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Classic Hoax: “Baby Alien” Found in Mexico

Classic Hoax: “Baby Alien” Found in Mexico

Today we look at the story of a “baby alien” allegedly found on a farm in Mexico back in 2007.

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A popular video posted in 2011 tells the story of a ranch hand named Urso Moreno Ruiz – also known as Angel Palacios Nunez – who allegedly found a baby alien in a rat trap in 2007. Ruiz stated that he killed the 19-inch creature out of fear, and also saw another similar creature flee the scene. He further asserted that other witnesses also saw the creature alive. Scientists, we are told, could not identify the alien which has been referred to as the Metepec Creature.

In May 2007, this strange creature was found on a farm in Mexico. The farmer drowned it out of fear. Since the end of 2008, researchers have been carrying out tests on the corpse, but the mystery is deepening. Even serious scientists are wondering if this creature comes from another planet. The test showed that the being is not known to exist on earth. Its body has characteristics of both lizards and humans. It also has a large brain, a sign that it was probably highly intelligent. There are frequent UFO sightings and reports of crop circles in the area, leading to the suspicion that the being was left behind by aliens. Farmers also reported seeing a second creature flee the scene.

Watch the full video below.

Channel 4 Report

In December 2012, UK’s Channel 4 investigated the creature, using 3D mapping and advanced DNA testing. Professor Donald Quicke identified the “baby alien” as a monkey.

Urso Ruiz, when attached to a lie detector, admitted to making the creature from a dead Buffy Tufted Marmoset monkey that was sent to the zoo where he worked. Ruiz placed the creature on the rat trap and told the farmer he had seen it alive.

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Channel 4’s DNA testing confirmed that the creature was in fact a Marmoset monkey. Why earlier DNA testing could not identify the creature is unknown. It is possible that Channel 4 used more advanced testing than earlier researchers, or that the earlier purported DNA tests never happened at all. Some have suggested that whatever Ruiz did to mummify the monkey may have degraded the DNA to the point that only advanced testing could identify it.

You can see a synopsis of the episode here.

Science Channel Report

Below you can watch an excerpt of the Science Channel report, in which Ruiz admits to creating the creature. Others involved were also interviewed in the clip. “It was a pallid pink color. I was scared because I didn’t know what it was, so I left it there,” said Ruiz. “For a while I thought it was a mutant rat.”

Other witnesses said there were other sightings in the days that followed. The clip also notes that less than two months after the discovery, Rancher Mario Lopez was killed.

Finally, we see Ruiz/Nunez attached to a lie detector. The questioning includes the following:

  • Did you find what was classified to be an alien in 2007? No.
  • Are you lying when you say you created a creature in 2007? No.
  • Are you telling the truth? I am telling the truth. I created it in roughly 2006 or 2007.

Marmoset Monkey

Prior to the Channel 4 segment, many observers had suggested that the “alien” was likely just the corpse of a small monkey. Below are images of a living marmoset, along with that of a marmoset skeleton.

This is what the "baby alien" looked like when it was alive... a Buffy Tufted Marmoset.

This is what the “baby alien” looked like when it was alive… a Buffy Tufted Marmoset.

This is a skeleton of a marmoset monkey.

Here is a skeleton of a marmoset monkey. Source: Wikipedia

Bottom Line

The “baby alien” found on a farm in Mexico was a hoax. The creature was a Marmoset monkey placed in a rat trap by Urso Ruiz, who also goes by the name Angel Palacios Nunez. Although Channel 4 convincingly debunked the creature in 2012, the video and photos of the creature continue to circulate, with new viewers wondering whether or not the creature is real.

Updated January 11, 2016
Originally published May 2013

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