Boy Attacked by Snake as Photographers Watch. Real or Hoax?

A photograph shows a child apparently being attacked by a snake as cameramen stand by and film without helping the young victim. One version of the photo shows a National Geographic logo. Is this photo real or is it a hoax?

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It is a film which dramatized an attack.

The photo is actually a still photo from the Discovery Channel series Nature’s Deadliest which aired in 2008. This specific scene is from episode 4 entitled Africa 2. The scene actually shows a girl – not a boy as many readers assume. The girl is attacked by an African Rock Python and her friend runs to get help. A man comes to assist, fights the snake off of the girl, only to have the snake turn on him. The man is then killed in the attack.

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To reiterate, the entire scene is merely a dramatization and did not actually happen. Below are a couple of screen shots taken from the same episode of Nature’s Deadliest.

The show began with a disclaimer that the episode may be disturbing to some viewers.

First, let’s take a look at the photo which has been circulated since around 2010. The photo is often accompanied by angry commentary covering topics such as class and racial warfare. What is perhaps missed in the discussion, aside from the fact that the scene is a work of fiction, is that it shows a white man dying while rescuing the child. It should also be noted that National Geographic had nothing to do with this show, and the logo was apparently superimposed on the graphic later.


The second scene of the film shows a man coming to rescue the girl. He is able to successfully pull the snake off of the girl.

Things then go wrong for the rescuer as the snake then focuses its attack on the man and kills him.

Discovery included the following disclaimer at the beginning of the show:

Bottom Line

The image showing a child being attacked by a snake while photographers watch is a disturbing scene. The photo, however, is taken out of context and merely shows a scene being filmed. The show in question may be available online, as it was available for instant streaming on Netflix as recently as 2013.

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95 Comments on Boy Attacked by Snake as Photographers Watch. Real or Hoax?

  1. It’s shocking how Anna Marie thinks of racism. I would ask you why is the society always protecting women?? You only help if u are in position to do so, otherwise you make things worse.

  2. a word from the English language would be fine and SA is not a word…and using words with syllables if okay…..

  3. true ture..if there is a picture of a white person and black person in the same zip code and something bad happening to the black person it is always a white persons fault or the white person does not care because the person is black…talk about people being racist..those who always assume the worst just by a picture those are the ones who are racist and the problem in society. And a white person always has to die taking care or defending or saving a black person…uh when the hell will it ever be that a black person dies fro another black person? I never see a picture of video of black people doing volunteer work or helping white people…it is always picture or video of white volunteering or coming to the rescue of blacks..and very seldom when you do see pics of black helping someone it is blacks only. so if people want to assume chit lets just assume well there is no assumption to this it is straight up facts….lets get all up in arms over the truth..white people do not always have to for blacks to prove they are not a racist. if a white person does not want to help anyone for fear of death it does not make them a makes them a human…i have yet to see pics or videos of blacks risking life ad limb to save a white or black person….so if people want to turn this into a race thing lest turn it into a race thing……blacks are the ones who most likely to be racist….

    • It’s a snake biting a young black child and a camera man just taping. Of course it looks insensitive and racist you moron. Blacks are more likely to be racist? When in history did blacks have whites hanging from trees? Women raped with NO justice? killed with NO justice? Enslaved? Emasculated or degraded? Let’s not go back to slavery and talk about how bad we were tortured. Do you know anything about our justice system or the industrialized prison system. Of course not all white people or black people are racist or this or that. Only a moron such as yourself would define a race like that.

  4. It was well done, I was puzzled for a while and only thinking of the poor child. Very glad it was not real.

  5. It hurts my soul to see how many people do not understand what “dramatization” means.

  6. So did the little girl take the camera and started filming him? Really if this man was being killed who was standing around taking pics if if?!?!?

  7. why was the little outside anyway to get water or food a toy a book some thing importing for her mother her father!

  8. how did the little girl get hurt in the first place anyway!
    Was the snake catamanated with poisones or rather dangeres!
    where did that snake come from!

