Boy Attacked by Snake as Photographers Watch. Real or Hoax?

A photo appears to show a child being attacked by a large snake as a cameraman stands by and films without assisting the victim. Some versions of the photo include the National Geographic. Is this photo real or is it a hoax?

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It is merely a dramatization of an attack.

What we are seeing is a still photo from a Discovery Channel series called Nature’s Deadliest from 2008. This particular scene is from episode 4 entitled Africa 2. The scene shows a girl (not a boy as many assume) being attacked by an African Rock Python. Her friend goes to get help. A man wrestles the snake off of the girl, only to be killed in the attack himself.

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Again, it is just a dramatization. We have included a couple of screen shots below from the same scene of Nature’s Deadliest.

The Discovery Channel began the show with a warning that scenes might be disturbing.

Here is the photo being circulated. In many cases, there are angry comments about rich vs poor and black vs white. Ironically, the entire dramatization appears to show a middle class white man dying while rescuing the child.  The National Geographic logo was superimposed on this image, and in fact has nothing to do with this image or television show.


The next scene of the dramatization shows a man coming to the rescue of the child, as he successfully rescues the snake off of the girl.

Things go horribly wrong for our rescuer as the snake turns its attention to him, and kills the man in the process.

Discovery showed the following warning to begin this show:

It’s easy to see why some would be disturbed by such an image, but in this case it is merely a photo taken out of context. If you see anyone sharing this photo and claiming that it is real, link to this article and set the story straight! And if you have Netflix, the series is on there (as of this writing) available for instant streaming, if you want to see for yourself.

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125 Comments on Boy Attacked by Snake as Photographers Watch. Real or Hoax?

  1. its amazing how people manage to always make things about racism…LOOK A SNAKE AND A CHILD

  2. I don’t get it…is the whole story a dramatization? Did the poor, middle-class, white guy actually get killed or not? If so, then clearly it’s a racist boa. I hate racist boas!

  3. ae is dis real are what ,thats sad how the snake when to da boy

    • a word from the English language would be fine and SA is not a word…and using words with syllables if okay…..

  4. And what did the photographer to rescue the man? oh yes, nothing, just shooting…

  5. kohol terhemen // October 9, 2013 at 3:08 am // Reply

    that snake is a dead one, take a close look at it

  6. how did the little girl get hurt in the first place anyway!
    Was the snake catamanated with poisones or rather dangeres!
    where did that snake come from!

  7. why was the little outside anyway to get water or food a toy a book some thing importing for her mother her father!

  8. how did they even know she is a girl. did they check her genital?

  9. So did the little girl take the camera and started filming him? Really if this man was being killed who was standing around taking pics if if?!?!?

  10. It hurts my soul to see how many people do not understand what “dramatization” means.

  11. It was well done, I was puzzled for a while and only thinking of the poor child. Very glad it was not real.

  12. true ture..if there is a picture of a white person and black person in the same zip code and something bad happening to the black person it is always a white persons fault or the white person does not care because the person is black…talk about people being racist..those who always assume the worst just by a picture those are the ones who are racist and the problem in society. And a white person always has to die taking care or defending or saving a black person…uh when the hell will it ever be that a black person dies fro another black person? I never see a picture of video of black people doing volunteer work or helping white people…it is always picture or video of white volunteering or coming to the rescue of blacks..and very seldom when you do see pics of black helping someone it is blacks only. so if people want to assume chit lets just assume well there is no assumption to this it is straight up facts….lets get all up in arms over the truth..white people do not always have to for blacks to prove they are not a racist. if a white person does not want to help anyone for fear of death it does not make them a makes them a human…i have yet to see pics or videos of blacks risking life ad limb to save a white or black person….so if people want to turn this into a race thing lest turn it into a race thing……blacks are the ones who most likely to be racist….

  13. ele esta jauda mue deus

  14. nosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  15. It’s shocking how Anna Marie thinks of racism. I would ask you why is the society always protecting women?? You only help if u are in position to do so, otherwise you make things worse.

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