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What Happens When You Comment “1” on this Lindsay Lohan Photo?

What Happens When You Comment “1” on this Lindsay Lohan Photo?

A photo shared online shows Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot with a square superimposed on her face. Users are encouraged to comment with the number 1 to see what happens next.

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Nothing Happens. It’s a hoax aimed at gaining likes.

The photo is often accompanied by a caption that reads:

For the first time on Facebook ..Comment 1 and see what will happen to the image .

This is a common ploy for page admins to gain likes for their photos and traffic to their page. In some cases it is just a prank. Either way, commenting “1” on a Facebook image will not make anything happen. Nor will sharing one.

The Real Photo

You don’t need to comment “1” to see what happened next with this photo, as it is Lindsay Lohan’s infamous 2010 mug shot after violating her probation from a 2007 drink driving and cocaine possession conviction. You can read the full story here.

Bottom Line

Don’t fall for these types of hoaxes. They are merely designed to gain likes for the page on which it originated. Commenting “1” will not reveal any new information. The photo of Lindsay Lohan was taken in 2010 after she violated her probation.



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