Main page looks like an incomplete “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, but advertisements are pointing to a subdirectory that is a clone site. On 2/17/09 main site only has “Hi mom” on it.
nicksgreen.comSame fake Google check, same template, same 2 products. Advertised on Facebook 2/8/09. Uses the name “Nick Peters” though the 2/5/09 cached version on Google had the name “Nick Granger.”
nicksmoneyblog.comSame template and photo as “Kevin Hoeffer” but with the name “Nick Finnerty.” By 2/22/09 the name was “Kevin” in one paragraph and “Nick” in another. Oops!$5000 check,  “Nirvan Hoeffer”, same layout, some borrowed comments from other sites (Kellyboy596, ex.). Site displaying a directory 2/17/09. By 2/22/09 site is working again, but name is now “Nirvan Sandler.”
obamaseconomicstimulus.comAdvertised on Facebook 2/25/09, new look but same old tired phony offers. Uses the name “Jake Miller.”
onlinegoldfinder.comStandard green blog template, using the name “Justin Collins.” – Further proof that they are caring less and less about using memorable url’s. This was advertised on Facebook 2/26/09 and is an exact copy of
Sent to this page when attempting to click away from on 2/6/09, which to me is a red flag about this site. I’ve read it is a Herbalife/MLM operation, and saw quite a few complaints about it. Only included in this list because it is tied into sites here.
paulgetspaid.comFamiliar blog with same Google cash promotion, using the name “Paul Steinbach.” Advertised on Facebook 2/25/09. – Main page is different than the Facebook-advertised subdirectory, (saw advertised 2/26/09) both of which resemble the original template. Subdirectory uses the name “Robert McCabe” while the main site uses the name “Josh.”
Uses the Kevin Hoeffer template – phony checks, phony “Rich Tucker” persona, phony comments, 2-part product scam. By 2/22/09 the name is simple “Richard.”
richstudent.netSlightly modified template, and a different picture of the “Kevin Hoeffer” persona. Same text, same reused comments (included our beloved kellyboy596 seen everywhere). No obvious disclaimer as of 1/31/09. By 2/6/09 it was back to the usual “Kevin” photo and advertising on Facebook.
rickysfastcash.comCopy of, but uses the name “Ricky Hanes”
robertscashblog.comSame blog layout, reused text, same fake Google check. Uses the name “Robert Nelson.” 2/12 layout seems updated and being advertised on Foxnews. – Updated layout, but same fake checks, same Daniel W. Hynes check, same fake blog, same deceptive news references, two-step “trial” offers. Uses the name “Rob Johnston.” Advertised on Google’s AdWords on 2/4/09. –
Uses the picture of a firefighter, perhaps to play into the “honest guy” angle. Name is “Rob Anderson” from a city near you, same photos, same grant offer. Saw ad on FoxNews 3/2/09.
A different-looking template, but same promises, same 2-part product “only pay shipping” bait and switch, same check from Daniel W. Hynes, same fake blog feel. No disclaimer as of 1/31/09.
ryansmoney.comPhony Google/Grant blog using the name “Ryan Keagle.”
sarahsdebtblog.comExact same template as, but switched to pushing a Mastercard. Deception = scam. – Typical greenish fake blog, from the Hoeffer family of templates, but using the name “Sarah Jameison.” Fake ads at the top, overused fake check photo with a really bad attempt to superimpose her name on it, same comments. Saw advertised on Google 2/27/09.
Same overused fake blog template, same deceptive photos, reused text and comments. No disclaimer as of 1/31/09.
stevengetsgreen.comAnother “Kevin Hoeffer” clone site, but using the name “Steven Campbell.” Gotta love the fake Google ads on the right. Advertised on FoxNews on 2/13/09. – Typical green blog template, phony blog story, using a picture of a friendly lady and girl, using the name “Barb Lance.” Same check pictures used on dozens of fake blogs here. Ads seen on FoxNews 2/9/09. Typical 2-part grant offer with shipping only. Small disclaimer implies you only have a 7-day trial period. –
Yet another site with a green blog and “Kevin Hoeffer” peddling his Google scam. –
Exact copy of By 2/6/09 it had that familiar “green blog” look and was being advertised on Facebook. Attempting to click away from the page forwarded to, which tells me that site is crooked too. Offline on 2/17/09. Back online, advertising on Google 2/27/09 with the “Kevin Hoeffer” template using the name “Tom Donahue” from a city near you.
tomsjournal.comExact copy of, but only a subdirectory is active. 2/20/09 page has changed to a more familiar fake blog, with the name “Tom Steinbach” and a subdirectory advertised on Facebook.
tonysgrants.comTypical phony blog using the familiar “Kevin Hoeffer” photo, but with the name “Tony” from a city near you. Ads seen online 3/6/09.
usgrantguide.orgThe fact that it’s using that same fake check in its ads, it has the same “just pay shipping” bait, has 3 glowing reviews, and has the same promises as the others – it must be considered a big ol’ scam like the rest of ‘em. – Standard green fake blog, using the name “Jim Stevens.”

