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9 Barrel Gun: It’s Real!

9 Barrel Gun: It’s Real!

A picture circulating online shows a gun with 9 barrels, leading some readers to ask if it is real or not.

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It’s real.

Flintlock Volley Gun

Although some readers have asked if the photo is real or not, the gun shown in the image above is in fact real. It is a Polish 9-shot flintlock volley gun that is on display at the National Museum in Krakow, Poland. Volley guns were popular from the 15th through the 19th centuries, and were produced with a variety of barrels, sometimes firing simultaneously or in sequence.

The original image can be found in one of the photo galleries at polisharms.com. The caption for this image reads, “Gallery of arms and uniforms in the National Museum in Krakow.”

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This gun can be seen in other photos from the same gallery, such as this side view, along with a few more posted here.

One popular meme adds an additional caption which reads, “Because f*** you 9 times.” Some people have mistakenly (or jokingly) referred to it as a 9 barrel shotgun, which it is not.

Bottom Line

The photo of a 9 barrel gun is real. It is a vintage volley gun on display at the National Museum in Poland.

Updated December 7, 2015
Originally published May 2015

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