  9. And what did the photographer to rescue the man? oh yes, nothing, just shooting…

  10. I don’t get it…is the whole story a dramatization? Did the poor, middle-class, white guy actually get killed or not? If so, then clearly it’s a racist boa. I hate racist boas!

  11. its amazing how people manage to always make things about racism…LOOK A SNAKE AND A CHILD

  12. No way there could just be the only two of them in the vicinity. Its a lie.

  13. diAmOnDSintHesKY // July 27, 2013 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    This doesn’t explain why the guy in the first photo was filming without paying attention to the girl’s screams

    They probably did throw the snake to the girl to make it attack her so they can film a nice episode, this is what can explain the idiot in the first picture

    The NatGeo logo on the top may be a part of the plan or maybe some kid on the internet wanted some fun

    And then they “helped” her and took pictures of it and a picture of the man “being killed” to make a good story

    How come they are more than one photographer and they let the snake kill him!?

    • This was a dramatization, and there was no danger to anyone.

      • Holy mother of Jesus. I feel bad for you right now. Reading through the comment section just made me lose what little bit of faith I had left in humanity. How did these people make it to this page? I’m sure it’s because they saw the photo and decided to google what was really going on. So they look at the photos, because you know, that reading stuff is for wimps, then proceed to blurt out how evil a MAKE BELIEVE PHOTO/FILM SHOOT can be. Ughhh my brain cells… Thank you for the proper info. I read it, and now am educated on what happened.

        • I can be an uphill battle, but we’ll continue on in our fight! Thanks so much for your comment… and for reading the post before commenting! :-)

  14. Isn’t this about camera operators getting involved in getting the best shot, and also keeping in mind that they are responsible for helping out at the same time? Being an amateur photographer I also have been so engrossed in a shot I have forgotten to actually appreciate the view, and I have failed to get involved with the situation that I was filming. If this man who stepped in to help this child ultimately lost his life in the process I am sure that at the time he felt that he had made the right sacrifice.

  15. I don’t suppose you read the article, huh?

  16. it’s getting really complicated …
    but hey guys, why are y including racism or sth bla bla
    can’t u just read the article above – get the point – then leave this webpage WITHOUT filling this comment box with some stupid questions?

  17. I think somebody trying to justify them self. It’s doesn’t matter National Geographic is there, they should drop everything and help.

  18. Thank you very much… Some people just become idiotic without reading the article

  19. Was the rescuer really killed or this was also dramatization?

  20. This snake isn’t trying to kill anyone anyway. A snake trying to kill somethings bites and coils and try’s to get around the torso. In the first picture you can see that it is the back end of the snake on the child’s leg and the front end is off camera to the viewers left. In the second picture, the guy has the head and he is apparently able to move the coils off of the child’s leg everything is safe and fine. If that snake was attacking there would be no chance of this man just uncoiling the snake, those things are pure muscle. In the third picture, If you look at the mans right hand he still has the head of the snake… He is fine. It’s a dramatization, no one died and everything worked out from what I can see in these pictures.

  21. So basically, the moral of the story is: if you see someone getting attacked by a large snake you should not attempt to help them. Got it, thanks.

  22. No, no…
    People don’t get words like ‘dramatization’ and ‘re-enactment’.

    Writer should have used simpler words like ‘not real’ or ‘bluff’ or ‘rubber python in comedy’

    Argh, I posted in this thread!

  23. 99.9% of the people that posted about this photo are missing a ton of brain cells. I don’t even know where to start…

  24. So is it better, because they filmed a man dying and didn’t help him?? How is that better?? They should have not filmed but helped him and her.. wtf is with some people..

  25. hahahaha this kindda noob story :))

  26. Regardless of gender, or who jumped in to help. Camera men still should have dropped their cameras and assisted… The girl AND other man who was killed. DUH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  27. That man is helping that boy and the man got stung by the snake thats y i hate snakes soo much

  28. I swear people are retarded. It’s a reenactment on nat geo. Read people, go back to school, and nothing about this story is about race. Get over yourselves. Seriously.

