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Company Offers “Cloud Making Service”

Company Offers “Cloud Making Service”

A small Cambodian company has received attention from internet viewers via a series of videos showing their “cloud” making machine.

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“Cloud Making Service”

The Cambodian company Kyhmer Cloud Making Service has released several videos showing its machine which produces a flat, heart-shaped “cloud” which floats into the skies above Phnom Penh. The “cloud” is actually a packed group of bubbles created from a mixture of soap and helium.

The machine includes a heart-shaped opening through which the soapy concoction rises. After about 5 inches of the “cloud” has risen through the stencil, the operator uses a stick to slice it off, and then it rises into the sky.

heart shaped cloudheart shaped cloud

Although popular videos only show heart-shaped clouds, the company has stated that it has stencils for other shapes such as dolphins, stars, and people. Custom stencils can also be created. Dye can be added to the mixtures to create clouds of various colors.

The company’s website offers two versions of their machine, 65cm and 80cm, costing $999 and $1199 respectively. On the official website, suggested uses include:

Weddings, kids parties, picnic events and holiday vacations make Khmer the right tool to carry. Make some few bubbles for your new wedded wife during your honeymoon and lay back to watch how they flow gently into the sky. This makes you relaxed and contented. You also get to make your moments memorable. Kids are also another way to use the Khmer cloud machine. Buy one and let them enjoy making those bubbles and freeing them to the sky especially during your picnics or when they are playing. Kids getting dirty when making bubbles is a thing of the past. Who said this tool can’t be used during adult parties? Well, if you love partying, you should realize that most parties involve the idea of colors. Bring something fun and new to people into the room and let them know you are some steps ahead. I am sure the Khmer cloud machine won’t disappoint.

This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed a viral video about an unusual “cloud.” In 2011 this “weird cloud” video went viral, although its origin remains unknown.

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