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Valeria Lukyanova Before Photos

Valeria Lukyanova Before Photos

Our recent article, discussing Ukrainian “Living Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova left us wanting to know more about this internet sensation. So we decided to sniff out some of Valeria’s “before” photos to see just how drastic her transformation into a “living doll” has been. Check out these photos to see how much she changed.

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The first three photos depict a young lady who is certainly attractive, but by no means resembles the “Living Barbie” photos scattered around the internet.

We were also able to locate, what I’d describe as “during” photos. These appear to have been taken in the middle of Valeria’s transformation. Notice that her nose has been altered, but more work was done on it later.  Her hair is lighter and her skin seems to be devoid of her natural freckles, probably covered by makeup. Her eyebrows are higher and her upper lip appears to be fuller.

And finally, we have the extreme “Barbie” look, complete with button nose, large eye lashes, and circular eye lenses to give Valeria that doll-like appearance.

While some could argue that Valeria should have stopped at those “during” photos, her extreme transformation has made her a worldwide celebrity. This young lady, like it or not, has struck a nerve in many who either love or hate her new look. It will be interesting to see if she’s able to parlay the curiosity in her transformation into some sort of career.

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