• This isn’t a Photo of a Woman with 69 Children

    A photo circulating online allegedly depicts a woman from the 1700s with her 69 children. Is this real or fake?

  • Aborigines Classified as Animals Under Flora & Fauna Act?

    A claim circulating on social media states that Australian aborigines were once classified as animals under a Flora and Fauna Act. Is this true or not?

  • Long Running Amber Alert Hoax: License Plate 72B 381

    A heavily-shared image tells of an Amber Alert in which a 3-year old girl has been abducted by a man driving a Canadian car with the license plate 72B 381. Today we’ll look at this rumor.

  • Huge Skeleton Under Boat: Real or Fake?

    A graphic has circulated online for several years which shows a huge skeleton underwater as a boat floats over it. Is this picture real or fake? Today we’ll take a look.

  • Did Marilyn Monroe Wear a Size 16?

    Celebrities are often targets of gossip and rumors, and what may have been a slight exaggeration at first can become outrageously amplified or completely wrong over time. Marilyn Monroe has been the subject of multiple rumors since her screen reign of the 1950s, and some of these assertions are still debated today. One point of contention is...

  • Classic Viral Video: The Cat-Eyed Boy

    Today we look at the story of a boy who supposedly has cat-like eyes which allow him to see in the dark.

  • Debunked: Kennedy Assassination Photo

    A photo allegedly shows a closeup of Jackie Kennedy climbing on the back of the limousine with John F. Kennedy slumped in the seat behind her.

  • Urban Legend: The “Well to Hell”

    A graphic circulating on social media suggests that a “well to hell” has been found by geologists drilling in Siberia. Today we’ll examine this story.