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The Inola, Oklahoma Tornadoes Aren’t Real

The Inola, Oklahoma Tornadoes Aren’t Real

A photo circulating online allegedly shows a massive group of tornadoes in Inola, Oklahoma which resemble a giant monster or octopus.

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It’s fake.

The image has been incorrectly captioned as a group of tornadoes which formed a sort of “cloud monster” or took on the appearance of a giant squid.

One caption reads, “This group of tornadoes was around Inola, Oklahoma last night!! Unbelievable…I have never seen anything like it!”

The image, however, is a work of art.

Cthulhu rising

The image originates from an artist on the Deviant Art website with the handle DaShadeE who posted this creation known as Cthulhu rising in 2014. The artist’s description originally read, “A cosmic horror emerging from the mist.” After the photo began circulating with bogus captions, the artist added an update to further explain the image:

Since this painting has gone viral, with numerous people claiming all kinds of dumb sh*t about it, some clarifications are in order:

It is a freehand painting over a photo, done in Photoshop. The original photo was taken from Google, the location is a highway near Sofia, Bulgaria.

Bottom Line

A photo allegedly showing a group of tornadoes in Inola, Oklahoma is actually a painting over a photo, which is meant to resemble a “cosmic horror.”

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