  29. WTF there are 2 camera men but instead of helping that girl together they first try to take some picture. Screw you! Only one person tried to help at girl.

    • I don’t suppose to read the article, which shows that this was merely a photo taken during the filming of a dramatization?

  30. A boy or a girl you white are just that. sadists. i fail to understand why you are trying to justify what is obviously another Hitler in the making. did the journalist just stumble at the event or staged it?

  31. That’s the first comment I agree with, but I’d like to also share my opinion: F National Geographic. : )

    • It’s a dramatization. It. Didn’t. Really. Happen. Why are you people so goddamned dumb?

      • LOL. It is a bit odd that people would comment as if it happened, when we went to such lengths to show that it wasn’t real!

        • a dramatization is different from a re-enactment. one is purely fiction whilst the other is a tool used to show an event that happened that wasn’t caught on film, but can be verified by witnesses. Sort it out Waffles!

          • You are entirely correct – thank you for pointing this out. We erroneously used the term “re-enactment” once in the article, which has now been changed.

  32. but I do know I don’t comment on these things but you people are f****** retarded the guy falling down with the sunglasses on is because these are still shots from t he recreation of what actually happened to Real people the people in the pictures are not the actual person(s) that died or were attacked.

  33. Ahh come on people the man died saving her life, you lot should be concerned about the family and how they’re coping without him & also the little girl that was involved with this incident, do we really need to put racism in this? Were all humans aint we? What makes whites, blacks, jewish, & the others (no disrespect) any different then each other!

  34. Fake it says “boy attacked then after about first pic it says he saves the girl

    • It says “boy” because that’s what most people are saying in discussion about it. We then explain that it is a girl in this dramatization.

  35. The word is “Parasitic” not “Paracidic”. People might take you more seriously if you didn’t add to the vitriol already present in the comments and actually ran your comment through a spell checker.

  36. Its a DRAMATIZATION! read the article instead of viewing just the pics…

  37. Codename.WiAx // September 15, 2012 at 3:50 am // Reply

    It is pathetic how some Discovery fanboys made fake NGC logo(note the word “National Geographic” is black, which was never seen by any NGC watcher) to defame the channel.

    • Why would it be “Discovery Fanboys”? It’s not like there’s a massive rivalry between the two groups of people. I watch both channels, whenever either has something good on. It was more likely an internet troll who found this still, wanted to start a racially charged flame ware, and slapped “National Geographic” on there so that the still looks like it was from a magazine (National Geographic was a magazine long before it got into the broadcasting business). This added the legitimacy needed for the hoax to work. If he had stuck “discovery” on there, people may have stumbled across the real documentary and realized this was a hoax. As it was, when I searched for this the fact that there weren’t any news articles about it (a real picture of this happening would have sparked massive controversy and would have been found in articles well outside of National Geographic), just forum posts and of course this site where they clearly outline it as a hoax. You can tell the last picture isn’t real because the man is holding the snake is such a fashion as to keep it from constricting around his neck, as a trained snake handler does.

  38. So why didn’t anyone (camera crew) try and help the guy helping her when the snake started on him?

    • As the article states, they were filming a documentary and this was merely a dramatization. There was no real snake attack.

      • I thought the article said this was a “re-enactment” meaning that it originally happened, but they didn’t have the real people involved (obviously) so used actors instead. Just like they do on some news programs before they ask for viewer help in catching the criminals.

  39. About racism.. For the first time I saw this photo on a facebook blog, which condemns iterracial marriage, portrays all white people as barbaric pigs, etc. When people commented, that the picture was fake, the admin said, it was “not cool” of them (to say the truth). Quote: “In many cases, there are angry comments about rich vs poor and black vs white” – it’s this way indeed.
    Ultimately someone found this photo, photoshoped the National Geographic’s logo and put the picture on internet. What motives do you think they had?

