• Abused Child Lipstick Story: Good Message, Fake Story

    A photo has been passed around lately of a little girl with a mangled face and a pacifier in her mouth. The attached caption is a heart-wrenching story of a girl who was killed by her mother as punishment for getting lipstick on the bed sheets in what was meant as an...

  • Mother and Baby Japan Earthquake Photo: Put Away the Tissues

    A photo of rescue workers digging bodies out of rubble is continuing to float around social media and email.

  • Parrot the Dog DC Police Incident: Not Related to Occupy Movement

    You have to love social media, where old news can resurface and become new again. This week has seen a surge in the sharing of the photo of Parrot, the dog who was killed by police during a Washington DC festival.

  • Man Standing on Baby Photo: Abuse or Just Bizarre?

    A disturbing photo of a man standing on an emaciated child has been angrily shared online. One angry caption reads: I WANT TO KILL THIS MAN…IF U R AGAINST CHILD ABUSE *PLEASE* LIKE N SHARE THIS.. Is this photo real or fake?

  • Heart Surgery Boy on Facebook: Happy Ending

    A heavily shared photo on Facebook in recent years is that of a child in a hospital bed, drowning in a sea of bandages and tubes, and apparently suffering from a heart condition. The photo has been shared in hopes of raising money for the child. Is this photo real or fake?

  • Coyotes and Wolves Hanging on a Fence. Butchery or Tradition?

    The disturbing photo of three animals – sometimes described as wolves, other times described as coyotes – killed and hanging from a fence. An angry caption reads: Spanish B*****ds – call themselves civilised? Chuck ’em out the EU. Share this as much as possible – shame them into finding those who murdered...

  • Investigating the Hanging Puppy Photo

    It’s a disturbing sight, regardless of its origin: two men holding a wire, wrapped around a puppy’s neck, while laughing and flipping us the bird. The photo has seen a resurgence on the internet recently, especially on Facebook. The captions vary, but they usually encourage people to share the photo in hopes...

  • Michael Jackson Death Photo Debunked

    After the Michael Jackson gurney picture was displayed at the Conrad Murray trial, I was reminded of the Michael Jackson death photo that surfaced a couple years ago. Actually it didn’t remind me of it – which is the point of this article. There is no doubt that the gurney photo is of Michael...