Continue reading about this with the second part of my research into these websites.

I’ve added “Fake Diet Girl” and “Fake Google-Grant Guys” photo albums, which give a good perspective of the re-use of photos and personalities. I have also added two new scam alerts related to these sites – one for teeth whitening and one for anti-aging products.

Post on a related Craiglist scam here.

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159 Comments on Scam Alert Website Lists

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts and for sharing all this VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION with the rest of us. You are truly a Godsent to those of that struggle fro day to day, looking for a ray of hope financially. THANK YOU!
    As I reviewed the terms of Kevin Hoeffers site, At the very bottom in very small print, states “Google is in no way affiliated with this site!”. I thought that strabge since he was promoting the, EARN GOOGLE CASH KIT!” hummmm?


  3. Thanks for the warning I could have been a victim. This week I have been looking for some work at home(just looking to make a little $ to combat student loan interest, there must be a legitimate work at home out there, maybe not), I searched for google work at home; a couple from Albany NY(living in albany myself it is almost targeted, one of the link was on monstertrak) and many testimony came on how these people make money posting link for google ($3000, $5000). They all redirect for a google cash kit for $1.95. It seem suspecious since all the redirect site has a secure follow by the name of the original site owner’s testimony. It looks like they are all marketing for the same potential scammer. It is only $2 but it is not worth putting my info out there, does any of you know anything about this particular offer? Any advice?

  4. Read the Terms & Conditions(Located at the bottom of the page)


    You’ll find out about the MONTHLY charges you
    may be getting yourself into.

    I ALMOST fell for

    until I googled it.

  5. I came across this web site purely by accident.

    I was trying to see Kevin Hoeffer’s business that sounded ‘interestingly easy” Thanks a bunch for the great insight.

    I will stick to building my own Home business where I know the founder, and have the head office in my own backyard (Houston, TX) and where I am already making money.

    Thanks a lot for your words of wisdom!

    By the way, please let me know how I can join your group.
    Kamala Paul
    e/m [email protected]

  6. Dan Pellington, of (scam), is also posing as Josh Parker at (scam)…these people are disgusting & I hope they get what they deserve & soon!

  7. You missed “” which is partnered with “” they first charge 1.95 then after 14 days charge an additional 49.50 then after 30 days (two more weeks)they charge another 99 dollars.

  8. I almost fell for the “Davidsmoneyblog” site.Then I found your info on him. THANKS!
    Have been looking for a home business but don’t know where to find a real one. So much “grap” out here.

  9. Look, I’m trying to be understanding and sympathetic… but really? HONESTLY? How old are you people, that you’re still getting scammed by stuff like this.

    Rule #1 in life (your parents should have taught you, and if not, you should teach your kids):
    Nothing is ever, ever, ever free. Never ever ever. Nothing. Period. (There, I just saved you a lifetime of bad decisions.)

    Rule #2: There is NO SUCH THING as “easy money.”

    Rule #3: The internet is a gigantic wasteland of “good opportunities” (and internet hoaxes) just waiting for willing and eager suckers. Don’t be one of them.

    And Rule #4: If something sounds too good to be true… DUH, it is! (see Rules 1,2,3 above)

  10. Thanks for the information….

  11. I ck out and is true all this people have the same story.
    why nobody stop them from stealing?

  12. Llewelyn Sky // April 12, 2009 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    I love this part … (from the source of –

    I’m Carl Erickson, from document.write(geoip_city());.

    It’s a javascript function that attempts to locate the IP address of the person who clicks on the stupid page so that wherever you are from, the author of the article is your neighbor! Sad part is that some people are so desperate as to actually sign up for these obvious scams …

  13. MSNBC is now publishing scam ads from the notorious Grants 36o website. Grants 360 now operates in the UK to avoid US prosecution. More on this at Sprawl3:

  14. A few of these guys claim to be from my hometown, of only about 17k people, they look my age and I have never seen/gone to school with them. Googled the one and it brought me here. Love it.
    Not sure how this scam is still on its feet.

