H2O Mop X5 Review

H2O Mop X5 Review

H2O Mop X5 is advertised as a 5-in-1 steam cleaning mop which can be seen in infomercials. Read our H2O Mop X5 review from editors and readers.

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About H2O Mop X5

The X5 Mop is a 5-in-1 mop which is said to steam and sanitize “every surface in your home.”

Although the website is advertised in paid programming, that url forwards to, as seen in the screen shot below. The url has also been used in advertising.

x5 mop review

How much does H2O Mop X5 cost?

You can get the H2O Mop X5 for “three easy payments of $39.95 for a total of $119.85.

There is also a “Professional Package” with an assortment of accessories for a total of $149.85.

A “Cleaning Package” with different accessories is also available for $179.85.

Television Commercial

Below is a commercial for H2O Mop X5:

Our X5 Mop Review

The H2O Mop X5 is a product which works very well upon its first use, but slowly declines in effectiveness over a relatively short period of time. We found that it worked exceptionally the first time we tried it, but by about 20 uses it seemed years old and barely produced any steam.

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We would have liked to see a larger water tank, as it must be refilled several times when cleaning a large floor.

The product feels like it is made with cheap plastic, and the handle feels like it could break at any moment.

Bottom Line

The H2O X5 Mop is not made of high-quality materials and is prone to breakage with moderate use.

Your H2O Mop X5 Reviews

Have you used the X5 Mop? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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