Google Image Search Salutes Atari Breakout

Google Image Search Salutes Atari Breakout

The minds behind Google’s have found a way to transform image searches into a tribute of the classic Atari game “Breakout.”

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To play the game yourself, simply go to Google.com, search for Atari Breakout, and click on “images” (or simply go to images.google.com and search for “Atari Breakout). Doing so will transform the images into small colored game tiles.

The goal is to clear the board. You can control the bar with the arrow keys or mouse.

If you clear the entire board, another automatic search will be performed and a new game will begin. In our case, completing the board was followed by an automatic image search on the word “sheep” which started the next round of the game.

Pausing the game allows you to share your score on Google+.

Google Breakout

Google Images Breakout uses search results as tiles in a salute to Atari’s classic video game.


Pausing the game gives you the option to share your score on Google+.

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