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ISS “UFO” Photo Explained

ISS “UFO” Photo Explained

In November 2015, a photo snapped from the International Space Station raised eyebrows of some UFO enthusiasts who suggested the image captured an unidentified flying craft.

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The “UFO” was spotted in the upper right corner of an image posted to Twitter by astronaut Scotty Kelly on November 15, 2015.

The anomaly in the photo was so hotly debated that FoxNews and other media outlets ran short segments on the image. Despite lengthy speculation about the strange object, the question was quickly answered on Twitter when a second photo – taken moments after the first – was posted online. That photo revealed that the “object” was merely part of the Space Station’s antenna. In the original photo, the lighting was too dark to show most anything but the brightest part of the antenna, which appeared (to some) to be a flying spacecraft.

The Real Strategy includes additional analysis of the two photos.

Bottom Line

The ISS “UFO” was nothing more the Space Station’s antenna. A follow-up photograph with better lighting was posted to corroborate the explanation.

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