An Unbiased Review of Yohimbe

An Unbiased Review of Yohimbe

Yohimbe is one of the most discussed, and most controversial, of the natural libido boosters. My search for unbiased reviews yielded mostly fake reviews, biased reviews by people who had a reason to promote it, or warnings against it that also seemed to have an agenda. So I decided to simply try it myself.

I purchased a bottle of 450mg Yohimbe, 2% extract (9mg) capsules from a popular supplement store. I won’t even say where so you won’t think I’m just trying to peddle a product to you. Below are the results of my initial trials with it.

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The first night that I took one wasn’t the best of circumstances. I did notice that night that I couldn’t sleep and my mouth was very dry. I decided to wait a couple days and try a different experiment, which I will detail below.

I took one capsule at 6:30pm, about 90 minutes after eating dinner, but along with a little popcorn.

The first thing I noticed was my mouth feeling dry around 7:15pm. As the night wore on, I started doubting if this herb did anything at all because I felt nothing else besides the brief dry mouth session. By the end of the night, I did feel that the herb had kicked in and its positive effects could be easily felt.

Until this herb, the only thing that I felt worked for me was Cialis.

I’ve read a lot of warnings about Yohimbe, some of which are conflicting. Most of the warnings are about heart conditions and blood pressure. But I’ve read it’s bad for high blood pressure patients and I’ve read in other sources that it’s bad for low blood pressure patients. The woman at the supplement store even said, “You have to be careful with that because it can kill you if you take too much.”

She actually said that.

The first time I took Yohimbe, I had a very dry mouth, insomnia, and my stomach was upset. The second and third times I experienced dry mouth, slight insomnia once, but no stomach problems. Perhaps the little food in my stomach helped.

Some sources say to take it 1-3 hours before intimacy and that it the side effects and benefits last “a few hours.” Everyone seems to have a different reaction to it. Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones because I’ve had few side effects and the benefits seem to last about 12 hours for me.

Your mileage may vary.

Yohimbe is very powerful. You should talk to your doctor before trying it.


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