  40. Look at the picture where they assume that a white guy was trying to save the little innocent kid from the snake …

    The guy falls down with his sun glasses on his face …!!

    If you were in this situation will you still be wearing your sun glass and go save someones life ….
    ( Oh i need my sun glass to see the kid).


    Wearing sun glasses will make the person anonymous to people ???

    • The hell are you babbling about? He’s wearing sunglasses because it’s bright out. Few people think to take off things like glasses when adrenaline kicks in and they rush to someone’s aid. Why are you so stupid?

  41. I dont buy this …….>>>> A middle class white man dying while rescuing the child…!!!

    So here you intend to tell people that the National Geographic Channel does not have the tools and human caliber to deal with such a situation or it is just a bunch of people looking for the right victim from the slums around Africa???

    Shame on you people …

    • 1. It’s Discovery Channel.
      2. It’s a reenactment so no kids, snakes or overconfident middle class white men were killed in this film.

  42. i don’t get it why everyones goin on with racism… this is about a person risking their life to save another person… they’re a hero.. wowww… AMEN!

  43. Why is this turning to a race story, just take ur race debate somewhere else cos it’s so sickening!

    • Africa you said what I wanted to say…It is sickening please take race debate out of the picture. Skin color right now isn’t the main focus. A man came to help the child but died after saving her. Where was the other camra man at when he was being eatten alive. Some one had to be taking the last shot when the snake turned on him.

  44. to Phoenix: “Sharped opinion” and BLUNT LIE are different things.

    Not only frauds like this spread hate between black and white. Remember the tale about the boy who cried “Wolf!” ? Next time when a real injustice occurs, people may not believe or not pay attention.

  45. Daniel A. Roberts // August 31, 2012 at 7:31 am // Reply

    BTW im commenting on someones comment on Facebook . I thought I needed to wake them up .

  46. Daniel A. Roberts // August 31, 2012 at 7:29 am // Reply

    Here we go again . just evil old whitey aint helpin a sister out , huh ? well F you he died savin her dumb ass . and its his dumb asses fault for helpin her now . either witch way its the white guys fault . isn’t it ?!?! I am so sick and tired of the race card being played all the time . if a black person commits a crime on a white person its “ok” according to the media and the courts but if a white man defends him or herself from the attack of a black person its a hate crime . Now this is getting stupid . the fact is people are people and we all have to live here on this earth with each other . Black , white ,hispanic ,chinese ,catholic , jewish , we are going to have to get over our own obstacles before we can say anything about anybody else

    • @Daniel,
      You’re the only one pulling the race card. Take a look at your raging post. Did the white guy die too or was that part of the hoax? do you know? I bet you don’t! You’re talking about blacks pulling the race card when in fact, it’s YOU TRYING TO PLAY THE VICTIM.

      “if a black person commits a crime on a white person its “ok” according to the media and the courts but if a white man defends him or herself from the attack of a black person its a hate crime .”

      LOLWUT?!! when has that EVER been true? Did your wife cheat on you with a black man? Did a black person beat you up in school? I smell a klansman with a hint of propaganda here.

      • Beautiful response! Thank You..lmaoooo its never ok when its the black person doing anything wrong! If anything black people get the worst sentencing of anybody! Dan is a damn idiot…White people want EVERYTHING. The minute a rare hint of racism or unfairness blows their way they try to act like the world owes them and that they’re the victims! Smh

        • Look who’s talking. Any time you generalize negatively about a race you are being racist. Look at what you said “White people want EVERYTHING. The minute a rare hint of racism or unfairness blows their way they try to act like the world owes them and that they’re the victims!” How is that not racist? I have never played victim of race and have never intentionally condemned anyone for their race even when assumption were made about me because I am white. Let me tell you, I have met some brilliant black people and brilliant white people, I have also met some retarded white people and some retarded black people, you definitely fall into the latter category, but then again, so does Dan so you have a point there…

          What I am saying is, do you really think discrimination is going to end when your response to this situation is more racism? our ancestors who worked so hard to try to fix these problems would be disgusted.

