“There’s a plot in this country…” JFK Quote: Real or Fake?

A quote attributed to JFK allegedly 7 days before his assassination states, "There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot." Did JFK actually speak or write these words?

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There is no evidence that John F. Kennedy ever spoke or wrote these words. We could not find it in exhaustive searches of JFK speeches or biographies.

This is the original 2011 meme.

This is the original 2011 meme.

Online Origins

Because this quote has no history in published books or newspapers, we tried doing some various Google searches for websites or news articles to see where it first appeared online. The quote first gained popularity in November 2011. The earliest dated reference to the quote we could find on the web is dated November 27, 2011 by SaveAmericaFoundation. It included an older version of the meme, with the word “noble” spelled incorrectly. The quote was, however, referenced earlier than this in a usenet discussion back in 2004, but it only appeared a few times on usenet until the November 2011 web appearance, which is when the quote seemed to gain traction.

This 2013 meme has corrected the spelling of the original meme.

This 2013 meme has corrected the spelling of the original meme.

7 Days Before

Both incarnations of the meme circulating the quote state that Kennedy spoke (or wrote) those words seven days before his assassination. This would have been November 15, 1963. On that date, JFK gave two speeches. The texts of those speeches are available online (see links below) and in neither of these speeches did the quote in question appear.



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5 Comments on “There’s a plot in this country…” JFK Quote: Real or Fake?

  1. Aha! So that means the Illuminati (or the lizard aliens, or the mole people) have systematically altered every copy of JFK’s two last speeches that appear online!
    And people say there isn’t proof of a conspiracy! Ha!

  2. Morelocks be damned !

  3. plinderodonnell // November 23, 2013 at 8:54 pm // Reply

    And what to make of that final shot coming from the front? Cognitive dissonance is my diagnosis for you and everyone else who doggedly ignores evidence of conspiracy and coverup in JFK assassination.

  4. Problem is…its believable…that should concern you..

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