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Viral Video: Lego McNugget Vending Machine

Viral Video: Lego McNugget Vending Machine

A YouTube group has successfully created a McDonald’s chicken nugget vending machine made entirely out of Legos.

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Lego McNugget Vending Machine

The YouTube group of inventors, AstonishingStudios, regularly posts videos of machines made entirely out of Legos. Above is a video of the vending machine and a demonstration of its functions:

The machine can store multiple packages of nuggets and tubs of sauces. It runs via coin-operation, and is able to recognize different currencies, although it only accepts certain coins.

According to bustle.com, it was constructed with Lego Mindstorms, a $350 set which teaches basic programming skills.

The dispenser is merely that – a dispenser. It doesn’t make nuggets, which means it must still be stocked manually.

This isn’t the first Lego McDonald’s dispensing machine. Video of a McDonald’s cheeseburger dispenser made of Legos was posted to YouTube back in October.

AstonishingStudios amassed over a quarter million views for its McNugget vending machine video in its first week.

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