        • whoda puckcares // January 19, 2013 at 1:47 pm // Reply

          im white. i got sentenced for a robbery which was a lack of a lawyer in my opinion ive served almost 20 years for this stupid theft under $20.00 dollar crime. i was sentence to prison by a black man! i aint crying saying, ‘its cause im white!’ instead i did my time for my stupid adolescence. grow up America focus on how we can build our country better by teaching our children not to hate but to participate! learn something productive and teach how to pass it on!

      • @Malik
        dude – if Daniel is a south african he is not just whistling dixie. we are fairly new to a true democracy, and there’s a lot of racism and ‘reverse racism’ (stupid term. bigotry is bigotry is bigotry) going on over here – people are still dying daily as a result, though it is not nearly as obvious or as prevalent as it was. it would really be nice if we south Africans could just move on to actually living the present and planning the future instead of idolizing the bad-old-days, and how our pain made us feel like we were somehow special.

        @daniel: dude – grow up, please. you may have a point, but you are not helping matters. so how about taking all of that rage and putting it to some good use – like finding a way past your own bigotry. i promise you that you will be a happier and better person, and people will like you.

        @lola: honey, that’s true of EVERY race. to say that white people want everything is equally racist, and it puts you on the same level as Daniel. worse, in fact, because you are kinda sweet in your writing manner, but still you want to feed us this poison? at least Daniel was a straight-up a-hole. you’re pretending not to be.

    • I totally agree with you.

    • Can I get an amen!

    • Dre Russell // October 5, 2012 at 9:10 pm // Reply

      You obviously dont know the system well because if you did you wouldnt have said that the system is set up to f over blacks in so many ways, if you think its bs ill give you one example: crack and cocaine same thing but different prices ones cooked ones not if you get caught with a crack rock which is cheaper than cocaine your minimum sentence is 3 years in jail you get caught with a gram of coke 6 months in jail generally black people cant afford cocaine all the time so some of them smoke crack and white people generally can afford cocaine so before you go pulling that hate crime card out your ass take a look at the whole system and also usually when a black person commits a crime on a white person the penalty is worse than a hate crime

      • I don’t mean to be completely obvious, but both crack and cocaine are illegal and very destructive drugs. Anyone selling, carrying, and using them are criminals and deserve whatever time is given them. Don’t want to go to jail (whatever race you are), don’t do the crime!

    • whoda puckcares // January 19, 2013 at 1:34 pm // Reply

      i agree! good for u 4 saying something! if noone says anything then we play cards with a player throwing out the same deuce of spads every time aound!

  47. That’s a girl not a boy!helloooo!can’t u see she’s wearing skirt?

  48. No creo que esta serpiente pueda matar a este hombre ,por lo general uno la golpea en la cabeza simplemente se afloja .Lo triste de esta imagen es ver al fotógrafo retratar el momento .

    • Me cago en Mexico // September 9, 2012 at 9:47 am // Reply

      Pues se nota que no leíste ni verga pedazo de ignorante, es una recreación actuada de un ataque, por lo que existe un motivo para que haya cámaras, y el ataque verdadero en que se basó la recreación si resultó mortal, así que como puedes ver putazo, las serpientes como esta SI matan personas, y no hay nada de malo en que lo estén filmando ya que es una puta recreación.

      • Ami se me ase que un mexicano se cojio a tu vieja y a tu madre. Lol hahaha. Y luego los sicarios las descuartizaron

        • Yo también me cago en México, cada vez que voy al baño , pero ahora cago en otro lado, es normal cagar no?.

          Deberias de pensar en arreglar tu pais ( cualquiera que sea ) , empezando por mejorar tu educación y ofrecer a los demás ese mismo conocimiento.

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