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Viral Video: Goblin in the Kitchen

Viral Video: Goblin in the Kitchen

After being revived by the Daily Mail, a video allegedly showing a goblin running across a kitchen floor is circulating again on social media.

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Goblin Video

On October 8, 2015, the Daily Mail posted a story about a mother who claimed to have filmed a goblin in her kitchen, which ran past her toddler who was sitting on the floor. The woman states that she originally thought it was a mouse until she reviewed the tape. The article also states that the video was filmed in 2011 but only “recently” emerged.

Several versions of the video can be found on YouTube. One version, with over 2 million views (and was posted back in June 2014), describes it as a “small alien creature” from Santa Fe, Argentina. The video embedded above, with over 600,000 views, refers to it as a “REAL goblin,” while yet another with over 170,000 views refers to it as a dwarf.

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Some skeptical commenters have stated that the creature looks like Ant-Man or a Heisman Trophy.


Skeptics of the video point out what is perhaps the most damning evidence, the angle of the goblin’s shadow which does not match the leg of the table, or anything else in the kitchen.

Most comments on the Daily Mail are negative, calling the video fake, and point out that it has been around for some time.

Bottom Line

A video which allegedly shows a creature running across a kitchen floor has been revived by the Daily Mail, which refers to it as a goblin. The general consensus appears to be that the creature in the video is cgi, an argument which is bolstered by technical flaws such as incorrect shadow angles.

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