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Facebook “Dead Girlfriend” Messages: Real or Hoax?

Facebook “Dead Girlfriend” Messages: Real or Hoax?

A rumor online claims that a man received Facebook messages from his girlfriend after she died in a car accident.

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The story is not real.

The tale first appeared on the Reddit community called “No Sleep” in which users post their own original content. This post from early July 2014 is entitled My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook. I’ve got the screenshots. I don’t know what to do.”


graveThe story begins with the tale of a girlfriend who died in August 2012 in a car accident. The back story claims that they had been dating for five years and were considering marriage. After the woman had been dead for thirteen months, the man began receiving messages from his dead girlfriend on Facebook.

After initially believing someone else was using his deceased girlfriend’s account, the man was eventually convinced that it was indeed the woman contacting him from the grave.

No Sleep

The description of the “No Sleep” community states that it is “a place to share your original scary story.” Stories “should be believable within reason.”

Although the story was initially posted to the No Sleep community, sharing of the tale gained momentum and it could be found on blogs and social media profiles without mention that it was posted as a work of fiction.

Screenshots of the alleged chat transcript mentioned in the story can be found on the website Tickld.com. That website does not mention that the story was posted as fiction, and readers are urged to share the story.

It has been a relatively common occurrence for works of fiction to be shared on social media as if they were true. Other popular examples in recent months include the Russian Sleep Experiment and the Gateway of the Mind Experiments.

Bottom Line

The story that a dead woman contacted her boyfriend from the grave is a work of fiction. It was posted in the scary story Reddit community called No Sleep.

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