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Video: Woman Tries to Pass off Dog as a Baby on Bus

Video: Woman Tries to Pass off Dog as a Baby on Bus

A woman in China attempted to sneak her dog onto a bus by disguising it as a baby.

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Dog “Baby”

The woman’s attempt to bypass the “no pets” rule was caught on camera in Zhengzhou, China. She boarded the bus holding what appeared to be an infant in a hooded outfit. The woman tried to keep the dog’s face away from the driver by turning as she passed him.

Her attempt may have worked – had the dog’s head not peeked out to look around, catching the attention of the bus driver.

The driver reached out and instructed the woman to exit the vehicle.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a dog being passed off as another species. In 2013, Chinese Zoo caught heat when it tried to pass off a Tibetan mastiff as an African lion to visitors – until the dog started barking.

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