  15. For $2.95, we will send you forms and info on how to apply for Government Grants. That was over a month ago.
    Then I found where someone had used my information for a company called “CashRewardsPro. that is based in the UK. My account was charged $79.95 plus 80 cents because it was a non-US transfer.
    I had to get ahold of the company, to get a refund.Financial Crisis Grants sent the money back to my account.

  16. Here’s another one to add to your list. (Jessica’s Money Blog)
    Thank you for the work you do. This info. was exactly what I needed to know before going any further.

    “Steve Gets Green

    How I got $12,000 in 30 Days and a steady $5,000 a month income”

  18. I agree with Garth above about Troy Hogg and Green Chum Inc. This Troy has been scamming people for 10 years, from stock scams, to strip clubs, now on Green products. As a guy with a family you would think he would not be crossing that line anymore with scamming people out of money. He will surface some where again. Avoid anything to do with him and any off his companies. Most of his websites get pulled within a month or two. Many people are looking for him to get back their money.

  19. Check out the fake testimonial at The name of the town changes to be local to wherever you are.

  20. Another way you can tell (I beleive) if a site is fake or not, is that there isn’t a public place to leave a comment. For example on the bethsmoney site, it shows a fake comment blog that you can’t acctually leave a comment on. There is an excuse there that there were to many comments to reply to. This isn’t email, it is a comment blog so there is no reason to reply. Also, if the product was so great, they wouldn’t have to worry about negative comments, right? Thanks Waffle for this site!

  21. The Old Wolf // April 30, 2009 at 10:33 pm // Reply

    You have put a lot of work into this site, and I thank you on behalf of the many people who would otherwise get sucked into these scams. Hell is going to be such a busy place…

  22. Anonymous // May 1, 2009 at 7:08 am // Reply

    Dan Pellington from iStockPhoto is also Jeremy Parker of Edmonton AB on Jeremy Made Cash

    but the photo is at Josh Made Cash

    And it turns out that Josh Parker of SF is Jeremy’s identical twin!

    Thanks for a fun read.

  23. Funny story about the comments page.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    But hey, I can be happy being broke and working like a real person. Because being scamed would be worse. =)

  24. is the new updated “Eric” site, This time he is Eric Peters, here is his family picture.

  25. What I want to know is whether after I called to cancel my “7 day trial” I will still be billed the extra money and how I can protect against that.

  26. wwiiggiinndd // May 30, 2009 at 5:52 am // Reply

    yeah i have seen all the sites and there is a new one i think or something it has a new picture and also have you noticed the way the picture doesn’t really match the audio?

  27. Anonymous // June 2, 2009 at 2:04 pm // Reply

    I agree with your comment that if someone actually had a REAL money-making at-home internet job, why would they deplete their potential by sharing it with others…but I don’t understand how scammers can use the Google name on their scams. Google is so big and RICH,
    why whould they have any scams? I just read a new ad (not listed above) called (www) I’ll Show You How To Get Rich, and it claims you just post links to Google and make $$$$. He doesn’t ask for money, you just have to sign up. Naturally, I didn’t sign up. I’m always afraid that it will open up a terminal virus (which happened to one of my assistants) and we ended up having to get a new computer for her (virus wouldn’t go away).

  28. Budy, you have too much information about those scamers why don’t you send it to or send this blog address to any federal agency or tv channel,all this information you have saved could help thousands of people not lose their money.I seen thousand of people sitting on the stadium or in the beach living la vida loca,where the money comes from? well most of them I suppose are scammers enjoing the good life with other people money and the government is doing nothing because they are receiving taxes!

  29. heres another one ( that links to a lander page (


  30. Rogers Family // June 24, 2009 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    Thanks for listing these. Is there a way to stop them?
    The reason I ask is because at least 6-10 of these sites are using pictures of my family without permission and it’s really frustrating. It’s making our life very difficult.

  31. Just got here from a comment you made on Cranky Fitness back in January 2009 and I wanted to say that I got caught by the $5000 a month scam. I cannot believe I actually gave out my credit card number to these people but in a moment of insanity, I did.

    They immediately put through a charge of $1.00 U.S. OK fine, so I should be able to access their magical how-to info, right? Wrong! So I tried to contact them by email by replying to theirs. No response.

    So imagine my lack of surprise when I noticed that they had subsequently put through a charge for $100.00 U.S.!

    I was very lucky! I contacted my bank and they reversed the charge, explaining that there was nothing they could do if the vendor produced proof within 45 days that I ‘owed’ the money. Of course, they didn’t/couldn’t, so I’ve only lost the original $1.00. But I still check my credit card statement regularly, just in case.

