Jupiter Jack Reviews

Jupiter Jack Reviews

Review of Jupiter Jack, a device which allows you to talk on a cellphone while driving by sending the phone signal to your car radio.

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About Jupiter Jack

Jupiter Jack is an adapter that purportedly fits into any cellphone and transmits the signal to any car’s FM radio. The signal is beamed to 99.3 FM (or alternates if that frequency is occupied) which allows the user to talk on their phone hands-free. Jupiter Jack is advertised as a safe way to talk on your cellphone while driving. The product had its initial As Seen on TV push back in 2009 but is still sold today.

How much does Jupiter Jack cost?

Jupiter Jack appears to be available for purchase at several retail stores. Prices seem to range from ~$10-$20. It is also available on Amazon and eBay with additional charges for shipping and handling. Supposedly, Jupiter Jack comes with a number of adapters which will fit any cellphone. Some older reviews have mentioned that the Jupiter Jack does not come with a dashboard mount as depicted in the commercial. I have not been able to confirm if dashboard mounts are now included with a purchase of Jupiter Jack.

Jupiter Jack TV Commercial

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Are you guilty of driving while talking on your cellphone? Hi, Anthony Sullivan here for the Jupiter Jack, the most convenient hands-free device for any cellphone guaranteed. Watch this, all you do is plug it into any phone and mount it on the dash. Preset your radio to 99.3 FM and you’re ready to go. Jupiter Jack transmits quality sound through the speakers in your car, so instead of hearing music, you hear the other person. If you want more volume, just turn up the radio. No plugs, no wires, and no hands. *phone rings* [Anthony] – Hey, it’s Sully. [Carla] – Hey, Sully, it’s Carla, I need you over at the studio for a production meeting. [Anthony] – I’ll be there in about twenty minutes. [Carla] – OK. [Anthony] – See ya then. In my car, the Jupiter Jack is the only system that I use ’cause I can safely talk and drive at the same time. It’s compact and portable and works with any phone in any car. Jupiter Jack transmits your conversation through the speakers of your car. Instead of hearing music, you hear the other person. It’s so easy, I just plug it into my phone and start talking, and I feel so much safer because I don’t have to hold my phone while I drive. Using a cellphone and driving isn’t smart, and in some states it’s even illegal. You can spend up to $100 on one of these Bluetooth headsets, and they can be complicated and uncomfortable, but get the hands-free, portable Jupiter Jack system for just $40. But order right now, and we’ll cut the price in half. You’ll get the Jupiter Jack for only two payments of $10. But I’m still not done, order right now, and we’ll double the value. We’ll send you a second Jupiter Jack for a second car, friend, or family member… just pay separate shipping and handling. So do the right thing, and be smart and not sorry, and get two Jupiter Jacks for just two payments of $10. Here’s how to order!

Jupiter Jack Reviews

Here are seven Jupiter Jack news reviews returned from a Google search.

  • KKTV – Colorado Springs, CO – Print review in which the reviewer experienced static and volume issues with the Jupiter Jack. The review states that they even called technical support for assistance, but it did not help.
  • WSPA (Article now offline) – Spartanburg, SC – Print review with video. Reviewer claims the Jupiter Jack works, but she did experience some interference. They also report that the Jupiter Jack does not come with a mount. A spokesperson for Jupiter Jack responded that a mount could be purchased from their website.
  • KOMO – Seattle, WA – Print review + video demonstration. A volunteer reviewer repeatedly lost the signal from Jupiter Jack while experiencing static and difficulty hearing.
  • KWCH – Witchita, KA – Print review. Reviewers try the Jupiter Jack on four different cellphones. They claim it works well on two of the cellphones, but not at all on the other two.
  • WNDU – Southbend, IN – Print review. Although some static was experienced, this reviewer claims the Jupiter Jack worked well and recommended it for drivers who like to talk on their cellphones.
  • WKOW – Madison, WI – Print review which reviewer found the Jupiter Jack to be altogether unreliable due to constant static and interference.

Bottom Line

Reviews of Jupiter Jack are mixed, yet tend to veer towards the negative. While some reviewers report a clear signal, many report interference, difficulty hearing, and dropped calls.

Your Jupiter Jack Reviews

Have you used Jupiter Jack? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

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