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    Man Finds Six-Foot Snake in Toilet

    A Blue Cross volunteer found a six-foot long snake inside a bathroom in an animal charity store in Solihull, England.

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    Viral Video: Surprise Inside Tree

    A video with over 3 million views on YouTube in its first 48 hours online shows a tree which has been sawed in half. As the camera zooms in, there is a brief while a bloody creature begins to emerge, followed by a man shouting, “Oh my God!” Over the next minute, the...

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    Classic Viral Image: Did This Snake Eat a Human?

    Does this photo show a python which consumed a drunk, passed-out man in India – or possibly a woman in South Africa?

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    Classic Hoax: Giant Snake in the Red Sea

    A series of images showing a giant snake loaded onto a truck has circulated online for several years. An associated story tells of a massive snake which killed 320 tourists and 125 divers in Egypt. Are the images and the story real?

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    Seven-Headed Snake: Real or Hoax?

    An image circulating for the past several years shows a snake with seven heads. Is this photo real or fake?

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    Boy Attacked by Snake as Photographers Watch. Real or Hoax?

    A photograph shows a child apparently being attacked by a snake as cameramen stand by and film without helping the young victim. One version of the photo shows a National Geographic logo. Is this photo real or is it a hoax?

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    Classic Fake Photo: Golden Snake

    A photo of a beautiful and unbelievable snake with bright gold skin has circulated online for years. Is this golden snake real or a hoax?

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    Photo of Giant Anaconda? Yep, it’s Fake.

    A photo of a giant anaconda allegedly shows the world’s largest snake, measuring over 134 feet in length. As expected, it’s fake.