    Oh and yes, I have learned my lesson.

  32. MERRY Mary // July 10, 2009 at 9:32 pm // Reply

    That Kevin H…. Green guy used the same last name as mine when I was initially contacted.
    This is pretty darn near a fraud deal 2 me. I don’t think these low-lifes can even spell the word “ETHICS”

  33. I’m really wondering, with the economic situation the country is in right now, why an attorney has not filed a suit against those that bilk monies from hard working Americans, leading them to believe they have the answer to their financial crisis……..OUGHT TO BE A LAW against it

  34. can u check this site?is this also one of the scam site?

  35. can somebody tell me is this one of those scam sites?

  36. sorry,one more
    is this one of them?help.

  37. I paid the $1.98 for a program to make money on Google. Alternative Fundig got hold of my credit card number and said they will start charging me $29.95 per month for a training program. After 14 days they would start taking out the money. I never gave them permission to do this. This is consumer fraud.

  38. G.C. Behrend // August 21, 2009 at 12:30 pm // Reply

    Just did a Google search for “Nicholle Stevenson” and found another ACAI berry scam website that has identical wording to a previous website that was removed — with one exception: she now claims to be from Vancouver Canada – (perhaps this changes with the viewers IP address – I happen to be in Vancouver):

  39. Google Adsense uses commas on their site. So if you see a screen shot for $1256.09 it is a lie. Should be $1,256.09.

    Keep that in mind.

  40. How do these crooks get away with it? I saw an “article” on Yahoo Finance today, 09/04/09 about freebies and one of the “freebies” discussed is the “Google Free Money”. This article leads you to believe that everything is free but when I followed the link, it turns out you pay a nominal fee of about a dollar AND in the fine print, you find out that there is a substantial monthly payment after the free trial. I may not be real smart, but I wasn’t born yesterday. Freebie????? Okay, face it. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. It is a shame these people can take advantage of others so easily, especially in these hard economic times. Thanks for your article, I wish everyone would read it before falling for this scam.

  41. Another website to add to your list… is a scam site…
    The operator sends out SPAM..I received 3 emails within 5 minutes…that’s not a newsletter…
    Basically it’s an affiliate link where the customer gets nothing, and the site operator gets paid…
    Waste of space me thinks…

  42. is a scam. they promise high investment returns and they deceive people and collect their money. I paid them $1000 and on the 14th day, they requested another $735 I paid them and now there’s nothing to show up they dont even reply my mails as used to.

    Please beware of this site, they are not real. they operate from Africa but claim to be in the US and UK.

  43. is not real its fraud.
    I am a single mum, i came across an advert on craigslist.INVEST 500USD AND MAKE 5000USD IN 14DAYS.

    I open an investment with them 500usd and after the 14days they requested i pay 423usd i went to borrow money for them to pay the charges as they claimed.. after i have not heard anything from them, they dont answer my calls. I suspect they are not operating from the usa or canada but from south africa

  44. http://WWW.ZENITHINVESTMENT.YOLASITE.COM is a scam. they are not real they claim to be investment comapany and they promise very high returns which they use to deceive people. they are not in the us as the claim, but they use virtual phone numbers (international call forwarding) to take their calls.

    They promise 10time returns on initial investment of 1000USD in just 14days, they have all ads posted on Craigslist and other free posting sites, but they operate from south africa.

    I paid them 1000usd for investment and on the 14day, they asked me to pay $743USD for charges. I paid and they stopped replying my mails. they have agents in the US and UK who help them collect money sent to them via western union and moneygram.

    This scammers don’t accept any online secured payment or bank transfer. they also operate on 3 different websites listed below with same web content. you can verify.



  45. I found another :

    I received an email from someone who found my craigslist posting and they told me I should stop playing with craigslist and start doing this google job like they did…just follow the link they say.

    … my god, how horrible these scams are! How can people be so unethical? It’s disgusting! This one goes on and on and ON about how this Kevin Hoeffner guy in CA wanted more time with his family, needed money and was dying to get out of his low paying horrible job. There’s no details about the job description, how it works, what you really do… they say you find that all out when you purchase the kit. That was my first give away! Thank God for websites like this one who call these scammers out!

  46. The worst thing of all this, is that they are allowed to just continue this.

    It is so obviously a scam, but they are not stopped!

    It’s funny how these scam sites always have the exact same layout. No subpages, just one long page, with pictures of money and checks, pictures of people and their testimonals.

    I don’t get why people are still stupid enough to fall for it, but what’s worse is that they are not stopped. It should be piece of cake to stop them.

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