Freshpet Reviews

Freshpet Reviews

Freshpet is a brand of dog and cat food made with natural ingredients, quality meat, and nutrients. Unlike most pet foods, these are prepared fresh and sold refrigerated.

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About the Freshpet

“With Freshpet, you’ll feel good about what you feed your furry family.” Most pet foods are cooked multiple times and then dried to provide a long shelf life. Ingredient quality varies, and some foods have more fillers than protein or nutrient rich vegetables. Freshpet foods are cooked once and then refrigerated to retain the fresh flavors. Every pound of Freshpet rolls or meals contains at least 9 oz of protein, 2 oz of liver, 1 oz of egg, and 2 oz of fruits and vegetables. Each meal also contain 18 essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy. If you’re considering Freshpet, you can use their online advisor to choose the options that are best for your pet. Freshpet can be purchased at Walmart, Albertson’s, PetCo, PetSmart, Tom Thumb, and other retailers. To find the closest location selling Freshpet near you, search here.

How much does Freshpet pet food cost?

Freshpet has three lines of products: Freshpet Select for dogs, Nature’s Fresh for Cats, and Vital for Dogs. The Vital line is grain-free, while the other two lines are made with a careful balance of all food types needed for your cat or dog. A 6-lb roll of slice-and-serve pet food is $20, while a 2-lb roll is $14. A 5.5 pound bag of fresh food is $20, while a smaller 2 pound bag is $8, and a 1 pound bag is $4. Cat Food is also available in 3-oz tins for $1, although some stores sell them in bulk. You’ll save by buying a larger bag, but should consider your pet’s needs and the length of time the food will stay fresh. Dog food flavors include Chunky Beef, Chicken, Beef & Salmon with Egg, Lamb, and Chunky Chicken. Cat food flavors include Roasted Chicken & Shrimp, Chicken & Beef, Chicken, and Flaked Tuna. Some locations also carry Freshpet dog treats called DogJoy, Dognation, or Chilly Wags.


While you cannot purchase directly from the retailer’s website, sites like Amazon, Walmart and online pet food retailers are an option when shopping. Shipping from Amazon averages about $10, however some merchants offer free shipping on orders over a certain price. Walmart only allows online purchases for select products, but will allow any Freshpet product to be shipped in-store if your nearby location didn’t already have any stock. If you have a store nearby that carries Freshpet products, you’ll save the most by purchasing during your next shopping trip.

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My Freshpet dog food Review

I purchased Freshpet dog food at Walmart for roughly $22 per roll after tax. I bought both the chicken and beef flavors of Freshpet Select slice and serve rolls since I’d seen such positive reviews online prior to purchasing. My dog is 7 years old and I recently noticed she did not have as much energy and seemed uninterested in her food. I researched online and found her brand began using a lot of fillers, which I think weren’t giving her enough nutrition. It’s also possible her age affected this too, so I wanted to make sure her new food helped her to feel her best as she’s getting older. Since she has a sensitive stomach, I transitioned slowly by using 1/4 of the recommended serving for 3 days, with 3/4 of her old food serving. I then worked up to 1/2 of both foods for 3 more days, and so on. She had fully transitioned after two weeks and I could see the difference immediately. At meal time she excitedly runs into the kitchen and when I come home she seems more playful. Pugs are often a lazy breed, so seeing a mature dog have such a boost in energy is fantastic. Since Piglet can’t eat a whole roll before the recommended 7 days after opening, I froze half of the roll as the website suggested. When I un-thawed the second half of the roll, the texture did change slightly, but the food quality still appeared the same. Piglet loved the chicken flavor and I’m sure she will be just as excited as we move on to beef. I plan to alternate every time I purchase so her palate gets some variety and she feels more interested.


  • High quality ingredients
  • Convenient to purchase
  • Variety of flavor options
  • Real ingredients equals real food
  • Options available for allergies
  • Pets are fuller on less food


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Pet may need adjustment period
  • Less options available for cats
  • Food expires faster than dehydrated food
  • Freezing can change the texture

Alternatives to the Freshpet dog food rolls

There are other brands that make fresh served pet food rolls. Natural Balance has a 4 lb beef roll for $10, and $4.50 for 1 lb rolls. Red Barn has beef, lamb, or chicken – liver rolls that are $7 to 8.50. Natural Balance offers 2.75 oz turkey rolls for $7.50. Steve’s Real Food rolls in beef, turkey/duck, or chicken for $22.

Other Freshpet dog food roll Reviews

Online reviews for Freshpet dog food rolls are 5/5 stars ratings at all major retailers:

Bottom Line

Freshpet dog food rolls are high quality and make meal-time exciting for my dog. I’ve really seen an improvement in her energy since she switched. I highly recommend.

Your Freshpet pet food reviews

Have you used the Freshpet pet food? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

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